InSinkErator Badger 900 Garbage Disposal (Reset Button & How to Reset it)

The InSinkErator Badger has been around for a while now. It has a petite size, but its efficiency and operative versatility speak volumes. Besides, the Badger has been renowned for serving small households with energy-conscious manners for years.

However, we all know at this point that garbage disposals can often stutter with their functionality due to clogged or jammed parts. The InSinkErator is no different and can also get stuck once in a while.

Worry not. As I’ve already revealed before, the Badger has a high ease of usage too. Thus, resetting the device is relatively straightforward and not time-consuming.

Today, I will elaborate on how to reset your InSinkErator in a step-by-step guide. So, let’s begin.

How Do You Reset a Badger 900 Garbage Disposal?

All garbage disposals, including the InSinkErator, come with an easy solution when troubleshooting the device. The red reset or overload button is pressed to dispose of any withstanding clogs, jams, or overheating in the garbage disposal.

Moreover, when the garbage disposal detects significant issues, it will shut down automatically, the biggest giveaway for users.

Follow these simple steps to reset your InSinkErator garbage disposal using the red reset button.

  1. Ensure to turn off the garbage disposal. Unplug or switch off the main power to the outlet and circuit before you begin. Before diving in with resetting, remember that this measure is vital for safely following through the rest of the steps.
  2. When the garbage disposal suffers from a jam or overheating, the red reset button should pop out at approximately 5mm or around a quarter of one inch. Now, you must press down on the red button gently.
  3. Keep an eye on the red button to see if it remains retracted. However, if it is not pushed, wait around ten to fifteen minutes and try again.
  4. Next, turn on the faucet and let cold water run through the garbage disposal and drain stream.
  5. Turn on the garbage disposal at this stage and check if it is running smoothly like before.

Disclaimer: If you notice that the garbage disposal’s red reset button is not staying put, or if you have to reset the overload button multiple times, the wear and tear could be more profound than you have assumed.

When garbage disposals malfunction and require replacements or service, resetting the red overload button might not cut. Therefore, you must contact professionals or purchase a brand-new garbage disposal if the problems are fatal.

Where is the InSinkErator Reset Button?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering where to find the reset button on your InSinkErator garbage disposal. Many users struggle to locate this small but important button when troubleshooting their devices.

Fortunately, the InSinkErator is designed with a red overload button as its reset button. This feature is typically located on the bottom of the disposal unit, near the electrical connection or the motor. Once you discover the button, simply press it to reset the device and clear any issues.

Finding and using the reset button when needed can help keep your InSinkErator garbage disposal running smoothly and effectively.

When Do You Need To Use The Reset Button?

The equipped reset button is responsible for restarting the device fresh so that it works seamlessly. Furthermore, the InSinkErator garbage disposals also come with the said red button as the system is innovative. In this manner, the entire system shuts off during an issue.

So, whether the problem is minor or notable, you must locate and use the red button at the end of the day.

Most InSinkErator garbage disposals are designed with canisters with a rotor. These rotors, in return, are installed with impellers responsible for forcing down food wastes into the shredder ring.

Clear the Clogs –

You will notice a narrow gap between the shredder ring and the rotor if you carefully inquire. Therefore, jams or clogs occur when challenging food scraps remain grounded between the shredder ring and the rotor.

This results in a complete halt of the rotor’s function as it refrains them from spinning. Hence, when the machine detects this issue, the internal breaker automatically turns down the unit entirely.

To get to the red button, you must first clear away all the debris and clogging food wastes obstructing the garbage disposal.

If it gets too tricky to eliminate the clogs with your bare hands, you can use the wrench that comes with the garbage disposal. Insert the wrench into the crammed slot at the canister’s underside.

Wiggle around the wrench or apply it as a lever to empty the grime and dirt between the rotor and shredder plates. You can also turn on the water stream to do the job faster.

Locate The Red Button –

Next, you must crawl beneath the InSinkErator and look for the little red square button. The red reset button should be at the bottom, mounted at the far end, or in the middle of the canister. The red button should be facing the floor.

And in times of crisis, it should be protruding outwards as well. You can also place a mirror to locate the tiny red button if it seems too much of a hassle to examine underneath the garbage disposal.

Take Assistance From Your Garbage Disposal’s Instructions Manual –

Lastly, always remember to analyze and understand where each of the necessary components is located on your InSinkErator garbage disposal. Skim through the garbage disposal’s instruction manual thoroughly to know what parts are responsible for and when you might need to use them.

Final Words:

I bet you have now located the sneaky red button on your InSinkErator garbage disposal. Although InSinkErator is the best-selling garbage disposal, it is only generic and will go through occasional wear and tear.

Thus, it is wiser not to wait until the very last minute during a vital clog or obstruction is hampering the system. Even if your garbage disposal isn’t suffering from an apparent clog, you must comprehend all the necessary components, such as the handy red button.

Trust me; you will be able to avoid a ton of scrambling if the time comes when you have to use it.

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