How To Use Magnetic Trash Can Anchor?

Have you brought that magnetic trash can anchor and don’t know how to operate it? You are at the right place to learn how to use magnetic trash can anchor. A device like this is very handy at keeping those lightweight and ordinary trash cans in their places. No matter how much wind is coming to hit your area, your garbage cans will be safe. 

What Is A Magnetic Trash Can Anchor?

Every one of us has trash cans to keep our waste organized, collected, and placed at a certain place outside or inside our houses. 

But not every garbage can is of the same size, weight, and durability. 

Some are lightweight, which can be affected highly when heavy wind and storms hit the area.

Magnetic trash can anchor are often used to prevent these cans from blowing away with the wind. 

It is basically an anchoring system that comes with a plate that is anchored to a trash can. 

Plus, a magnetic place is highly attached to the desired ground surface. That creates a solid junction to keep the garbage can at its position and safe from blowing away. 

How Do You Use A Magnetic Trash Can Anchor?

Even after knowing that the garbage can is a useful device, many people don’t know exactly how to use it. 

That’s why they keep looking for those forums, discussion groups, and other places. 

However, in my experience, using a magnetic trash can holder is something simpler to do than you might have ever imagined. In short, 

To keep the garbage can in its place, a magnetic plate is attached to the bottom side of the garbage can. There is an anchor which has an approximately 6 inches diameter magnet that is installed to the ground. This magnetic keeps the garbage can secured at its position, which is how you use it. 

But that’s only explained quickly. You can find this one of the best ways to secure your garbage cans explained in more detail when you look at the below section. So, please have a look!

Step By Step Process To Use A Magnetic Trash Can Anchor:

What If you have bought your magnetic trash can anchor and are still figuring out where you can install it and how to use it? That’s not a problem unless I am here to sort it out for you. 

The thing is, using a magnetic trash can is fairly simple if you be able to install it on the ground in the right way. 

Therefore, you must understand how this is fully installed in the ground to use it. Follow the steps below, and let’s solve your confusion. 

Step 1: Buying The Right Magnetic Trash Can Anchor:

You have known the working mechanism of this magnetic trash can anchor as it is a system we use or the one that actually secures the trash can by giving it a straight upright position. 

This prevents and helps the garbage can from overturning as well as accidental toppling. 

However, to have a system like this in our houses, we have to be sure to buy or get the perfect magnetic trash can anchor. 

Just a little research by keeping certain things in mind, and you are going to get the best magnetic trash can anchor for keeping the garbage cans from blowing away.

Step 2: Select The Right Place To Keep This Garbage Can Anchor:

Once you have done with your magnetic trash can anchor, you need to figure out the right place where you can easily keep it. 

It is fairly simple to find out because all you have to do is find a ground where you can insert that magnetic anchor that will support your garbage can. 

Find the place and move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Flushing The Magnet Into The Ground:

The bottom part of this magnetic trash can anchor has a round shape space in which there is an approximately 6 inches diameter magnet. 

To operate this, you have to send it into the ground. Otherwise, it will not work. However, to flush this mechanism into the ground, you will need that long stake and put it into the magnet’s center. 

The magnet will find its way to the ground when you do that. 

However, firm it strongly and use only the soft land that easily accepts this tool inside. Otherwise, you might have to dig a pre-hole to keep the garbage can in its place.

Once this magnet part is in the ground, be ready to move on to the next step. 

Step 4: Attach The Trash Can With The Magnet:

If you observe the trash can, there will be a metal plate. And metal is a good thing that finds its high attachment with the magnet anchor. 

When you take a look at the below side of the garbage can, you will find a metal plate over there. 

This plate is actually the thing that keeps the garbage can attached or stuck to the magnet trash anchor. 

That way, the garbage can never move from its place even if a heavy wind or storm hits the town. 

Step 5: Relocating And Moving The Trash Can:

With this trash can system, you can easily relocate the trash can from one place to another. 

This is how managing the trash can anchor system and using it would become much easier.

So, it is all it takes to fully make the anchor trash can in work and find it supporting your garbage cans at their destinated place. 

You can also watch the below video for a better understanding!

What Benefits You May Get While Using The Magnetic Trash Can Anchor?

Despite being a new invention for these garbage cans, the magnetic garbage can anchor provides us with a couple of benefits. These include the following. 

  • This helps you in keeping the cans out of the streets. 
  • The yard of your house becomes more aesthetic because such garbage cans anchor increases its quality and beauty by adding more streamlined organization. 
  • It works just great for those plastic trash cans. Because they are lightweight and need more protection as compared with other garbage cans. 
  • Therefore, magnetic trash can anchor is best to keep these plastic cans at their specified place. 
  • You may also find the metal support plates, which can easily be found at the garbage can’s bottom. Attaching and replacing these plates below the garbage cans is also easier. 
  • There is a long spike that helps the metal in attaching itself to the ground. So, you can have an easy installation. 
  • These are not bulky and not very expensive.
  • A better way to keep the garbage can prevented from blowing away or entering somebody’s else property without even taking permission.

That’s all and even more you will get with this magnetic trash can anchor. 

Can A Magnetic Trash Anchor Help In Keeping The Garbage Can From Blowing?

Do you have any doubts about that? Ask the people who use this magnetic trash can to anchor their house yards. 

It is probably the cleanest, easiest, and most comfortable way of securing those lightweight garbage cans that may not even be able to bear a shot of heavy wind. 

And if this will not happen, the garbage waste inside the garbage can will stay in its place and will not spread in the yard where you have your garbage can. 

It will also not your costs for the energy, effort, and other things you have to take care of when cleaning out the garbage from the yard. 

Are There Any Built In Garbage Cans With Magnetic Trash Can anchors?

In most cases, you will have to get magnetic trash can anchor separately and a garbage can separately. 

Once you’ve got these, you can easily install the garbage can over the magnetic trash can anchor. 

However, some stainless steel garbage cans have more weight on their bottom sides. 

This weight may not work like a magnet. But it is good at keeping and holding the garbage can in its place. 

So, it’s a fifty-fifty chance whether you get full magnetic trash can anchor kit with the trash can or not. Or it’s just single trash can you find to keep inside your house. 

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope that you learned how to use magnetic trash can anchor with some easy and quick steps. And if you really did, you got a let me know in the comments. Plus, if you have something more to ask, you will also tell me that. However, if you think you can share this information to help someone currently looking for something like this, just hurry up. 

Nevertheless, thanks for reading and becoming a part of my day. Until next time, take care of yourself!


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