Under Sink Garbage Can Ideas | 6 Unique Ideas For Under Sink Trash Can

Do you want to have a garbage can inside the kitchen but still don’t wanna tell anyone or let anyone see it? I think the under-sink space would be something best for it. But for that, you should have some unique under-sink garbage can ideas so that you can always keep these garbage cans organized and well fixed, and they must look beautiful.

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Therefore, stay with me till the end. I’ll share everything about having garbage cans under the sink in extraordinary ways. Let’s get started!

Why do You Keep Your Garbage Can in the Kitchen Under Sink?

Putting your garbage can under your kitchen sink might have some prominent reasons. That’s because we only customize our house stuff when we actually need to. 

So, there might be the following reasons to keep a garbage can under your kitchen sink. 

  • You want to keep your waste inside a garbage can but don’t want the garbage can to make itself on the front. 
  • When you have cautioned that if a guest visits your home, he may dislike having a garbage can placed at a transparent place or position. 
  • It could also be a matter of keeping a garbage can under the sink or at any other customized place inside your kitchen because you don’t want to let the food leftover smell spread into the kitchen. 
  • There is another reason to keep a garbage can under the kitchen sink, like having a garbage can inside the home but not having space to put it outside. 

In all these situations, or if there are some others as well, you would love to keep your garbage can under the kitchen sink. That’s how it works!

Putting a trash can under the kitchen sink
Putting a trash can under the kitchen sink

Can You Keep Your Kitchen Garbage Can Under the Sink in Some Unique Ways?

Even having a unique decorative style or a perfect fitting is not always the case you would want inside your kitchen; many people look forward to it. 

They try to implement some unique ways so that their garbage cans and even the garbage cans may look beautiful and attractive when placed under a kitchen sink. In short, 

A person can have some most common and unique under-sink garbage can ideas and put his garbage can in whatever way he may like. It depends on whether you keep these cans in a pull-out style, a sticky one, or a complete rotating style that others may admire. That’s all decided by your creativity.

However, since you are here, I would like to share some most common and highly preferred kitchen under sink garbage can keeping ideas. 

Have a look at the below section!

Multiple Unique Under Sink Garbage Can Ideas to Look for

Whenever having a garbage can under the sink, you should not look for only one ordinary way to do it, which most kitchen keepers do anyway. 

The reason is that people like to adopt different ideas and all of these are really worth it. In my experience, I have tried the following ways to keep the garbage cans organized under the sink. Please have a look!

Idea 1: Fixing Trash Can With a Pull-Out Mechanism

The first way you can try to keep a garbage can under the sink or cabinet of your kitchen is by applying or considering this option. 

The reason is that it will grab that extra space beneath the kitchen sink and keep the garbage can there. To have this, please follow the steps below. 

  • Consider spending some money and getting a sliding mechanism
  • This mechanism will easily hold your garbage can or recycling bin, and you can easily hide it under your kitchen sink. 
  • The installation is easier to have it nearly under the empty area of the kitchen sink.

In this way, you would be able to make your garbage can disappear from the eyes of the people. 

Idea 2: Installing Two Trash Cans Under the Same Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink has enough space, you can keep even two garbage cans inside at the same time. 

This will maximize your trash collection and management inside your kitchen. The idea is described in the below picture with the sliding mechanism and how these can be stored under the sink. 

Two trash cans installed under the kitchen sink
Two trash cans are installed under the kitchen sink – (Image source: amazon)

Idea 3: Trash Can Opening by Itself Under the Sink

In my home, if I would like to keep a garbage or trash bin inside, I would highly recommend the idea of having a garbage can like this. 

It looks amazing when you pull out the door of your under-sink cabinet; the garbage can come out so that you may put the trash inside. 

And when you close the door, it automatically closes. This way, you can feel or enjoy the most comfortable means of garbage organization at your house. 

pull out Trash can open itself
Trash can open itself when opening the cabinet door – (Image source: amazon)

Idea 4: Putting Garbage Cans in a Corner Near Sink

It doesn’t always have to be the under-sink space to hold your garbage cans. You can look forward to somewhere else place inside the kitchen. 

Like, if your kitchen is built in a way that you can find a corner space enough to keep the garbage cans, consider utilizing it. 

Then, you will find the maximum space to hold the garbage cans, which would be highly secret and highly organized. 

Garbage can putting in a corner near the sink
Garbage bins can put in a corner of the kitchen near the sink – (Image source: amazon)

Idea 5: Can Install Tilt Out Trash Cans

Under the sink, you can also keep a trash can that opens up in a tilt-out style. But for that, the door of that cabinet or sink cabinet shall be built in a tilt-out style. 

And once you have this, the only thing you need is to put or attach the garbage can inside the cabinet; your life will be easier. 

Go for it, and you will have the tilt-out option always to have easy garbage can management inside the kitchen while keeping it under the sink. 

Tilt out garbage can
Tilt-out trash bin can use easily – (Image source: eBay)

Idea 6: Having Rotating Trash Can Under the Sink

Just in case you got enough space to build a rotating style design to keep garbage cans inside, you have discovered something extremely accessible and always ready to keep more waste. 

A rotating garbage can management system under the kitchen sink is ready to hold up to four bins. 

You can use these bins to put different waste materials inside. It could be anything such as fruit waste, vegetable waste, plastic, or other trash waste. 

Just open the under-sink cabinet with this rotating garbage management system to put any garbage inside. 

Then you can close it as nobody will ever know where these garbage cans are.

Under the kitchen sink rotating trash cans
Rotating trash cans can use for several different types of garbage – (image source: kitchensource)

Hence, these could be some highly rated under-sink ideas you can have to fix your garbage can under the sink. 

But if you want to find more suitable places to keep garbage cans inside the kitchen, consider reading our guide on the best location for a garbage can in the kitchen

You will get more information there about these places where you can keep your garbage cans. 

Is Having a Garbage Can Under the Sink Worth It?

People emphasize a great deal about whether having a trash can inside the kitchen under the sink cabinet is worth it. 

Despite knowing that there are multiple places where you can keep a garbage can in the kitchen, an under-sink place is always highly recommended. 

These are some reasons for such a case, and they all make it worth putting trash cans under the kitchen cabinet. 

  • The place under the sink usually goes empty as we usually don’t keep anything. But when a garbage can or a trash can is there, it will be utilized in a good manner. 
  • By hiding trash cans under the sink, you don’t let the visitors know you already have a garbage can. It is another benefit of having a trash can but telling no one where it is. 
  • When a garbage can is under the sink, other places like cabinets can be used to keep other food and kitchen stuff. 
  • Under the sink, the place can be built in multiple ways, and that’s why you can also show your desired creativity while keeping a garbage can there. 

What Shall be Under Sink Garbage Can Size?

If you are considering placing a garbage can under your kitchen sink, always confirm the size of the garbage can with the space available under the sink. 

In that way, you would be able to buy only a garbage can that would help you have an easy and flexible fitting under the sink. 

However, without knowing the exact space, you may not get what will exactly fit under the sink. 

Final Thoughts:

I shared some of my favourite under-sink garbage can ideas in this guide and hope that you may like them. I do hope that you may want to have something similar inside your kitchen under the sink. So, let me know if this post has helped you in any way. And thanks for reading and being with me till the end. 

Will see you very soon on another one. Until then, take care and have a good day!

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