How Far Can A Dishwasher Be From The Sink?

Discover the optimal placement for your dishwasher and sink.

Avoid installation headaches and maximize convenience. Find out why proximity to the sink matters for comfort and functionality.

You can place the dishwasher far from the sink, but it should not be too much. Mostly the recommended distance is less than 12 feet.

Learn the factors that determine how far a dishwasher can be from the sink with more details. Get the answer and ensure a seamless setup. Explore our in-depth guide for all the details.

How Far Can a Dishwasher Be from the Sink?

The placement of the dishwasher is what determines how effective your dishwasher is. A dishwasher should be placed anywhere you can access electric outlets, water supply, and drain pipes.

Most dishwashers are placed either near a sink or under the sink. Putting a dishwasher near the sink makes it easier for other major plumbing that a dishwasher requires.

Kitchen power outlets are generally installed near a sink on top of the kitchen workspace. If your dishwasher power cord is short, you cannot install the dishwasher away from the outlet.

It would help to consider the drain line hose limit for effective draining during the cleaning cycle.

If there is no space near or under the sink, you can follow some regulations given by NEC regarding the length of hoses, power cords, and placement of outlets.

Can the Dishwasher Be Next to the Sink?

Yes. If there is enough space next to the sink, it is the ideal placement position for your dishwasher. The advantages of installing a dishwasher near a sink are as follows.

  • You can empty the dishes into a garbage disposal before putting them inside a dishwasher. 
  • Offloading and loading utensils inside the dishwasher bus are very easy when it’s next to the sink.
  • The plumbing under the sink is connected to the home sewerage system. This makes it easy to drain water from the dishwasher during the cleaning cycle.
  • A dishwasher is connected this the water feed line from the sink. Placing the dishwasher away from the sink will hinder this. 
  • Placing the dishwasher under the sink in the case of an integrated kitchen makes the finish look fantastic. 

A dishwasher near a sink can also help hide some cords inside the cabinets.

Can a Dishwasher Be Installed Anywhere?

Yes. A dishwasher can be installed anywhere as long as there is a power source outlet, water supply access, and drainage system proximity.

Although most dishwashers are installed near or under a sink, you can install them where there is space in the kitchen so long as it has access to the three mentioned factors.

Some people opt to install the dishwasher on the washing machine hookup.

How Far Can You Extend a Dishwasher Waste Pipe?

A dishwasher drain pipe should be connected to the sewer line from under the sink for the abovementioned reasons. There are times when the placement of a dishwasher cannot be done neatly or under the sink.

You must extend the drain pipes to reach where the dishwasher is placed on such occasions. According to NEC and local codes and ordinances, a waste pipe should be extended to 12′ (Nearly 3-4 m) from the dishwasher. 

This means placing your dishwasher further from the recommended distance will go against the rule. You might decide not to follow the law, but 12′ is ideal for effective draining. The pressure at this distance is adequate to avoid clogging.

Dishwasher Location Rules

Aside from the few rules discussed above, you are free to place the dishwasher wherever you see fit. You should, however, consider a few factors. 

  • Integrated dishwashers cannot be installed away from the sink. This is because they are integrated into your kitchen cabinets. 
  • Placing a dishwasher near the sink will save you a lot of trouble. It will be easy to offload and load the dishwasher. 
  • For effective draining, ensure the dishwasher is at a distance of between 3 and 4 m. 
  • Check if the power cord is long enough to reach the outlet. Install a GFCI receptacle with your dishwasher for safety purposes. 

Your kitchen layout will determine other rules of dishwasher placement.

Can You Put a Dishwasher Under a Sink?

Yes. You can place the dishwasher under a sink.

However, not all dishwashers can fit under the sink. Check the height of the dishwasher and test if it can fit under the sink. There are also specific dishwashers meant to be used under the sink. 


The placement of a dishwasher in the kitchen determines how well you can clean dishes. Dishwashers near the sink are efficient when offloading, loading, and waste disposal. 

You can also access the water supply line and drain line without paying more for extensions. 

For kitchens with a layout that does not allow a dishwasher to be near the sink, you can follow NEC regulations to ensure the dishwasher serves you as it should.

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