Why Are Dishwasher Racks So Expensive?

Curious about the high cost of dishwasher racks?

Uncover the reasons behind their expensive price tags and understand the pain point of their affordability.

The answer lies in the manufacturing cost, material quality, design complexity, and durability. Also, if the racks are compatible with various models can drive up the price.

To understand why dishwasher racks are expensive, continue reading our detailed article.

Replacing Dishwasher Racks

Buying a dishwasher for the first time might not be a struggle. You might have budgeted using the market price for months knowing you are getting everything installed.

The problem arises when your dishwasher rack gets broken or rusted. You will need to make an unplanned replacement. Replacements are pretty expensive. Mostly, the expense of a dishwasher rack results from the high manufacturing cost.

Why are Dishwasher Racks So Expensive?

Your dishwasher rack breaking on is frustrating. You will start budgeting for a frame you didn’t expect would happen. Some quite several manufacturers produce high-quality and robust dishwasher spare parts.

A dishwasher rack replacement costs somewhere between $80 and $150.The manufacturing cost brings about the price difference. Stainless steel racks are pretty expensive compared to plastic frames.

Click and Buy. Follow your will and the compatibility of your dishwasher.

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GE WD28X26099 Dishwasher Lower Rack Assembly

However, you can avoid this unnecessary replacement with a few steps. All the dishwasher alternatives will be discussed later in this article. 

How Much Is it to Replace Dishwasher Racks?

Depending on the dishwasher you are getting, you should spend about $80-$150. Plastic racks are cheaper compared to stainless steel dishwasher racks. 

However, if your dishwasher rack is not broken, you can fix your dishwasher rack. 

For starters, most modern dishwashers come with three racks. Of the three racks, only two are used. The third rack is usually removed from the dishwasher to provide extra space for large dishes. 

You can replace the frame with an extra rack if one dishwasher rack breaks. 

Another way you can avoid the replacement cost is by repainting the rusted racks.

  • First, you must clean the rust using vinegar and remove the paint in the rack using a remover. 
  • Ensure the rack has no previous paint to create a clean surface for the new paint to sit. 
  • You do not need to buy fancy paints. Choose the color you want, and purchase several spray paint cans. 
  • Place the dishwasher rack upside down and start spraying layers until the tack is fully painted.
  • After painting the rack, add a vinyl coating. Vinyl coating prevents the rack material from rusting.

Fixing a dishwasher rack by repainting is relatively cheap compared to replacement.

Can I Buy a New Rack for My Dishwasher?

Manufacturers promise that your dishwasher will last for about ten years. However, most dishwasher racks start breaking and rusting after a few years. Simple maintenance practices will improve the lifespan of your dishwasher.

  • Do not leave the dishwasher rack in water when not in use. The vinyl coating might start reaching with oxygen causing the frame to rust.
  • Read the user manual to know which materials are compatible with your dishwasher. Do not use plastic racks if your dishwasher specification forbids you.
  • Ensure you clean your dishwasher regularly with a descaler. This will prevent limescale from building up, possibly causing the rack to rust. You should also use dishwasher salt and dishwasher detergent when running the cleaning cycle.

If you can do nothing about your dishwasher rack, you can buy a replacement in your local electronic shop.

Can You Use Any Dishwasher Rack?

Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, you can use any dishwasher rack in your dishwasher rack.

If a dishwasher manual says not to use a plastic rack, you should not use the plastic dishwasher rack.

You can also replace the top rack with a new extra dishwasher rack that comes with the dishwasher. You can also buy a new dishwasher rack compatible with the dishwasher.

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The bottom dishwasher is interchangeable. You can use another rack from a different company. However, I would advise you not to use a frame from another dishwasher. Other companies use different technology to create dishwasher racks. You might use a dishwasher rack not meant to be used with your dishwasher.

Are Dishwasher Racks Interchangeable?

The bottom dishwasher rack can be interchanged with other frames. However, there are instances you cannot interchange the dishwasher racks.

  • You cannot interchange a traditional dishwasher rack with a modern one. 
  • You cannot swap a stainless-steel dishwasher rack with a plastic rack.

You can, however, interchange a stainless-steel dishwasher rack from two different brands.

Do All Dishwasher Racks Rust?

All dishwasher racks come in contact with water for long hours. This might cause the frame to rust, especially a stainless-steel dishwasher rack. However, most manufacturers add a vinyl coating to the paint to prevent the steel from reacting with oxygen and rusting. 

If your dishwasher rack starts to rust, you should clean the dishwasher rack, remove all the paint and repaint it.

Does Bosch Dishwasher Rack Rust?

Although Bosch is a high-quality dishwasher, it is still prone to rust. 

If the rack gets damaged and water finds a way to sip In, it comes in contact with the material and rusts.

  • Check regularly to see if any paint is scratched off. If there is a scratch, you can fix it by repainting and adding a Vinyl coating on the rack.
  • You should permanently remove the rack from the dishwasher when not in use and let it dry to avoid rusting.
  • Do not use strong chemicals like acid to clean the dishwasher. An example of a product with acid includes vinegar. Vinegar might corrode your dishwasher parts, including the rack.

If you take care of your dishwasher, the Bosch dishwasher can last you up to 10 years.

How Do You Fix a Broken Tin on a Dishwasher Rack?

When a dishwasher rack experience pressure for an extended period, the time might break.

  • To fix the tin, you must use a wire cutter to remove the tines and replace them with a new one. 
  • Use vinyl paint to fix the tin and not glue. 
  • Replace the tin, add latex paint to the seal, and add a vinyl paint coating to prevent rusting.


Replacing a dishwasher rack is expensive. However, you can avoid this unnecessary cost by preventing your dishwasher from corrosion. A coating of vinyl paint will ensure no air can access the steel material used to make the dishwasher rack. 

Do not use a plastic dishwasher rack for a dishwasher that forbids you to. 

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