How Do I Change the Cycle on My Miele, Bosch, GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire Dishwasher?

Dishwashers come with several cycles, which have different purposes in a dishwasher. However, if you have been using the default settings for years, you miss out on all the fun parts of a dishwasher. 

Although changing default settings might be a bit uncomfortable, you should explore the capability of your dishwasher by playing with the settings. Changing your cycles might give you even cleaner dishes and reduce the amount of water you use in your dishwasher. I have outlined some essential tips you can use to change the cycles of different brands of dishwashers. 

The settings don’t differ much in these dishwashers, but it would be better to know what your dishwasher can do. Stay tuned. 

How Do I Change the Cycle on My Miele Dishwasher?

Before I explain how you change a dishwasher cycle, you must understand what processes are and what they do. 

Standard dishwashers have three primary cycles: light for easy to clean dishes and medium and heavy processes for hard-to-clean dishes. 

These cycles are further divided into more processes, each with a different purpose for your dishwasher.  

Although dishwasher manufacturers will set the dishwasher in the default setting, you can adjust the settings to fit your dishes. 

If you own a Miele dishwasher, you might refresh the dishwasher and have a few adjustments to get the best out of your dishwasher. However, changing the cycles in Miele is not complicated and should be done every wash. 

  • If you have been running your dishwasher in default settings, you are missing a lot from your dishwasher. 
  • The dishwasher typically detects how heavy your load is to determine what temperatures your dishwasher will run. 
  • The dishwasher heating system will then heat the water in the dishwasher to fit the load. A dishwasher wash cycle runs with temperatures between 130-140 °F.  
  • If your load is heavy, the dishwasher will heat the water and set the dishwasher to a regular wash and dry cycle. Of course, your dishes will be cleaned and dried within the process. But do you know you can change the settings of your dishwasher to fit your needs perfectly?

Changing the cycles and resetting your dishwasher is possible once you get some resistance from your dishwasher. To explore the capability of your dishwasher, you will need to reset your dishwasher

  • Press the start button on your dishwasher control panel door to reset the dishwasher into default settings. 
  • If your dishwasher has circuit breakers, you should switch off the breakers for five to 10 minutes. This eliminates any power that might be stored in the dishwasher component.
  • You can do a hard reset by disconnecting your dishwasher from the main power line.
  • Disconnect the water supply and the hose drain from below the kitchen sink. 
  • If your dishwasher is under the bench, remove the screws holding the machine in place. 
  • Move the dishwasher from under the bench for a deep check. Check the state of the connections and other power outlets. 
  • Clean the dishwasher and check for possible damages to the heating elements. 
  • If everything is intact, you can install your Miele dishwasher back again. Connect the dishwasher to the drain line, water supply line and electric cable. 
  • Ensure the circuit breakers are turned back on before you start using the dishwasher. 
  • Refill the dishwasher salt, detergent and rinsing aid before you start using the dishwasher.

Load your dishwasher and start playing with the user manual to experience cycles like sanitizing and rinsing.

How Do I Change the Cycle on My Bosch Dishwasher?

If you have been using your Bosch dishwasher for years without it misbehaving on you, it gets frustrating when it starts acting up. One of the issues you might experience is when the dishwasher stops working during a particular cycle. 

Like most of us, we go direct using the dishwasher without bothering to know how it works. However, I will be giving you steps you can use to solve the issue of your dishwasher not working. 

It is hard to know what cycle is not working in a dishwasher. To troubleshoot the dishwasher, you will need to disconnect the dishwasher to give it a hard reset. 

You will use the same steps to change the Miele dishwasher cycles. Once you have reset the dishwasher, you can use the following steps to explore the dishwasher cycles. 

How Do I Change the Cycle on My GE Dishwasher?

GE dishwashers are mostly integrated. However, changing cycles in this dishwasher is not very different from other dishwashers. 

You will need to reset the dishwasher for GE dishwashers when the cycle is running. 

  • Open the dishwasher door when it is still running. 
  • Press the start button for one 1second and notice the lights go off. 
  • Change the cycles and reset the dishwasher again. 
  • Close the door, and you will have gotten rid of any captured power
  • If you are not contented with the reset, you can do a hard reset. 
  • Switch the circuit breakers on the power outlets. 
  • Switch off the main electric line that powers the dishwasher. 
  • Check if the dishwasher has all the cleaning elements and refill when necessary. 

Reconnect your GE dishwasher, and the cycle will change entirely. 

How Do I Change the Cycle on My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

The Whirlpool dishwasher might start misbehaving after a long time of use. However, you can change the cycles for the dishwasher to work best for you. To change the process, you will need to understand the cycles of a dishwasher. 

When the dishwasher is running, you might start getting some errors like e2 and f2. These errors happen when the control board does not get a signal from the user interface. 

  • Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet for five minutes and plug it back.
  • Give your dishwasher about 1 minute before you start running the washing cycle. This is what is called the hard reset. Hard reset gets rid of all the power trapped by the dishwasher parts. 
  • Resetting a Whirlpool dishwasher will set the dishwasher to the default manufacturer settings. 
  • You can use a user manual provided by the manufacturer to know the other cycles that your dishwasher runs. 
  • Alternatively, you can keep adjusting the settings until you fill satisfied with your dishwasher performance. 
  • Do not forget to use a dishwasher detergent, salt and rinse aid for better results. 

Although it is possible to change the cycles of your dishwasher, it would be better if you take good care of your whirlpool for it to serve you for a more extended period. 

How Do I Change the Cycle on My Frigidaire Dishwasher?

Knowing how our dishwasher works are helpful when saving some plumbers coins, but you will also be able to troubleshoot when your dishwasher has an issue. Frigidaire dishwashers are not any different from other dishwashers. It uses the same cycles as other dishwashers, but it is a bit unique. 

Frigidaire dishwasher comes with a user manual with all the specifications you need to run your dishwasher. However, you will need to learn more than the features and specifications to fix your dishwasher if any issue arises. Luckily you can rely on this guide to provide you with the necessary information. 

If your dishwasher is not working as expected, there might be a problem. Most of the issues are fixable. However, if your dishwasher is completely damaged, you will replace it entirely. 

An issue might arise if the dishwasher starts getting stuck in between the cycles. To handle this issue, you will need to reset your dishwasher. 

  • You should set the dishwasher in different cycles for effective resetting when the dishwasher is running. 
  • First, open the dishwasher door.
  • In every cycle, press the start button for a few seconds to get rid of the trapped power. 
  • Do that for every cycle. 
  • To ensure no more power is held, you can hard reset your dishwasher by switching off the power line for a few minutes. 

Resetting your dishwasher will make the dishwasher work effectively and last longer. 


Although each dishwasher is designed uniquely, some things are similar in all dishwashers. 

To reset and change the cycles in all dishwashers is done by pressing the power button for a few minutes to get rid of the trapped electric power. Then, to ensure the processes are entirely changed, disconnect the dishwasher from the power source.