Decorative Garbage Cans | 8 Unique Ways!

Do you love to see everything unique, colorful, and stylish inside or outside your home? You might be considering finding some unique ideas for some decorative garbage cans. Yes, even a garbage can would look unique if you have those comprehensive designing vibes in your mind. In this guide, I would like to share some unique ideas regarding all these garbage cans or trash cans that will help you choose yours.

So, please stay focused and start digging this comprehensive piece of information. Here, you will get to know completely how to replace that old absurd-looking garbage can with something extremely impressive. Let’s get started!

Are Decorative Garbage Cans Worth It?

Having a totally different trash can with structure, body, and design than that of your furniture is not really something you would find pleasant. 

That’s because people like to find matchings these days, and it doesn’t matter even if that matching is related to the dustbin, garbage can or a trash bin, etc. 

As far as the worth of having a decorative garbage can is concerned, these cans truly add something more to your home, house, or wherever you spend your living. 

To know the worth of having a decorative garbage can, please consider reading the following benefits or qualities it offers.

Reasons To Have A Decorative Garbage Can:

  • Decorative garbage cans excellently fit the rest of the furniture and home equipment. 
  • It works at a great level in adding additional beauty to the places where you place it. 
  • In case you want to add more life to your room, a garbage can of unique color would latterly be a great option to consider. 
  • Whenever you wake up and look at your room door, a decorative garbage can may help you get into a good mood in the morning. 
  • On top of that, it always makes the visitors feel jealous when they visit your home and try to take a closer look at the stuff you have placed in rooms, outside, or anywhere nearby.
  • So, all these reasons are undoubtedly enough to have a trash can that can help you survive better and get more good vibes. Sincerely, it matters a lot!

What Can You Do To Have A Decorative Garbage Can For Yourself?

In this case, you have two different options to apply. These are as follows. 

  • Either you can consider buying a decorative and stylish garbage can that exactly meets your needs for the distinctive garbage options. 
  • Or you can consider using some DIY techniques to leave an impression which means having a garbage can made by your own self. 

Therefore, both of these things would work just fine to help you assign unique plus decorative garbage can you would ever want to have. I will help you get yours by both means. Keep reading for that!

When You Want To Have A Pre-designed garbage Can:

Just in case you are not good at applying all those creative ideas you have in your mind to build your own garbage can, here is a solution for you. 

You can simply visit your area’s top physical or online store to find your desire. It is simply like going to the Amazon and then finding your most desired piece of equipment. 

Or you can visit eBay, Etsy, or Walmart to find these decorative garbage cans. There is no problem with that. 

When You Want To Make Your Own DIY Decorative Garbage Can:

To save the hustle and bustle of building your own can, I recommend you get yours through a store. 

But if you think of yourself as such an energetic person who likes to have some creativity on the board, you are most welcome. 

In this section, I will share some unique ideas for building your own beautifully-looking decorative garbage can. Please have a look at all of them one by one. 

Reader Tip: In case you want to know about recycling bins, you can read our All About Recycling Bin Guide we already have provided on this website. 

1: Decorative Rope Garbage Can:

Would you love to have something truly impressive placed in your room regarding a garbage trash can? 

Yes, who wouldn’t like that? I would like to recommend this top can to you is this rope garbage can. 

Having a can like this could latterly benefit you because you can make it on your own. 

  • Find the necessary materials such as a bucket and a stylish rope for this. 
  • Once done, try wrapping that rope around the bucket and ensure to wrap it fully. 
  • When you finish such a thing, you would need some glue which shall be hot. 
  • And once everything is done, try using colorful paints to spray on this bucket wrapped with rope, and your decorative trash can will be ready to take place inside your home. 

2: Decorative Pantone Garbage Cans:

Having a Pantone-made garbage or trash can is totally worth it. It is something a way better than that of your ordinary can you would see otherwise. 

For this, you can do the following things to create a Pantone trash bin or can. 

  • A pantone color plate would be a great source for doing this project a total worth. 
  • Try to find a plain trash can in white color and collect some spray paint as well. With that, you might need a black marker. 
  • Once that’s done, you can always create a unique outline of your design with a marker and use spray paint to design or make something entirely new from the existing one.
  • This will help you have a decorative garbage can inside your villa, building, office, or wherever you want to place it. 

