Where is Reset Button on Garbage Disposal

Whether you’re facing a steadfast clog or the garbage disposal is suffering from a suddenly stalled drainage, you’re ought to utilize the ‘red’ overload button on the disposals now and then.

But, this attempt might not save you from this tornado of conflict if you can’t accurately locate and reset the button. The catch is that the ‘red’ reset button is placed in various locations in various brands.

You see, with garbage disposals, even the slightest tip can benefit you tenfolds. So, today I will help you in discovering the reset button on your garbage disposal‘s brand. And who knows?

This might be the only trick that you’ll ever need to dodge the need of calling for professional help and spending a fortune on them. Hence, keep reading to stay informed!

Where is Reset Button on Badger Garbage Disposal?

The design of the Badger garbage disposal is one of the most praised because of the thoughtful and innovative ideas that make it user-friendly, especially during a system reset.

Garbage disposals by Badger come with a canister embedded with a rotor. This rotor is furthermore enabled with impellers installed that can force the food waste into a ring shredder.

However, there is a tiny gap between the ring shredder and rotor, and more often, waste particles and debris could accidentally get grounded and accumulate in the said junction. As a result, the rotor might stop spinning.

This is just one of the many scenarios where you might need to reset the motor to prohibit it from burning out immediately. At times like this, you will have to locate the Badger garbage disposal reset button. It’s red in color and mounted beneath the canister.

Before you reset the breaker, you must make sure that the clogged impellers are freed, or the reset will fail impeccably.

Where is Reset Button on Moen Garbage Disposal?

Comparatively, dealing with the Moen garbage disposals is relatively straightforward too. A key point to remember is ensuring that all the electrical and activation modes have been switched off before you reset the Moen button. Better safe than sorry, right?

To locate the Moen garbage disposal reset button, you will have to crawl beneath the sink and look for the red button. For further clarification, the reset button is supposed to be located on the opposite end of the Moen garbage disposal power cord.

However, it will also slightly depend on the model and unit. With that being said, the reset button on each Moen model could be easier to determine. Although, some might be placed at the far end of the system, leading you to spread out your hands more to reach it.

Another vital theory to remember is that almost all reset buttons are located beneath the garbage disposal, approximately at the rear end. Once your garbage disposal goes through generic wear and tear, the red button should be protruding outwards.

Where is Reset Button on Badger 5 Garbage Disposal?

The Badger 5 is smartly equipped with an overload protector. Therefore, when the overload protector takes over, it should be your biggest motivator and giveaway that something at your disposal is amiss.

Moreover, whenever the system is overloaded or has a blockage within, the overload protector will automatically turn the entire unit off, signaling the mishap.

Now, what does this mean? Needless to say, your Badge 5 garbage disposal is in immediate need of a reset. To begin, before you discover the reset button, make sure that the power switch is turned off.

To determine the red reset button’s location, look for it underneath the sink at the base of the garbage disposal. It should be facing the floor, and it must be popped out as the disposal is facing a troubleshoot.

In absolute honesty, discovering the red button on multiple Badger models is all quite the same.

Where is Reset Button on Whirlaway Garbage Disposal?

Working with the Whirlaway garbage disposal is tricky, but the good news is that it’s not impossible. Before you begin, you must switch off the wall outlet next to your sink to stop the garbage disposal from operating. Unplug any other electrical outlet as you seem fit.

Pro tip: Unplug the complete electrical circuit in the kitchen within the breaker panel to break off power entirely.

But that’s not it. You must also verify with a non-contact voltage tester to see if the correct breaker has been turned off. If, however, the voltage meter still senses any electrical connectivity, it will warn you by beeping and blinking.

Next, you need to expose the disposal and examine the interior. You could utilize a flashlight at this stage for a better view. The red reset button should be placed inside the disposal. At this time, you can also use tongs to dislodge any evident object fastened in the system.

Only after removing the blockade should you move on to the next steps. The red button should be located around the bed and on the side of the Whirlaway garbage disposal. And upon pressing, the switch it must create a ‘clicking’ sound.

Where is Reset Button on Waste King Garbage Disposal?

With the Waste King garbage disposal, resetting the operation will have a pre-requisite. Just like any other garbage disposal, when you hear significant buzzing or humming sounds from the garbage disposal, the alarms in your head will start blaring.

Don’t fret in such dire situations. Before you jump in to reset the system right off the bat, you must insert a wooden broomstick or handle inside the disposer to eradicate the splash guard and stopper.

Wiggle around the broom handle in multiple positions and keep switching until removing the residue and debris.

Consequently, if you don’t notice any positive transformation in progress and the disposal forbids from turning on again, you might have to rely on the God-send, ‘red’ button. Often, simply unjamming the garbage disposal works; other times, you need to take it a step further.

Therefore, you might locate the red reset button near the Waste King garbage disposal’s power cord. The button should be placed on the opposite section of the power cord. Albeit, it’s a tad bit tricky to affirm sometimes, but it should be easy to identify if you can discover the power cord.

