Does the Plastic on Dishwasher Tablets Dissolve?

Most of the dishwasher tablets you get to see usually come with a plastic wrapping of some kind. This always makes you wonder whether they are dissolvable or not. So, if you wonder whether the plastic on dishwasher tablets dissolves or not, I have got the answers.

Straight away, the plastic wrapper on dishwasher tablets is dissolvable. They are made of water-soluble materials. However, there are some conditions that you need to meet for the plastic to dissolve.

Here, I will be going through complete details regarding dishwasher tablets’ plastic. Stick with me till the end to know all about these tablets and how the wrapping on them works.

What Happens to the Plastic on Dishwasher Tablets?

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The plastic you get to see in the dishwasher tablets is usually made of components that dissolve at a certain temperature; in most dishwasher tablets, that’s pretty much the case. There may be exceptions where it doesn’t use plastic wrapping, or the wrapper doesn’t dissolve.

However, that’s pretty unlikely to happen. Most of the time, the wrapping is made to dissolve; otherwise, it won’t even work for your dishwasher.

When you have the tablet in your dishwasher, it reaches a certain temperature, and the water inside your dishwasher dissolves the plastic wrapper completely. This results in getting the detergent or any other substance used in the dishwasher tablet to get out and do its work.

Are You Supposed to Remove Dishwasher Tablets from Plastic?

No, you are not supposed to remove the plastic from your dishwasher tablets. There is a reason manufacturer put the plastic wrapper on dishwasher tablets. There are several purposes for using this wrapping for your dishwasher tablets. Let’s take a quick look at them here.


One of the most crucial reasons for using the plastic wrapper is to store the dishwasher tablets. It’s the layer that protects the components of a dishwasher tablet inside. The dishwasher tablet would probably disintegrate without the plastic wrapper and go to waste.

On the other hand, you can store the dishwasher tablets as long as you want when you have that plastic wrapper. It makes the whole storing process much more convenient for you.

Proper Protection

Because of the plastic wrapper, no foreign substances of any kind can enter the dishwasher tablets. This makes sure there are no impurities in these tablets that may have an impact on the results you get from them.

It also protects the tablets from moisture present in the air. Usually, dishwasher tablets react pretty badly to moisture available in the air. So, if the plastic wrapping wasn’t there, it would probably respond to moisture and get damaged.

In a nutshell, you don’t take off the plastic wrap that you get on a dishwasher tablet. It’s supposed to be there for better storage and protective capabilities anyways. If you remove the wrap, you may end up damaging the dishwasher tablet and have some powder substances in your hands. You want tablets, not powders, right?

What is the Coating on Dishwasher Tablets?

When you start getting in-depth into the dishwasher tablets, it makes you wonder, how does such a product go through this many hassles? How does the outer coating provide the tablet this much strength to go through shipping, storing, and handling but dissolve in some mere water?

The answer lies within the material they use for the coating. The material most manufacturers use is Polyvinyl Alcohol or PVA. PVA is a water-soluble material with a plastic-like appearance, or you can simply call it plastic.

It’s a synthetic polymer that is shelf-stable, making storing the tablets much easier for you. This polymer only dissolves when it comes in contact with hot water. Other than that, it will have the same condition no matter how much transit it goes through.

What is the Plastic Around Dishwasher Pods?

The plastic you get in a dishwasher pod isn’t your regular cling-wrapping plastic. It’s a special kind of polymer that can dissolve in water at the right temperature. Most of the time, it’s Polyvinyl Alcohol or PVA. But there are cases where some manufacturers may use different materials.

This material is the perfect choice for this job because it can help store your dishwasher pods for a long time without any issues. At the same time, they can dissolve in water when you have to use the pods for your needs.

These aren’t eco-friendly at all. You probably know how harmful can plastic be to the environment. There is countless research regarding this issue. But in this case, there are simply no better alternatives than using this polymer for the purpose.

Even though using detergent pods isn’t green because of the plastic, it’s still the most effective and easy choice you are left with. And the majority of the credit goes to the plastic because, without it, a dishwasher pod won’t even last for minutes.

Do You Take the Plastic Off Finish Powerball?

Finish Powerball is a great dishwasher tablet that you can use for cleaning up your dishes easily on your dishwasher. They also come with a plastic wrapper that’s mostly made out of PVA, which is water-soluble. You don’t take off this wrapper because you can’t store your finished Powerball at all without this.

The wrapper holds all the detergent materials inside the tablet together. When you take off the plastic, you end up with some powder in your hands that is of no use at all. It eliminates the whole purpose of buying these dishwasher tablets.

Do Dishwasher Tablets Contain Plastic?

Yes, most dishwasher tablets you get to see contain plastics. These plastics are used for wrapping the detergent of the tablets. They ensure you can store the tablets for as long as you want and use them based on your convenience.

Other than that, the tablet itself doesn’t contain any kind of plastic in them. So, you don’t need to worry about any impurities in the formulation of the tablets. The plastic wrapper on the dishwasher tablets doesn’t have anything to do with the cleaning or effectiveness of the tablet. It’s just a covering layer for storing and protecting the tablets.

However, you can also find some dishwasher tablets that are plastic-free. These don’t have that plastic covering like PVA polymer. Even though they claim to be plastic-free, the packaging they come in is also plastic most of the time. The closest one you can get is Ecover, with 0.3grams of plastic in the packaging.


In short, now you won’t have to be confused with whether you should be taking off the plastic covering on your dishwasher tablets or not. If it’s completely attached to the tablet, it’s most likely a PVA covering that will dissolve in water when you use it. But if it’s loose packaging, then you will need to remove it.

Finding that out is very simple; you just look at the instruction or description you get from the manufacturer of the dishwasher tablets. These tablets are a great solution for quick and easy dishwasher operation. That’s mostly because of this plastic wrapping in the first place.

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