Car Wash Rinse Aid (Using Dishwasher Rinse Aid on Your Car)

Discover the surprising connection between dishwasher rinse aid and car washes.

Say goodbye to streaks and water spots on your vehicle.

Can dishwasher rinse aid be used effectively on cars? Yes, you can, but with some limitations and proper knowledge. Otherwise, you will ruin your vehicle’s surface.

Learn why it’s essential to proceed cautiously and make an informed decision. Find out the answer in our informative blog post.

Rinse Aid For Car Washing

After cleaning your car with water, you might have noticed some streaks and water spots. A lot of people tend to wax the car to hide the lines. However, after seeing the streaks formed by hard water, I thought about my dishwasher rinsing aid.

Since rinsing helps accelerate the drying of dishes after cleaning and leaves the car spotless, what about using it in a car? 

Using a dishwasher rinsing aid is risky, but if done right, you will never return to trying to conceal the streaks on your car. This article will give you a working method I used on my vehicle. I will also explain why using a dishwasher rinsing aid on your car is not advisable.

Can You Use a Dishwasher Rinse Aid on Your Car?

Although you can use a rinsing aid on your car, it is not advisable to do it without enough knowledge.

A dishwasher rinse aid is a water-repellent aid. It ensures the utensils dry quickly and not leave streaks on the plates. But how do you make it work on your car?

There is a special rinsing aid designed for your car. But if you cannot access rinsing assistance at the moment, you can make a dishwasher rinsing aid work.

  1. Mix a rinsing aid with a can of hard water.
  2. Spray or apply the mixture to your car and let it soak.
  3. Add a rinsing aid to a bucket of soapy water. 
  4. Wash your car with water. You can use only one bucket to wash the car.
  5. To another bucket of clean water, add water that will be used to rinse the car. 
  6. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the car. 

You will notice that the car dries up completely, with no streaks or water spots. It is advisable to wax your car after cleaning. 

Avoid using a rinsing aid alone. It might be strong enough to scrape off your car’s paint.

Can You Use Jet Dry on Your Car?

Yes. You can use the Finish Jet Dry on your car. But using the dishwasher rinse aid on your car with the proper knowledge is always advised.

Finish Jet-Dry is a solution used as a rinsing aid in a dishwasher. It gives your utensil a spotless shine after cleaning your dishes. Add a cup of the solution to your car washing soap and achieve the same glow your dishes get. This is how you use the solution on your automobile;

  1. Add a cup of Finish Jet-Dry solution to a bucket of your car cleaning detergent.
  2. Pour some generous amount of water into the solution and stir until a foam is formed.
  3. Wash your car with the solution and rinse the car as usual. 
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the car.

The result will be a dry-cleaning car without water droplets and a shiny look.

Can You Use Cascade to Wash Your Car?

Using Cascade rinse aid solution on your car is a terrible idea. Cascade contains silicates, carbonates, and trisodium phosphate. These agents react with Lead paint.

You might enjoy a shiny look on your car for a few days. However, you will cry in a faded car after using the solution a few times.

Can I Use Dawn to Wash My Car?

Yes. You can use Dawn regular dish soap to clean your car. However, you cannot use it for general maintenance. 

Dawn soap will clean your car effectively without damaging the paint. But it removes the wax and the sealant, leaving the vehicle exposed. 

You should avoid using Dawn wash that has visible abrasive in it. Those particles can scratch your car.

What Can I Use to Clean My Car?

Several cleaning agents can clean your car without damaging your paint. 

If you decide to use any of the dishwasher rinse aids mentioned above, do it during desperate times. The dishwasher solution is only meant for dishes and not automobiles. 

Some of the best rinsing aids ideal for your cat will be listed below.

Best Car Rinse Aid

A car rinsing aid, also known as a drying agent, aids your car in drying without damaging your vehicle. Some of the best rinsing aids in the market include;

You can find other drying aids for sale from your local car wash.

What Else Can Rinse Aid Be Used For?

A rinsing aid is typically used in a dishwasher and a car. But there are other places where rinsing assistance can be helpful.

Cleaning Windows

Due to its drying and shiny agents, cleaning your windows using a rinsing agent is advisable. Using only water to rinse your windows will leave streaks and ugly water droplets. On the other hand, a rinsing aid will ensure the water drips without sticking to the windows.

glass window cleaning

When Washing Utensils By Hand

A rinsing aid is not only used in a dishwasher. It would be best to use the solution when washing utensils by hand. The dishes will be spotless and shiny.

Washing dishes by hands
Rinse aid can be used for the dishwasher and washing dishes by hand.

Cleaning Shower Doors

Soapy water spreads and reaches the shower doors when bathing. If your shower doors are made of glass, cleaning with a rinsing aid will make the doors repellent to soapy water for a while.

Used to Clean Vinyl Records

Cleaning your vinyl music collection using a rinsing aid will prevent the documents from getting scratched.

Is Rinse Aid Water Repellent?

Yes. Rinsing aid has a water-repellent agent that gives it the fast-drying property.

However, when used with a soapy solution, you will get the most desirable results wherever you use the aid.


Although you have all the freedom to try things out, there are things you should do with caution. For example, using a rinsing aid on your car without proper knowledge might result in some damage to your vehicle. This guide will be helpful for your next DIY emergency. 

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