Once you place it correctly, press the button to regain control and the Waste King garbage disposal’s full functionality.

Where is Reset Button on Kenmore Garbage Disposal?

When you’re fixing or resetting your handy Kenmore garbage disposal, often you need to research and ask your friends – Where is the secret red button?

I’m that friend, and I’m here to help!

Worry not, even with exquisite garbage disposal such as the Kenmore, positioning and utilizing this profitable tool is as simple as child’s play.

Before you begin, here are a few tips on what you must perform before locating and pressing the red reset button.

You must ensure that the Kenmore garbage disposal switch is turned off. Now that you’re out of any precarious risks, you may proceed to determine the red button.

The red or reset button is located at the bottom and back end of the Kenmore garbage disposal. You will notice that once the garbage disposal is clogged or going through an overload, the reset button will pop out, and the entire device will turn off.

Experts also recommend resetting the Kenmore garbage disposal’s circuit breaker to renew the electrical power if needed and in case the garbage disposal needs an extra oomph and backup.

Where is Reset Button on Barracuda Garbage Disposal?

Lucky for you if you own a Barracuda garbage disposal because these will not just finely grind and help in disposing of food wastes, but they are incredibly cheap!

However, similar to other garbage disposals the Barracuda garbage disposer could inhabit challenges and standard issues. The act of troubleshooting the device isn’t any more brutal than the rest.

Hence, when you need to reset your Barracuda garbage disposal, you must discover the red button precisely first. Mind you, when the Barracuda garbage disposal is operating smoothly, the swivel impellers operate by making a clicking sound. Nevertheless, when the conventional operation halts, the sound might be missing, and that could be your first and foremost giveaway.

Before telling you exactly how to trace the red button, you must be informed of the Barracuda garbage disposal’s detailed instructions guide. After reading this meticulous article, you must also refer to the instructions booklet before opting for a troubleshoot.

Another criterion to remember is to review if the reset button is tripped or not. But, before that, let’s see where it’s designed at the disposal. Check the front side of the disposer. There should be a red button located right on the front end of the garbage disposal for the most accessible locality and control.

A tripped red button needs to be pushed until it clicks and remains fixed in place. On the contrary, if the red switch isn’t tripped, you need to monitor the origin of the fault elsewhere, perhaps, the circuit breaker or a broken wire connection.

Where is Reset Button on GE Garbage Disposal?

Here’s the best news, all GE garbage disposals are designed almost in the same manner. And to ease up your stress even further, the models do not differ when you need to specify the red reset button on GE garbage disposals either. Let’s see how you can efficiently restore the device.

Firstly, you will need to shift off the power outlet equated to the garbage disposal. After waiting for around a minute or two for the overload control to regain its calm, you can locate and depress the red button.

The red reset button on your GE garbage disposal should be placed at the lower end and the base of the disposal unit.


  1. What to do when the garbage disposal reset button doesn’t work?

When your garbage disposal reset button is persistently inoperable, you need to take matters into your hands and take a manual approach. Start by freeing up the grinding wall to release the jammed sections.

Switch off the electrical power and rotate the wrench to free up the overloaded wall. Plug in the electrical outlet back for operation afterward. For that, you can use the wrench that comes with the garbage disposal or an Allen wrench with a quarter-inch size.

  1. How to know if your garbage disposal is broken?

When your garbage disposal has ultimately given up on you, it will be time for you to move on to a better alternative and add a new addition to your kitchen appliances. But the question remains; how to know if your garbage disposal has given up on you for the final time? Here’s how.

  • There’s continuous leaking water.
  • More often than not, you discern slow drainage.
  • No matter how much you scrub and clean, there’s always a foul odor lingering around your garbage disposal’s area.
  • The main factor is loss of functionality in your garbage disposal may that be an electrical fail, broken blades, or any other internal malfunction.
  1. What does the reset button on garbage disposals do?

The resetting button on the garbage disposal will automatically switch off the garbage disposal when something within the conformity isn’t working correctly. Some resetting functions also work automatically when the system has been running for too long, causing an overload, or the garbage disposal is blocked, or there’s an internal issue.

  1. Do all garbage disposals have the reset button?

Fortunately, yes! It rarely ever matters which company and brand of the garbage disposal you acquire as long as your only stress is regarding them possessing a reset button. The red reset button is a staple that companies never miss out on to reduce the volume of blocked debris in every garbage disposal.

Final Words:

I hope that we have boiled down how to locate the red reset button on the garbage disposal brand that you’re currently using. The trick is to know each component and unit of your garbage disposal and what each of them is capable of.

Once you perceive and interpret your way around their functionality, the rest comes easy. As always, before you deal with such intricate troubleshoots on your garbage disposal, I would like to remind you always to cut off all the electrical power and connectivity.

It doesn’t only pose the highest hazardous risk exposure to the users but can also effectively hit or miss your reset procedures.

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