3: Decorative Trash Cans Made With Fabric:

It’s easy and comparatively fast to find metallic trash cans anywhere or inside the home. However, nothing would say having only a metallic trash can is acceptable. 

At some points, to add some creativity and make things look better, you can consider building a trash can out of fabric. And in case you really want to make one, please have a look!

  • At first, take a piece of fabric you find a little strong and qualitative enough to hold the garbage. 
  • After that, you need to have a circular band. Once this is found as well, you can sew some fabric and attach it to that circular band. 
  • Once that is done, you need to use a little hot glue to make things stronger and attached to their places. Your decorative trash can out of fabric would be ready. 
  • However, such cans might not be preferable for most kitchen garbage. 

4: Decorative DVD Disks Garbage Or Trash Cans:

Do you have a bunch of DVDs or CDs inside your home that has been expired and cannot be used again? 

Because if you have them, it is your first step towards building a trash can out of them. Please follow the steps below to create a DIY trash can out of DVDs. 

  • At first, take a couple of DVDs and bend them in such a form as they would provide you with a cylinder shape. 
  • Now, take some hot glue and glue these DVDs together. 
  • After that, the final thing that could be done on it is using spray paint to add design to that cylindric trash can. 

5: Decorative Glittering Garbage Can:

Does it always matter to choose highly impressive trash or garbage can that looks more beautiful than others? 

Of course, it does. Because there is no rule which would state that a trash can could never be pretty. 

Yes, it can be; all you need to learn is how to make one. Follow the steps below to have a DIY decorative glittering garbage can. 

  • You would require white paint with some glitter to make a glittering trash can out of the box. The process is so simple. 
  • Take some white paint and spray any trash can with it. 
  • When you find the trash can wet, you need to place some color glitter. It doesn’t matter in whatever shape or order you would prefer this. The can that will result from this would be very versatile. 

6: Decorative Trash Can Made From Newspaper:

If you are likely to be a person who reads the newspaper on a daily basis, you might have its huge collection inside your home. 

Yes, there is zero percent doubt on that. But have you ever thought of having these collected newspapers that would help you convert them into a fully stylish trash bin? 

  • For this, you must need a recycling bin or a colorless plastic trash bin. With that, you will also require a brush. 
  • A little quantity of glue and the remaining stuff would be those newspapers you have collected so far. 
  • Take that brush and cover the glue on that colorless plastic bin you have collected. 
  • Now, your turn would go towards attaching those papers with that glue-applied bin. 
  • This will result in giving you a trash bin that looks like a mosaic of literature. 

7: Decorative Garbage Bin Created From Paint Sticks:

You might have a lot of paint stir sticks, or you probably know about them just because they can be found inside homes and nearby offices. 

Therefore, these can also be used to make trash or garbage cans from scratch. 

To do this, you must have a couple of paint sticks. With that, you would also need some glue. 

  • Besides, you may also need an embroidery hoop set. Plus, there shall be a cardboard scrap you must have to make a trash bin out of nowhere. 
  • Once all of these things have been collected, consider using the Cardboard Scrap on the base side. 
  • In the next step, you must attach the glue stick with that embroidery hoop for maximum support. When all of these things are together, they will work great at creating a full recycling bin or a trash bin for you. 

8: Decorative Garbage Can Made From A Turned Stole:

Do you have any extra stool in your home that might not be used elsewhere? You can use it to make a decorative garbage bin from it. For this, please follow the steps below. 

  • Take that spared stool and turn it completely upside down. 
  • Now, you will need a plastic trash bag affixed to the stool’s stands. 
  • While doing so, please have the center in between the stool stands. This would make an opening. What a surprise, you got your DIY stool trash can which looks cool and ready to take any place inside your home.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, you can try out many things to have one of the best decorative garbage cans. These decorative ones help you get a more customized and streamlined look of your room, kitchen, or office, wherever you place it. Therefore, I hope that the guide has helped make you learn something new and totally unique. If you have any queries to ask, you are most welcome. 

In the end, thanks for being here and giving your valuable time to this post. Take good care and see you on the next one. 


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