How To Build A Garbage Can Holder?

Hi, it’s your favorite host, James miller, and today in this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to build a garbage can holder from scratch. If you want to keep your outdoor garbage can hidden, and away from those little spoilers (rats, squirrels, dogs, etc.), you will need a garbage can holder or an enclosure. Building this will require carpentering skills and a mind that can fully understand and use the equipment. 

But being with me, I can guarantee you that you will have your own DIY garbage can holder at the end of the day. Let’s follow the article and learn how to build it. 

Can You Build A Garbage Can Holder On Your Own?

Suppose you are not a pre experienced person in doing any DIY project like this at your house such as creating anything using wooden boxes or 2 by 4s. In that case, this is something not for you. 

You can hire a professional carpenter for this job as he will charge a little money and you will provide the required material to build this thing. 

However, if you have done anything like this before in your house and know fully how to take care of such things, you are most welcome to learn with me in this tutorial. 

We’ll be using the Ron Hazelton method, which is the easiest one in building our own DIY garbage can holder.

It will be easier because he has done this through computerized or graphical representation as well as practical working. So, let’s head on the procedure. 

How Do You Build A Garbage Can Holder Or Enclosure?

Building a garbage can holder is something that will require effort, energy, stamina, and continuous work. 

However, if you keep following the steps, you will make your own one from scratch. In short, 

To build a garbage can holder, you’ll need to create a base first with the wooden blocks. Once created, you will have to build supports on the four sides and then cover them up with the side frames. Once done, you must go for the roof building and add a door. 

That’s how you will be creating an outdoor garbage can holder.

However, it is not a procedure that shall be discussed in only three or four lines. Let’s take a narrow look and find how to build this and secure our outdoor garbage cans. 

Step By Step Procedure To Build A Garbage Can, Holder:

Let me remind you of something very important. The only material you will need to build an enclosure like this is a lot of lumber wood. 

This shall be treated wood so that it can be used in developing a garbage holder like this. But anything you build must require some tools as well. These tools include the following. 

  • Lots of pieces of pressure-treated lumber
  • Screws or nails
  • A screwdriver and drilling machine
  • A saw to cut lumber
  • A hammer 
  • A table at which you can create this garbage can holder
  • And anything you need to finish the job excellently

Once the tools and materials have been collected, let’s begin creating what we are actually up to today!

Step 1: Start By Building The Base Frame:

You will take your start to building a garbage can holder by building its base frame. You need to use some pressure-treated lumber to make the base as it will be touching the ground. 

Cut the pieces of these lumbers to your desired size and length and put them together. Put these pieces together by piece and piece and join them by drilling holes as well as fixing nuts. 

Use a hammer drill to finish this first job, as it is indeed a nice way to drive in the long screws. When everything is together, the base frame will be ready. 

You can match it with what’s given on the computer and move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Installing Or Adding The Decking On Base Frame:

Since the base frame is ready, let’s cover it up by adding some decking. 

These parts you will be used to add as a decking above the base frame will be cut accordingly as these shall match the exact length of the base frame or those pressure-treated plans. 

There shall be a flush on the ends of the decking and the sides of the decking. You have to drill out some shaker clearance holes for those screws because these will be relatively short in size. 

Because the wood used for decking is also a little soft so this will do just fine. 

Besides, there shall be drainage, so you will have to keep at least an eight-inch gap between these boards. 

When adding the final plank, it must be trimmed accordingly if it is not fitting. This is how you will be able to create decking on the base that you have already created. 

Step 3: Adding Two Side Frames On The Left And Right Sides:

When the deck is ready, go for the sides to add them to the deck. These side frames will cover the whole deck area and create a hollow space for your garbage can. 

Here, there is only a need to screw these pieces together because you would already have measured the length and width parts. 

However, if you think there shall be an added protection and a precaution you must take, consider adding a little glue to these planks. 

You may use polyurethane glue which is considered perfect for exterior projects. Once these are created, proceed to the backside frames. 

Step 4: Create The Backside Frame And Fix All These With The Base:

The back frame must also be created in the same way as the sides frame. This will actually look like as given below. 

The back frame’s creation will be the same as you did with the sides of this garbage can holder. 

Here we go with the two sides and one back frame, ready to join the base in the next step. 

Step 5: Join The Sides And Back Frame With The Base:

Once you have prepared the sides and back frame for your outdoor garbage can holder, it is time to attach them to the base. 

You will do it a little easier when you clamp these at first and then properly secure them using the rust-resistant screws. 

When you do that, you will observe that even from the beginning, it will start taking shape. After connecting the sides, take the back section and screw this first to the base or deck. 

Then you can fix it with the side frames. 

Step 6: Apply The Paneling To Complete The Enclosure:

When you have completed the frame in the previous step, go ahead and consider adding the paneling section to complete this frame. 

Start putting up the tongue and the groove but at first, do it temporarily. Take a pencil and mark down the extra wood used in those panels. 

Bring them down and cut the extra part according to the line you have driven. You know exactly how to use a saw for that. 

After that, apply some adhesive on the sides of the back and sides frames and keep attaching the boards to the frames. This will be done in a couple of minutes. 

Step 7: Create The Lid And The Door:

Now, finally, it’s time to create the lid and the door of this garbage can holder. You can use the same frame cuttings and apply the boards on these frames to create the lid as well as the door. 

Put some extra pressure lumber on the door to make it a little stronger. If all of these are ready, place them at their exact positions. 

I mean to say, cover the garbage holder with a lid. And also attach the door. 

Step 8: Making The Garbage Can Holder Ready:

Before you take it on the ground, apply paint over all the lumber or boards you have used. Go outside and make the ground solid by removing the soft soil and putting stones and other stuff. 

And when the ground is ready, you can place your garbage can holder on that piece of land just by the side of your house. 

Before leaving and putting your garbage cans inside, take some finishing hardware and attach them with this fully constructed garbage can holder.

Your mission will have been accomplished, and you will have what you were trying to make. 

However, it is not always a DIY job you can do alone. 

I would highly suggest hiring an expert and paying him a certain service so that he may make this fully powerful garbage can holder. 

That’s what all it’s gonna take. 

For a better understanding, watch the below video. 

Final Thoughts:

Finally, it’s been a tough day, I guess. Because if you would have done this by yourself. However, even watching or helping somebody doing this kind of job must have been difficult. But that’s true about us; no matter how hard things are, we do them anyway. Please let me know if your mind struggles with more queries. I am here to give you what you might be expecting. 

However, it’s been a great pleasure to see you even reading these last words. Take good care of yourself, and until the next one, keep effectively managing your garbage!