How To Decorate Trash Can For Bedroom?

Like every other place in our house, we want our bedrooms to be the most decorative ones. That’s why we put everything unique, from a single cushion to the floor tiles and even a trash can. Therefore, if your mind has come up with the same idea and the only decorative piece missing inside your bedroom is the trash can, you should know how to decorate trash can for bedroom. 

I am here to tell you some unique ideas to help you have fully optimized and highly decorative garbage or trash cans inside your bedroom. Please have a look!

Is It Possible To Decorate Your Ordinary Trash Cans For Bedroom?

If you are good with imagination and love to do some DIY things at your house, you will kill it. 

The thing is simple: you shall have to implement your mind idea in designing a garbage can which shall look impressive, decorative, and way better than before. 

Here, things work just like they do in creating something new. It could be anything like building a fence, constructing something from wooden boxes, and others. 

Therefore, you shall have no problem struggling with whether you can decorate your garbage can or not on your own. 

How Do You Decorate Trash Can For Your Bedroom?

Having trash cans of unique colors, form factors, and shapes is something extraordinary you would like to put inside your bedroom. 

But how do we decorate these trash cans? Is it possible to do that? 

What’s best, doing DIY decoration or investing in some pre-made or pre decorated trash cans? In short answering all, 

To decorate trash cans inside your bedroom, you can select from multiple DIY decorative trash cans ideas. One can also invest money and buy a fully decorative trash can for his/her bedroom. This decoration can be done in multiple ways, such as making from fabric, rope, or any other stuff available in your house. 

However, don’t worry, because I’ll share some unique ideas later in this article to help you have some decorative garbage cans or make yours inside the bedroom. Please keep reading!

Creating Some Very Attractive And Stylish Garbage Cans For Your Bedroom:

Just in case you have made up your mind to have DIY decorative trash cans inside your bedroom, I am here to share my experience with you.

I worked on several ideas and tried to figure out some unique ones so that you could create something similar. 

The results before and after the decoration of these garbage cans were totally different; believe me, I was impressed. 

Please look at how many ways you can have a decorative garbage can inside your bedroom. 

Design 1: Create a Spotted Trash Can:

What if you can create some stylish trash can out of the one which looks simple and ordinary now?

Sounds interesting. Yes, that’s the first idea I would like to share with you. Follow the steps below to have a spotted decorative trash can inside your bedroom. 

  • First, get that ordinary or unspotted trash can that you already have.
  • Now, once it’s there, you need a sharpie which shall be in color.
  • For that, you must have dots inside that sharpie to dispatch these dots on the garbage can. 
  • Select your pattern and use that sharpie to put or print the dots on that trash can. Doing this is a lot easier and very versatile if you do it in a proper way. 

Image source:

Learn more about how you can create a spotted trash can here. 

Design 2: Creating A Paint Bucket Trash Can For Bedroom:

Do you have any plastic paint bucket that is empty and unused now? Please save your money and spend it elsewhere using this paint bucket to turn it into a garbage can. 

But at the same time, you should make it decorative and attractive so that it may grab visitors’ attention. 

To create such a decorative bucket garbage can, please follow the steps I did. 

  • Choose a stylish piece of fabric that may look attractive. The idea will be more real if you would like to select something matching your bedsheet or cushion covers. 
  • Now, take that bucket and clean it fully. 
  • You should also have a glue gun to dispatch the fabric on that bucket or plastic paint bucket. 
  • Use that glue gun and attach the fabric with the plastic paint bucket. A fully decorative and somewhat matching garbage can with your other bedroom items will be ready in a few minutes.

Image Source:

You can also learn deeply if you follow the full process by clicking the blue text. 

Design 3: Creating A Decorative Trash Can For Bedroom With Stickers:

If your bedroom doesn’t have a decorative garbage can and you want to make it, try putting some stickers on it. 

That way, the trash can will start looking stylish and even a lot better than ever before. 

Therefore, try putting some stickers on your trash cans and be that guy who gives a lively look at the things that matter. 

To apply something like stickers on your garbage cans, please follow the steps below. 

  • Consider visiting any nearby shop where they might be selling some stickers that you can dispatch on anything. 
  • It could be your garbage can this time. And when you are using a garbage can to decorate, these stickers must be of flowers, cartoons, art, or symbols like trees, fruits, etc.
  • That’s something totally you will decide and will be dependent on you. Therefore, you will have to choose wisely. 
  • Some people like to put the tree symbol on their garbage cans to make it look a little decorative. Having a tree symbol means it is something you can use to symbolize nature. 
  • This would be something stylish and send a unique message at the same time. 
  • You can also create something unique by yourself if you have tools and other stuff. For that, have a plain trash can with no dust or debris on it. Now, take some paper as well as drawing stationery.
  • Use that paper and stationery to draw the tree symbol on the paper. 
  • After drawing it, you can color it with your favorite colors and dispatch that piece of paper to your garbage can. This is how you are going to make it look attractive. 

Image source:

Design 4: Decorating A Trash Can For Bedroom With Yarn:

Wouldn’t you like to have something extremely and fantastically hand-crafted in your bedroom that must look beautiful? 

This is how it’s gonna work. You can take an empty bucket or your old garbage can and decorate it with the yarn all by yourself. For this, follow the steps below

First, take any empty paint bucket and clean it out. After that, you are going to use the yarns of different colors to wrap them accordingly with your garbage or trash can. 

This will give your garbage can a better look than ever before.

Besides, consider using some glue to fix the yarn at its place firmly. Ensure that the yarn gets fixed firmly at every point, and it shall stay there for a long period.

Image source:

What’s Better, Buying A Decorative Garbage Can Or A DIY One?

When you look to buy a decorative garbage can, you can find that at many stores such as Walmart, Etsy, Target and Amazon, etc., there are multiple options available. 

These options for decorative garbage cans are available to fit inside your bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other places as well.

When Buying A Decorative Garbage Can:

Therefore, if you are a person who doesn’t want to indulge in those complicated or, say, little hazardous processes of creating your own decorative garbage cans, you can look for these garbage cans. 

However, for this, you shall have a good amount of money so that you can buy some individual garbage cans for your all to all house rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

This way, these will find a perfect space inside your home and look attractive the way you want them to be. 

When You Want To Create Yours:

But just in case you are like me and don’t want to spend such huge money on decorating these trash cans, you are in the right spot. 

Please keep reading as I am going to share my experience with these decorative garbage cans for your bedroom. 

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, there are many ways you can learn how to decorate trash can for bedroom if you really want to put a stylish, attractive, cool trash can inside it. I hope the four best ways I shared; you may like and do the same to create something similar. But if you cannot, you can always consider spending some money and buying trash cans that are made with prior decorations. 

Hence, I hope you liked the article and if you did, don’t forget to give it a little publicity. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


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