How To Keep Trash Cans From Blowing Away?

Do you always face problems when the heavy wind hits your area, and the garbage cans blow away first? It is quite common in many states of America as there are tornadoes and emergency alerts always warning people. However, how to keep trash cans from blowing away could be a little difficult when you don’t know anything about them. 

Can You Keep Your Trash Cans From Blow Away?

Like anything inside or outside the house can be secured, locked, and protected from several environmental and area factors, garbage cans can also be prevented from blowing away. 

However, you have to be a master of it to learn something like this through multiple ways. You may not find a garbage can outside your home when the storm gets over. 

Because it can be removed, stolen, or reach anyone’s else property. In that case, some people like to return your asset just as quickly as possible. 

But some don’t care at all. Therefore, you should keep them secured. 

However, keeping your garbage can secured and sticking to one place when there is a heavy wind coming is not difficult at all, and that’s why I am here to help you with that. 

Please don’t skip reading. 

How To Prevent Garbage Cans From Blowing Away?

Indeed the wind can be really so hard and brutal at some moments that it can even blow up the roofs of your houses. 

That’s why blowing the garbage cans for it is not difficult at all. In that case, you should be alert before hearing the emergency that a tornado will hit your area in a while. 

And keep everything secured, including your garbage cans or recycling bins. In short,

To prevent garbage cans from blowing, consider having a solid and heavy rock at the bottom of each garbage can. You can chain them or build a garbage enclosure where you can keep them. Instead, using D-rings and attaching them to the sides of the house or garbage and binding the garbage cans over there may also help. 

Besides, there are multiple other ways that you may like to explore in this guide. 

Therefore, keep reading to know fully how to secure the outdoor garbage can of your house, office, or any commercial building!

Different Ways To Keep Garbage Cans From Blowing Away:

Since it is required to keep your garbage cans safe from blowing away when the heavy wind is there, you can do this job in multiple ways. 

Please look at how you can keep these garbage cans from blowing away with the help of some easy methods.

Way 1: Trash Bag Your Garbage And Keep In More Quantity:

The heavier the garbage cans will be, the lesser they will be affected by the heavy blowing wind. 

That’s because the wind will not affect garbage can with heavy weight more than a garbage can with less weight. 

In that case, when you keep putting the garbage waste in a garbage bin or garbage can without trash bagging it, there can be an empty space between the trash on the upper side and trash on the lower side. 

This creates a hollow which actually means trash covers more space but is available in less quantity. So, what if you make it the way we want it? 

Trash bag every single garbage piece before throwing it into the garbage. And ensure that you keep pressure every time a new bag goes inside. 

In this way, the garbage can will keep holding more weight in the form of trash bags having trash inside. 

When this happens, the garbage cans will have fewer chances to move from their places in the heavy wind. 

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Way 2: Building A Garbage Enclosure:

You can use some lumber wood and build your own DIY outside garbage can holder. 

A box like this has enough space to keep all those empty and full trash cans of your house when the storm hits your area. 

On top of that, when these garbage cans are in a place like this, hidden, there will be fewer chances of animals exploiting the garbage cans of your home. 

Therefore, you can learn how to build a garbage can holder if you look at the video below because this will provide a secure space to keep the garbage cans safe from blowing in the air. 

Way 3: Use D-Rings To Secure The Garbage Cans:

You will have several places around the house or the garage where you can keep your garbage cans locked and protected. This can be done by using some D-rings. 

You can use some steel or iron-made D-rings around your house or the garage. In these places, after fitting these rings, you can use some bungee cords and fix those garbage cans there. 

They will not move from their place and stay fixed, attached as well as prevented from blowing away. 

That seems a good way of keeping these garbage cans secured at their places in the conditions of heavy winds. 

Way 4: Putting Or Keeping Something Heavier At The Bottom Of The Garbage Can:

The garbage can will never move anywhere once it has something to keep its hold at that place. 

What about putting a large-scale stone at the bottom side of the garbage can and then collecting the waste above it? 

Yeah, that’s what you are gonna do. Before you start putting the garbage waste inside that garbage can, you must keep a large and heavy-weight stone at the bottom. 

Because the additional weight of this stone will keep the garbage can stuck to its place, organized and safe from blowing away in the heavy wind. 

Way 5: Investing In A Magnetic Trash Can Anchor:

What if you have a garbage can with a magnetic anchor that keeps your garbage can firm with the ground? 

This sounds great because it will not move anywhere even if there is an uncontrollable viola of wind that is going to hit hard to your living. 

A trash can with something like this will stick to the ground due to the firmness and rigidness that you get with the magnet.

So, you can always have a garbage can with a magnetic trash anchor and sort out your worries with this. 

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Way 6: Chain Your Garbage Cans:

Do you know a reliable way to keep those garbage cans organized and locked in their place? You can do this thing by building a fence in the free ground using some 2 by 4. 

Use these wooden 2 by 4 and build a fully functional fence at any suitable place inside your house. After that, use chains to lock those freely placed garbage cans with this fence. 

In this way, no wind or storm will be able to take them with themselves or remove them from their space because they will be locked permanently. 

Way 7: Mark Your Address On The Garbage Cans:

Consider marking your home address on the garbage can that you own. Because even if you haven’t used any fence or precautions to keep these garbage cans in their place, they will still be able to make it to your house when the wind stops. 

Having the right address on the garbage cans of your house will help you own them back and find them quickly. 

They will not mix up with the garbage cans of the people living in the same town. 

Moreover, suppose anyone picks up your garbage can and finds its address. In that case, he will be the responsible person for returning it to your house, believing that everything remains safe after the storm. 

Way 8: Invest In Stainless Steel Garbage Cans:

It can be seen that those plastic garbage cans may not be that heavier weight to make themselves stick to their places. 

You can also solve this issue by having or replacing your low-weight plastic garbage cans with heavy-duty and heavy-weight stainless steel garbage cans. 

You can ask your local waste managers or buy these stainless steel garbage cans to do this. 

And to the point, I am sure they will not make a move from their places when the wind is out of their control. 

Thus, these would help you keep the garbage cans away from blowing and switching from their places. 

Final Thoughts:

If you have read this guide to this end, I am sure you have got what you were looking for. I’ve shared some easiest ways to keep your garbage cans from blowing away, and you can use or apply any of these to get your job done. However, suppose you have any queries regarding how to keep trash cans from blowing away or any other? In that case, you are most welcome to ask. 

But thanks for being here and reading this guide. Until next time, be safe!


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