What Size Garbage Can Goes Under The Sink?

One of the best things we want in our kitchens is to find a suitable and best place to fix a garbage can. That’s likely a disturbing idea when you have a lot of places to put this. But guess what? What if you consider keeping it under the sink? Sounds great. However, for that, you must know what size garbage can goes under the sink. 

And that’s why I am here to help you and sort this out for you. I’ll tell you how you can measure the size or space under the sink and look for a compatible garbage can. Please keep reading!

Why To Determine The Size Of A Garbage Can To Put It Under The Sink?

When there are feelings, you only have a good place, under the sink, to keep a garbage can. 

Or it’s your dedicated place to keep something like that; you should measure it. The reason for that is simple. 

Sometimes, when we want to put a trash can or a garbage can under the sink, we may end up struggling with some fixing or space issues. 

Because the garbage can itself might be a little bigger in size than the space available under the sink. In that case, having a pre-measurement of the space available under the sink is always a good idea. 

The reason is, you will be able to get a garbage can of a perfect size which will be not a bigger one or a smaller one. 

But it will be exactly the same size to make a space under the kitchen sink easily. 

So, What Size of Garbage Can Really Goes Under The Sink?

Not all the kitchens have the same space under the sink to keep something like a garbage can. That’s because, some are built with a little vast capacity, and some are built very squeezing. 

Some could be at a good distance from the ground. 

Or some could be nearer to the ground depending on the right height of the people living in a house for their easy kitchen operations and washing dishes. In short, 

In most cases, a garbage can to make a place under the kitchen cabinet shall be up to 30 inches tall. However, that’s not always true because you also have to keep the space on the upper side so that you may throw the waste. An ideal can size for under sink applications come in 10 to 15 to 20 inches. 

However, these are only the general measurements. The actual measurements are a little different and will totally depend on your own under-sink size. 

You can measure that place yourself, and here I am gonna teach you that. Please keep reading!

How Do You Measure Under Sink Dimensions To Match With The Garbage Can You Need?

When you do it or measure something like it yourself, the right measurement to put a garbage can under the sink is always right. 

That’s because everyone’s kitchen is built differently, and the cabinet sizes, the space, and all that stuff might be totally different. 

Therefore, you shall never rely on general size recommendations. In case you want to learn how exactly you can measure the space inside the kitchen under the sink, please follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Things You’ll Need:

Before you start, your measurements will need some equipment so that you may accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. 

Believe me, it is not a hard job to collect this equipment and use it for the measurement. 

It works as follows and contains the equipment you might use to finish the job. 

  • A large-sized ruler or a measuring tape
  • A Pencil
  • A paper 
  • A second hand if required 

Once you have these pieces of types of equipment, you can proceed to measure the under sink space. After that, you would easily be able to decide on a garbage can for your under sink desires. 

Step 2: Open The Under Sink Cabinet:

Now, ensure whether your under sink space is an opened space with no door or has a door. In both cases, ensure to have this space opened as if there is a door; open it as well. 

When you do that, you will find that hollow space under the sink where you will keep your garbage can. This is the place where you take the measurement. 

Step 3: Measure Vertically To Know The Length:

At first, take that measuring tape and put its one end on the bottom side of that steel can which is installed so that the water may flow downward and you can wash your dishes. 

Put this end at the least bottom because this is the place from where we’ll be taking in our notes the exact length of your under sink space. 

Once one end is put, stretch the measuring tape and bring it to the ground or wherever that under-sink space ends. 

Count the inches or feet on the measuring tape and write them on that piece of paper. This will measure the length of that space under the kitchen cabinet. 

Step 4: Deciding On The Garbage Can Size:

Once the space available under the sink is measured, you are good to go to measure the exact length of the garbage can that would fit inside that sink. 

Remember that measured length you have noted down on the paper? Suppose it is 30 inches. But we are not going to buy a trash can of 30 inches for it. 

Because we need some space as well which shall be there to create an opening. This opening can be used to put trash or garbage inside that garbage can that you will put there. 

Therefore, you can minus up to 5 to 10 inches from 30 inches and buy a garbage can of almost 20 to 22 inches. This will easily fit under your sink in that available space. 

However, to find the length of the garbage can, always look for the product dimensions before buying it. 

Step 5: Measure Space Horizontally:

While placing a garbage can after measuring the length, you might wonder whether you can keep two garbage cans in the same place under the sink.

 How good that’s gonna be if you do something like that? Sure, you can look forward to it. 

The thing is if you buy a garbage can of the desired length and place it under the kitchen. In that case, you may find more space, and you are assuming whether you can put another one here or not; this is the time to make a decision. 

The length is confirmed, but to know whether the remaining place would be able to keep another garbage can or not, you have to measure it. 

Follow These Steps:

  • For this, simply measure the width of the garbage can from its side or the bottom. Then measure the width of the space available under the sink. 
  • Divide this width in two to see if the answer matches any near to the width of the first garbage can. 
  • Because if it does, you can bring another garbage can of the same size and put it there. And if it doesn’t, you shall not consider placing another one. 

So, these are all the easiest steps you need to follow if you want to measure the length of the space under the kitchen. 

And want to decide how tall and how many garbage cans may come inside it. That’s truly something simple to do!

Should Garbage Cans Go Under The Sink?

Depending on the size and space available inside your kitchen, placing a garbage can under the kitchen might be a good way to keep it hidden. 

It is because it will not show itself to the guests even if it is too beautiful or too ugly. 

The visitors will not have a bad impression of seeing the garbage can at first when they see your kitchen, and; last but most importantly 

Because if you do something like this and consider putting the garbage can under the sink, you can utilize the other space to keep other kitchen stuff. 

That’s likely on you as how you want to manage things inside your kitchen and look for some best locations to put garbage cans in the kitchen.  

What Is The Best Under Sink Garbage Can With a Lid?

Suppose you want the best under-sink garbage can that must also have a lid on it. In that case, you shall consider putting your money on Amazon Basics 30 Liter / 7.9 Gallon Round garbage can. However, it is a little large. 

But if you have that size under sink space, this one with a built-in lid will rock and keep the garbage safe as well as organized.

Final Thoughts:

There are no hard and fast rules to follow in case you want to know what size garbage can goes under the sink. Just use the right method of measuring size and dimensions, and you will get to know everything. So, I hope that the article will help you understand what you have been looking for. You are most welcome to ask if you have more queries. 

However, if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with others. Anyway, thanks for being here and for such a quality time. Have a great day!


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