How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Garbage?

Often, we see a lot of squirrels around the garbage cans that keep disturbing, spoiling, and spreading the garbage waste on the street. This increases your cleaning problems because squirrels are those animals that are difficult to control and get out of these garbage cans. But how to keep squirrels out of garbage cans? Can you keep them away? Is there any solution to that?

Please find yourself welcome and make yourself comfortable. Because I am going to provide you with some easiest ways to keep squirrels away from the garbage. Let’s not waste time and start the conversation!

Why Squirrels Mess Up With Your Garbage?

Squirrels are delicate animals that would otherwise die if you get a little furious with them. But our mission is not to kill these animals; instead, just make them away from the garbage, right? 

Squirrels try to find out food in the garbage. This can be anything disposed of from your kitchen, any old cooked food, fresh food, or leftover food items. 

When you throw this food into your outdoor trash cans or garbage cans, a lot of animals might find their way to these garbage cans. 

Squirrels are one of the most prominent ones that keep messing with the garbage. 

And believe me, when these little animals spoil the garbage, you don’t know how much anger you can get. 

Because I can share my experience with these squirrels, which is quite frustrating and unpleasant. 

But I have the solution, do you? 

Don’t worry, as we are working on it inside this guide!

Can You Really Keep Squirrels Out Of The Garbage?

One of the easiest things you can do in your life is to keep the animals away from the garbage cans. And yes, that’s easier than you might have been thinking. 

The reason is that there are multiple ways to keep these squirrels and other animals away from the garbage cans. 

So, it’s not impossible to do something like this. 

On the other hand, keeping these animals away from your garbage bin will help you to worry less regarding cleaning, over and over again trash protection, and complete blockage of these animals. 

How Do You Keep Squirrels Out Of Garbage Cans Or Trash Cans?

As stated earlier, this mission of no squirrels around the garbage can be achieved in many ways. 

But you have to find out which is the most effective one. I’ll list all the methods to help you get rid of squirrels roaming around the garbage cans. 

Please keep reading!

The best way to keep the squirrels away from the garbage is to have some heavy-duty trash cans so that no squirrel may chew them and get into the garbage. Other things you can try to keep the squirrels away from the garbage might include using detergents, and sprays, making the area less appealing, or using white vinegar. 

All these methods and others work fine to solve that man and squirrel interaction problem when the object is the garbage can itself. 

But how would you be able to implement all these things in order to get rid of squirrels? Have a look at the brief description of these methods!

Way 1: Buy A Heavy Duty Trash Can:

It doesn’t matter if you have placed a lid on your garbage can or not; a squirrel will always find a way out to the garbage inside the can. 

That’s because if you already have a garbage can that is not solid enough and made from any plastic material, the squirrel will find its way out by chewing this garbage can. 

They can go inside this trash can when they can make a hole. And believe me, nobody can stop that squirrel from damaging the garbage can and spreading this trash out on the road. 

To solve this problem, consider spending some money on buying a heavy-duty trash can. It shall either be made of HDPE plastic or solid metal. 

Metal cans like those made from aluminum and stainless steel are way stronger than any other. 

Therefore, having any of the best animal-proof garbage cans is worth it in these situations when things are out of control. 

Way 2: Keep The Trash Can Out Of Reach:

It might be easier for the squirrels and other animals to enter your garbage cans if they are easily accessible. 

But if they are not, nothing can touch them, and you can find yourself with zero problems. 

So, always consider putting the garbage cans at any of the best unreachable places inside your home where no animal like a squirrel can touch or invade it. 

Keeping these cans inside any enclosed area might help prevent these from getting knocked down. 

Consider building a garbage can enclosure inside your home to protect these cans. 

Way 3: Use Locked And Foot Paddle Opening Cans:

Squirrels might be sharp with their teeth. But they are not mighty with force. They are too little creatures; even if you accidentally put your feet on a single one, it might die at the same moment. 

Therefore, you should only be worried about securing your garbage as best as you can.

For this, you can spend some money and buy a garbage can that either has a locking lid feature. Or a foot paddle option or both at the same time. 

These cans are relatively stronger than others available in the market and provide the safest garbage collecting methods. 

In that case, no squirrel, cat, or another animal will dare to influence the garbage you already collected inside a garbage can. 

Way 4: Keep The Garbage Can Cleaned:

An invitation to these animals like squirrels is only possible when you have not considered the necessary cleaning of your garbage can. 

That’s because when you have garbage spread around the can itself, it will be a clear message to the squirrels that they can come and enjoy the party. 

They have a good smelling sense which may detect the food smell from a significant distance. 

But if you have maintained the necessary cleaning of your garbage cans, this will not happen. 

When the surrounding place is empty and cleaned, nothing will come around and spread the mess. 

Therefore, if I were you, I would never let my garbage can be surrounded by overloaded garbage. 

Way 5: Usage Of Some Deterrents To Keep The Squirrels Away:

Having some animal-safe deterrents and using them to keep these animals away from the garbage cans is totally worth it. 

You can apply multiple ways and mix some solutions to keep squirrels away from the garbage cans. Some of the most prominent things to do in this case are as follows. 

Combining The Mixture Of Water And Hot Paper Sauce: 

It might feel weird to apply something like this around the garbage can, but it works. 

The only thing you have to do is to spray a mixture of one part of the hot paper sauce. 

And there shall be four parts of the water. Spray it around that garbage can as it will help keep the squirrels away from the garbage. 

Using White Vinegar To Keep The Squirrels Away From Garbage: 

It could also be strange to know that even white vinegar may help you keep the squirrels away from the garbage or trash can. 

It is simple to apply vinegar around the trash can. Just mix it with the water and spray it around the corners of the garbage cans. 

This will block the smelling power of the squirrel and stop it from eating or sticking itself with that wasted food.

Way 6: Installing The Motion-Activated Sprinklers:

Suppose there is no way to get rid of some unwanted, uninvited and latterly unpleasant squirrels. In that case, you can try using some sprinklers around the house. 

You can install these motion-activated sprinklers in your green yard. When something like a squirrel passes beside it, it’s gonna turn on and spray water. 

This water may be scary for the squirrels as they will run away without involving themselves with the garbage cans. 

Do Squirrels Eat Garbage?

Squirrels can eat pretty much everything because of their big thanks to their sharp tiny teeth. It doesn’t matter if it is any leftover food item, plastic, fabric, or rubber, they can make their way through it. 

Such an animal keeps cutting the piece of garbage until it turns to an end. 

Therefore, it could be anything that they find worth eating and filling their stomach. 

Final Thoughts:

In final notes, applying all these or any of these methods may help you find a way to deal with unnecessary squirrels. They will not come to your house and disturb your garbage if they are scared for one time because of anything you have done above. Therefore, I can proudly say that you have completely known about how to keep squirrels out of garbage. But your further queries are always welcome. 

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