How Do You Install A Garbage Can Under The Sink?

While struggling with yourself to find an easy and best place inside the kitchen, you might want to keep it right in the space available under the sink. But how do you install a garbage can under the sink? Don’t worry if you have considered something like this and still trying to figure it out; I am here to help you and sort this out. 

Please keep reading this article till the end, and I’ll share a full process of an easy installation of a garbage can under the sink. Let’s not waste time and get back to work!

Can You Install A Garbage Can Under The Sink?

Before you start doing something like this or think about installing a garbage can under the sink, you must think of this possibility. 

It is because things are only possible when they are measured accurately and have assumptions to be true. 

You need to confirm the exact size or space under the sink. After that, you will have to buy a garbage can only of the size that could easily fit under the sink. 

In that case, when you can confirm these things, chances are higher that installing a garbage can under the sink will not take long. 

How Do You Actually Install A Garbage Can Under The Sink?

If you know a little work of plumbing and exactly know how these things work, you can do this job very easily. 

The thing is, you have to be extra sure about the availability of some equipment you would be using in the installation process. 

On top of that, you will have to follow the complete guidelines step by step and set up a mind that you will do it today. In short, 

Having a pull-out garbage can or waste bin under the sink is the best idea as it provides easy waste management. 

To install that, you can read out the instructional manual. Mark the places and drill holes at exact points below the sink. Install the hooks, and then you are going to put your garbage can on those hooks. After that, place the garbage can lid, and the job will be done!

However, it is a little time taking and technical process but easier when you do it with the proper instructions. In the below section, I’ll explain that to you!

Step By Step Process Of Installing A Garbage Can Under The Sink:

Suppose you have set yourself on the mission that your job will be done only when you complete this installation. 

That’s something easier than you might have been thinking. 

The basic advantage of having or installing a pull-out garbage can under the sink is that it is easy to pull out and throw your kitchen waste inside. 

The lid remains in its place, and you can access the garbage can whenever you pull out the under-sink cabinet door. The process to install this is as follows. 

Step 1: Deciding On The Required Garbage Can To Install:

In the first step, you must determine what type of garbage can you want under the sink. 

If there is enough space in that cupboard to have a sliding garbage can, you can buy a sliding mechanism and install the garbage can under the sink by using it.

Some tilt-out or static garbage can installation also works depending on the room available under the sink. 

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you don’t get enough space with some cupboards because they have unique water management systems installed under the sink that covers a lot of space. 

So, in that kind of situation, installing a pull-out unit or garbage can is all worth it. Therefore, always decide on what is best depending on the total space given under the cabinet. 

Step 2: Tools You Will Need:

If you are starting this installation process, you must be sure to get or collect some equipment so that this process may be completed. 

There is nothing you cannot find or get when you want to arrange this stuff. Please have a look at the stuff you’ll need. 

  • A fully functional box packed Pull out garbage bin with hooks and instructional manual
  • A drilling machine (With screw installation and drilling holes)
  • A pencil to mark points for drilling
  • A level

Once you’ve got these things, you have to ensure there is a pre-installed garbage bin or an old bin under the cabinet. 

Or the space is empty to install your first one. 

Confirm this before installation. However, in most cases, if it is something you are installing for the first time, there will be no pre-installed garbage bin. So, you will be easy on it. 

Step 3: Confirm The Right Size Of The Bin:

When you install this garbage bin under the sink, you can convert your under-cabinet space into something useful. 

But always confirm the exact size of a garbage can that easily goes under the sink with the right installation method. 

That will be something 10 to 15 inches less than the total space you have under the cabinet. 

In our case, we are using a 20-liter garbage can to put under the sink and make it useful to keep the waste organized in its place. 

Step 4: Remove The Cabinet Door For Easy Installation:

Be easy and comfortable installing something like this under your kitchen sink cabinet. 

And it will be done easier if you just pull out the door. In most situations, the door you will find attached to the cabinet is pretty easy to remove. 

Just find the button on the upper side and push that in; the door will easily pop out. 

Step 5: Use The Instructional Manual To Mark Holes:

You will find an instructional manual inside that pull-out, or swinging garbage can box. 

It will have the printed positions to help mark and drill the holes at the right positions on the cabinet wall. 

Therefore, you are going to use it and take a pencil. 

When such a manual is against the wall, take the pencil and mark the points where you will have to drill holes lately. This will be done in a couple of minutes. 

Remember that you can use either the left or right side of the kitchen cabinet to put a garbage can. And if you have more space, you can even install two.  

Step 6: Mark Out Bracket Position And Screw Them Into The Place:

Now, once you have marked the drilling positions under the cabinet, you can pull that door back to its position. 

At this point, you will have to mark the positions on the door where those brackets will be. 

To do that, you can use the bracket and find out those two V marks on that bracket. 

These V marks will be used as a guide to mark the drill holes to position and hold the door bracket on the door. 

However, while putting or placing this bracket against the door, make sure that the bracket is level at a 90-degree angle. 

Use the level to confirm that. 

Now, place the bracket on the door after leveling it and mark out the center of the V. 

On these marked positions, drill the holes and screw the door bracket at this place. 

Step 7: Attach The Bracket Onto The Unit:

When you have installed a bracket with the door, you will install a bracket onto the unit. This will be the one that will help that pull-out garbage can to move to its place. 

Pre-drill a hole onto the mark you already have under the sink. And screw the bracket on both sides with screws. It will be fixed there. 

But don’t forget to level it 90 degrees for the required balancing position. 

Now, the last bracket you will need to install will be the one holding the waste bin in its position. Install it, and your brackets stuff will be done at this position.

Step 8: Install The Garbage Bin:

Once the brackets have been installed, you can move on towards fixing the garbage or waste bin onto those brackets. 

Slide your garbage waste can in a position that would actually meet the exact positions. This will be necessary to keep the garbage can fixed at its position. 

You will be given two plastic pins to help install the hooks’ waste bin. You can use these to put one on the bottom and one on the upper sides. 

These will fix the garbage can at its exact position. 

Now the last thing you need to do is to install the lid, which is also very easy. Your job to install a garbage waste can under the sink is done. 

No doubt, the under sink is one of the best locations to put a garbage can in the kitchen. 

For a better understanding, you can watch the below YouTube video and learn what is important. 

Final Thoughts:

Successfully, if you have followed this guide till this end, you probably have learned about how do you install a garbage can under the sink. That was not a difficult job to do. But if you’ve still got something to ask, you are most welcome. 

But thanks for reading and keeping pace till this end. Have a nice day!