How To Clean Garbage Can With Bleach?

Do you find it difficult to clean a garbage can with bleach? You are most welcome to this blog, where I will teach you how to clean garbage can with bleach. Bleach is undoubtedly a toxic chemical that can help remove all the stains, spots, smells and other debris from your garbage can. But applying the right way to use it is always recommended. 

Therefore, spend your day with me, and we’ll sort everything out. Let’s not waste time and start this conversation!

Can You Clean Garbage Can With Bleach?

Why do we use bleach exactly? Of course, we use it to clean stuff like clothes, and it is indeed a heavy-duty liquid that can remove all types of spots and stains from your clothes. 

The same thing it can also do with the garbage cans we have inside our homes.

Garbage cans get too much dirty, and it could be a little hard to clean them when they are stinking heavily, and since it’s been a long time since you have cleaned them. 

So, bleach could be a better way to give that shiny, showy, and proud look to those smelly garbage cans. 

Why Do We Clean A Garbage Can With Bleach?

The fact is, bleach is one of those materials that come with some disinfecting properties. When it is used in a proper way, it can be an absolute solution to overall cleaning problems. 

However, that’s also true that bleach is just a disinfectant, not really a cleaning product. 

But it does have its own smell that is totally linked with cleanliness. 

It may not work just like other detergents. Therefore, if we want to use bleach to clean a product, we have to pre-clean it and remove all the debris from it. 

In that case, you always have to ensure that the surface is pre-cleaned before applying bleach. 

Once cleaned, it would be easier to disinfect the product using bleach. 

How To Clean A Garbage Can With Bleach?

Using bleach can help you clean your garbage can and disinfect it from all the bad smells, odors, germs and other killing bacteria. 

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But it is always important to learn something like this in detail before you do it. In short, 

Empty your garbage can and completely rinse it with fresh tap water. Remove all the dirt and rubbish from inside. Now, mix a detergent solution with bleach and apply it inside the garbage can in every corner. Use a brush for extra cleaning and let the can dry after cleaning. That’s done!

However, this is not how this thing actually works. It is a full process through which you have to keep your safety first, get some recommended and needed equipment, and do things as you are asked to do. 

Please keep reading!

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning A Garbage Can With Bleach:

Hold on tight and read every step described here to learn how to clean a garbage can using bleach fully. 

Things are easy to do and understand. But that only required your attention! Have a look, please!

Step 1: Gathering The Essentials:

Before you start, take a pencil and a piece of paper and note down the necessary equipment or tools you will need to make this cleaning process successful. 

In that case, you shall always have the following equipment to perform cleaning of your dirty, smelly polluted garbage can with bleach. 

  • Glasses for eye protection
  • Mask required for face
  • Some good quality rubber gloves
  • Any respirator or having a fine area that is well-ventilated to perform these duties
  • Mild detergent
  • Paper towels or some old rags
  • Some pieces of old clothes
  • Any soft brush or a toilet brush with a long handle
  • Any suitable scraper or any putty knife

The moment you have collected these things, your cleaning gets started. Therefore, please continue to the next steps as this will be a real quick cleaning process!

Step 2: Empty Your Garbage Can:

Before you start cleaning a garbage can, you have to ensure that it is fully empty. 

The best moment to perform cleaning with bleach of a garbage can is when you have made recent disposal. 

In that case, there shall be no debris, dust particles, or plastic wrappers attached to any sides of the garbage can, as having things like these might be hazardous for the neat and proper cleaning of your garbage can!

You can use a putty knife and scrap the sides as well as the bottom of a garbage can to remove all the pollutants from inside. 

Step 3: Protect Yourself:

Once the can is empty, the next step goes towards your own protection, which shall happen only in a way when you are fully covered and have worn all the tools required. 

Or things that are mandatory to help you in the secured cleaning process. Therefore, keep yourself protected with rubber gloves and eye protection glasses and wear old clothes when you clean them. 

Because even if your old clothes get damaged by bleach, there will be zero problems. Moreover, ensure that you are well protected from any potentially dangerous spatter. 

Step 4: Try Rinsing That Garbage Can:

After you have protected yourself well and the can is empty, you are going to make it wet in this step. 

For this, use water and rinse that garbage can using a garden hose or tap water. Use this and remove all the loose dirt as well as grime from the garbage can. 

Step 5: Use Hot Water For Cleaning:

That would just be great if you used hot water to clean your garbage can. But be sure that you are doing this for a metal garbage can. 

Be careful with hot water usage when there is a plastic garbage can. 

You can use this hot water to rinse the can properly. But you also have to have ¼ or 1/3 of the garbage can full with this hot water for the next cleaning. Go to the next step when it is done. 

Step 6: Use Washing Detergents:

Suppose they can already have hot water inside them. In that case, you need to add some mild soap, including dishwashing detergent. 

You can also use a washing liquid or any other compound which might be helpful in cleaning. 

However, this amount of detergent needed will depend on the garbage can’s exact size.

Step 7: Use Bleach To Have A Deep Cleaning:

Now in that water, you also have to add a good quantity of bleach in case you are going to wash this garbage can with bleach. 

However, the amount of bleach needed to wash this can will depend on its size. 

Because, there are some containers or garbage collectors that have a recommended capacity to use bleach for disinfection. 

Step 8: Leave This Solution For Soaking:

After mixing everything in that hot water, let it be there for easy soaking. You can leave it for almost 30 minutes, depending on the amount of residue your trash can has. 

But in most cases, 30 minutes would be enough!

Step 9: Usage Of Brush For Proper Cleaning:

Remember that brush you sorted at the beginning? Yes, that’s true that you are going to use it now. 

You can use that soft brush to scrub around the surfaces and remove all the odors from the garbage can causing the residue. 

Besides, take good care and attention to places such as corners and crevices where extra grime can usually build up. 

Step 10: Did You Clean The Lid?

During all this cleaning process, always keep in mind that you must also clean your garbage can lid. So, be sure to clean it with the same bleach mixed solution!

Step 11: Do Some Disposing Of Water:

Use a soft and clean piece of cloth to dispose of any remaining liquid inside the garbage can. Ensure to dry all the surfaces and place the garbage can in the fresh air so that it shall get dry. 

This shall be done once you have cleaned and rinsed it with fresh water after applying the liquid or solution to the garbage can!

Step 12: Take That Benefit Of Sunlight:

Direct sunlight on your garbage can and inside its surfaces and bottom works great in quickly killing all the bacteria. 

You can put your bleach-cleaned garbage can under the sunlight, and all the smells, including the bleach smell itself, will go away. 

It will be empty, cleaned, and fresh to use again. 

Final Thoughts:

Successfully, if you follow all these 12 steps, you will learn how to clean garbage can with bleach. And if you do these steps one by one, you may also be able to clean your garbage can the way I did. However, if you are stuck on anything or anything that makes you confused, you are most welcome to send your queries to me. I am here to answer them. 

But thanks for being here today. It’s a great pleasure meeting you. You may also like to explore other articles on this site. Have a look, please!