Plastic On Dishwasher Tablet (Why are Dishwasher Tablets Wrapped in Plastic?)

Unraveling the mystery: Why are dishwasher tablets wrapped in plastic?

Curious why these cleaning powerhouses are encased in plastic? Discover the secret behind this common practice.

The short answer: it’s for protection and preservation. Say goodbye to your confusion and find out the exact reasons behind the plastic wrapping of these essential cleaning agents.

Dive into our article to understand why dishwasher tablets are wrapped in plastic, shedding light on their packaging and functionality, and explore the fascinating world of dishwasher tablets.


How many of you think the dishwasher is one of the best inventions for a kitchen? If I need to answer this, I would indeed say YES. We should thank its innovator “Joel Houghton,” who enabled ladies to keep their kitchens clean and well-maintained. 

However, the market continues to create innovative ideas and introduce new features to the dishwasher. One such important thing is “detergent tablets.” The often-raised question is whether these pods need to wrap them in plastic. 

To solve this confusion, we have created this short guide to help you understand the crucial detergent tablets, their work, the possible problems, and more. So, if you’re interested, you can go further.

What are Dishwasher Tablets?

Dishwasher tablets are small detergent capsules that perform the big task for you. These are like substitutes for traditional detergent powder or gel. This will do an exceptional job of cleaning the dishes smoothly and efficiently. 

How Does Dishwasher Tablet Work?

Dishwasher tablets are highly efficient in cleaning dishes and reducing your workload. Each capsule is good as it contains a concentrated amount of detergent for the wash cycle. However, the compounds in the tablets combine many chemicals to give spotless dishes. 

Besides, dishwasher tablets include surfactants. These active cleaning agents are crucial in cleaning dishes perfectly, especially oily and greasy particles. Moreover, alkaline compounds are suitable for cleaning your dishes healthy and actively. Bleach is an essential ingredient to add shine to utensils. 

How Do You Use the Dishwasher Tablets?

With such benefits, you will find the dishwasher as easy to use. All you will need to do is follow the essential and mandatory steps. 

Step 1 – First, remove one tablet from the package because adding one more tablet may counter the issues in the cleaning process. You might know that adding two more cleaning agents can damage glassware quality and cause stains. 

Step 2 – If the detergent tablets are packed, do not unwrap them. Let it be, and the covering will dissolve automatically in the water cycle. However, if you have doubts, you must check the guidelines given by manufacturers before placing it wrapped. 

Step 3 – Once clear what to do, place the tablet in a detergent dispenser. If you want to add a rinse aid to the dishwasher, add it in the step. Then ensure the softness of the water during the water cycle for smooth washing. 

Step 4 – Next, run the dishwasher cycle as you do. 

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind When Washing with Tablets?

With the following tips, you will ensure the dishwasher runs smoothly since these will help reduce risks like insufficient cleaning and more.

  • Before using dishwasher tablets, ensure your hands are dry and not contaminated with any substance.
  • Double-check the detergent cup and keep it dry before the cycle. 
  • When putting dishes in the dishwasher, make sure your dishes are dishwasher-friendly. Remember not to put non-ticks, china, or copper items in the dishwasher. This would undergo the dishwasher chemical reactions.
  • The dishwasher tablets are highly concentrated. So do not overload and underload the dishwasher for better results. 
  • Ensure the dishwasher uses hot water up to 130 degrees F-140 degrees F. Also, the water pressure should be balanced so the tablet can dissolve easily. 

Should Dishwasher Tablets Wrap in Plastic?

Most of the time, dishwasher tablets come wrapped with plastic polyvinyl alcohol coating (PVA). It is a coating of polymer, a water-soluble formula that lasts for a long time in the air. In such a case, tablets should be wrapped. However, wrapping tablets usually depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. 

These tablets dissolve automatically with water and do not cause any side effects. Thus, using wrapped detergent tablets is mostly recommended. 

So, you must be wondering what happens to plastic. 

In the wash cycle, water causes the PVA coating to break down and dissolve in the water. Resultant, it releases agents that are good for cleaning dishes smoothly and cleanly. 

What if You Put a Dishwasher Tablet in the Bottom of the Dishwasher?

You can put a Dishwasher tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher, but you cannot find good results in cleaning. If the dishwasher has given the tablet a separate space, it must use and enjoy good results.

Besides, if you continue to do so, you will not leave with much soap to continue cleaning the dishes since it dissolves faster during the water cycle. 

What is the Plastic Around Dishwasher Pods?

Around the dishwasher pods, it is not like pure plastic; instead, it is made of PVA. It is specially designed to dissolve and put the water into the drain. This further softens the material to dissolve faster in the water cycle and clean dishes. 

Are the Dishwasher Tablets eco-friendly?

If you are questioning Dishwasher eco-friendly tablets, you must say a PVA is a culprit. PVA is a biodegradable synthetic polymer that meets the right conditions. FDA even approves it for packaging food material and cleaning agents.

Regardless, the chemical involved in the detergent may not be good for us as well as the environment since it contains a range of chemicals, most release toxic elements as a fragrance to keep the atmosphere fresh. 

Well, we are not saying to stop using detergent and dishwashers for the environment. But following the precautions can help you save yourself and your environment. One of the best ways is to make your chemical-free detergent; see how.

However, choose eco-friendly soaps to clean dishes if you find it difficult. Find eco-friendly detergents here

Can I use Dishwasher Soap to Clean the Shower?

Dishwasher tablets are very tiny, so they might help clean the shower. This cleaning hack might help you clean things, but you might need to put the hard effort into scrubbing. So, first, put the dishwasher tablet into the warm water and let it mix properly.

Then remove the scrub and add soap to clean the fixtures and glass of the shower. However, it may take time to clean, depending on the quality of the soap you are using. 

Do you think it works? Yes, it works. Well, cleaning and sparkling the shower will take a few minutes, but a little hard work will make you worth it. For the best results, use Barkeeper Friend. 

Do You Remove the Plastic from the Dishwasher Tablets?

We suggest not doing this. However, the best is to read the manufacturer’s instructions. If that allows you to do so, go ahead. The wrap soap protects its quality from the environment and keeps you safe since it is loaded with high chemicals. 

Wrapping Things Up

Regarding dishwasher tablets, it is recommended not to unwrap them. This would not be safe for your health but somehow contributes to maintaining a clean environment.

Furthermore, detergent tablets are good to use as they clean dishes perfectly and add shine to the utensils you always need. We hope you find this post helpful. 

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