How To Keep Cats Out Of Garbage Cans?

When there are garbage cans down the street or inside the house, there will be animals roaming around. Of these animals, cats are probably the worst to disturb you in the long run. Because cats keep sticking around and indulging themselves with the garbage cans, spreading the garbage and increasing your cleaning efforts, in that case, looking for how to keep cats out of garbage cans becomes a serious concern. 

But not a problem if you are here and looking for something like this. Please keep reading; I will let you know multiple ways to keep cats away from your garbage cans!

Can You Keep Cats Out Of The Garbage Cans?

I know you love your cat, and it’s probably your favorite pet to keep inside the house. 

However, the same cat can be problematic when she is hungry, and you don’t give her any food. It will start being around the garbage can and smell anything that smells like food. 

It can be anything from your kitchen, such as those leftover food items, eggs, etc. When such a cat smells, it directly jumps into the recycling bin. 

The cat not only makes itself dirty but also spreads the garbage on the floor, which you would have to clean later. 

Such things create hazards and can be problematic if it keeps happening and going on. 

But there is a solution; yes, you can keep cats away from the garbage bins if you know everything you need to do. It is possible to keep cats and other animals out of garbage cans.

I’ll help with multiple ways to ensure how you can keep these cats out of the garbage cans. 

How Do You Keep Cats Away From Garbage Cans?

A problem like this usually comes with multiple solutions. Since you are here, I am likely to deliver you multiple ones. 

One of the best things you can try to keep cats away from the garbage cans is to have an animal-proof garbage can. This will solve your problems for good. But keeping your cat well fed, cleaning the garbage can regularly, and spraying animal-preventing sprays on trash cans are also helpful. 

Below, look at some of the easiest and quickest things you can do to keep the cats away from your garbage bin. 

Investing In The Best Animal Proof Garbage Cans:

An influential and most appealing thing you can do to keep the cats away from your garbage can is to buy a heavy-duty animal-proof garbage can. 

You can read all about these best animal-proof garbage cans by clicking the blue text as I’ve already provided you with the required information. 

Garbage Can With Solid Lid—Such types of garbage cans usually come with a solid and a little heavy-weight lid

When this lid is on the garbage can, no cat will dare to enter the trash can, ensuring the garbage is in its place and not spoiling around. 

Garbage Can With Lockable Lids—Besides, consider looking for a trash can that also allows locking garbage inside. 

Such cans have a lock integrated with them which doesn’t let the cats or other animals go inside the trash cans. 

Garbage Can With A Foot Pedal—You can also look for a trash can with a foot pedal which helps keep the garbage safe and away from the cats. 

Those most durable bins with a foot pedal and a solid lid don’t let the cats come around and disturb your garbage. 

Ensure That Cat Must Never Be Hungry:

Your favorite animal will only disturb your garbage can if it is hungry. Otherwise, it will just keep sleeping, resting, or playing around.

Therefore, you should always take care of his diet. I mean to say, your cat shall not be hungry and must always have enough food inside its stomach to not have an excuse for going towards the trash can. 

Ensure to have attention if you have enough food for the cat. Because when that cat is satisfied with its hunger, it will be less inclined to look for the scrapping. 

Don’t Forget The Proper Cleaning Of A Garbage Can:

The garbage smell is an invitation to the animals to come and mess up with your garbage can. 

Besides, if the trash also pollutes the garbage can from the outside, it will not be a good influence. 

Therefore, it shall always be cleaned, washed, and smelled free to make it less attractive for your cat. 

For this, always keep the necessary and recommended cleaning of the garbage cans after every trash disposal. 

Because cats smell 14 times greater than ours, it will smell that garbage out no matter how far you have placed it. 

But regular cleaning will likely keep these problems away from the garbage cans!

Prefer Investing In A Metal Garbage Can:

Even though cats have a strong smell, metal is something they won’t like or be able to smell fully. Therefore, investing in a metal can make cats less attractive to garbage cans. 

Another reason for investing in a metal can is just because these cats hate the sound of banging on the metal. However, ensure that your metal can is secured with the bungee cords. 

Buy A Cat Repellent And Spray It On The Garbage Can:

For sure, some animal repellents help you prevent these cats or dogs away from the garbage cans. 

We all have an idea that cats have this remarkable olfaction which usually makes them highly sensitive to smelling food or food items available around. 

But since you have the solution in the form of a Cat Repellent, you are going to kill it. 

Always invest in a good cat repellent and buy it for spraying it on the trash can lid. 

The smell of this repellent will be enough to keep your cat distracted and away from the garbage can. 

However, always look deeply into a product like this before investing in it to find if it is harmful to your cat or not. 

Moreover, it shall not be harmful to others living inside the house. 

Because if there is something entirely not good for your cat, it might be toxic for some other animals around!

Invest In Installing Some Ultrasonic Devices:

If your cat is very nasty and doesn’t stop visiting the garbage can repeatedly, you should invest in some ultrasonic devices. 

Because these devices usually make so much noise when triggered by anything around. These don’t cost much, as only spending a few bucks will kill the problem.

However, these devices are not really harmful to the cats but work just fine in keeping these cats away from the garbage cans. 

But it can be a useful instrument to keep those potential trash hunters away from the garbage cans. 

When a cat comes around the garbage can, these devices turn on and make a disturbing noise which is really threatening for the cats. 

Listening to this will not harm you and your cat but will keep the garbage can secured and well protected from spoiling. 

Why Don’t You Keep Your Cat Entertained?

If you keep your cat busy enough, it will not find its way out towards the garbage can. 

That’s because the plain boredom your cat may feel will likely target that cat towards the trash can even if it is well fed. 

The best solution is to have enough stamina inside your cat so it may never feel boring. For that, you have to give your cat some toys to play with. 

When that cat has these toys, it will be impressed and always feel integrated no matter what. 

Besides, these attractive toys made for your cats may also help them stay strong mentally and physically. 

Overall, don’t let your pussy cat feel alone and disturbed, as it might make its way to the nearest garbage can and create several problems for you. 

Do Cats Have Power To Open Garbage Cans?

No, not really. Usually, cats attack or visit the garbage cans only that are full of trash and opened. 

These garbage cans may not have lids on them. Besides, these might be of the types as even after having lids, these lids might not be strong enough to stay in place. 

Such lids or garbage cans might be so lightweight as even a low weight cat might throw them away with little force. But this doesn’t happen in most cases. 

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I hope any of the points stated above regarding how to keep the cats out of garbage cans might be helpful for you. Suppose you have some other tips to share. In that case, you can also recommend us make this article more comprehensive regarding how to keep cats out of garbage cans. But if you have queries to ask, you are still most welcome to find your answers. 

However, for today, I’ve made sure that your cat never hits itself with the garbage can, and it must always stay safe in its place. That’s all for today! Have a good day and good life with your cat!


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