Run Cold Water in Garbage Disposal

Most of the time, we choose to pour down hot or boiling water down the drain to unclog light clogs. And initially, the clog even gets removed after pouring the hot water.

But very few of us are aware of the disadvantages that come with pouring hot water into the garbage disposal.

And so, most of us tend to ignore the advantages of running cold water from the tap directly down the garbage disposal rather than using hot water.

And that is what I am about to highlight in this article, that is why you should use cold water in garbage disposal instead of hot. Have a look!

Quick Answer – Why do You have to Run Cold Water in a Garbage Disposal?

If you run the cold water down the garbage disposal, it will help the food to grind properly in the garbage disposal by sharpening the blades and will break down tough greases and clots with the force and sharpness of cold water.

Generally, something that most of us have been doing wrong is pouring hot or boiling water in the garbage disposal whenever there is a clog or deposition of grease in the drain or garbage disposal.

Because we have traditionally known that hot or boiling water cleans clogs, greases, and debris from the drain or garbage disposal more efficiently.

And that’s why we don’t even bother to try running cold water instead. But it is observed several times that running cold water with a good amount of force is just enough to clear out the clog.

Not only that, it even cleans up the hardened fats and grease accumulated in the walls of the pipes faster than hot water if run with good force.

The coldness of the water helps keep the fats and grease solid and hardened. So that, they can be chopped up easily when they get into contact with the garbage disposal and washed away without sticking anywhere else.

How can Cold Water Help in Removing a Bulk Amount of Food?

If you need to dispose of a bulk amount of food but are scared of leading to clogs, running plenty of cold water can be a great solution for you.

Like suppose, you need to dispose of more than 1 pound of food, what you can do is, just turn the garbage disposal off and plug the drain hole of the sink after throwing the food waste inside.

And then, turn on the tap with good force and fill up the sink with cold water, preferably one-fourth of its depth.

Next, pull out the drain hole plug and turn on the garbage disposal. This would help to clean out a bulk amount of food waste thoroughly through the garbage disposal.

Is it OK to Put Ice Down the Garbage Disposal?

It is a good option to put some small chunks of ice into the garbage disposal occasionally. Ice is just hard enough to sharpen the shredder blades without damaging them.

The good thing about ice is that it is not too hard and can’t be shredded by the garbage disposal. Again, it is not too weak solid as well.

It is just hard enough to sharpen the blades of the garbage disposal while shredding it and also further clean it away with the water produced after melting.

That is why there is no harm in putting ice down the garbage disposal. It is more advantageous for garbage disposal.

What Does Ice do for Garbage Disposal?

If you put small chunks of ice down the garbage disposal, it will be a great help in cleaning the blades and surroundings of the garbage disposal.

The ground-up ice will work like small scrubbers to clean down the areas with debris inside the garbage disposal as well.

Make sure you are using the drain stopper so that the flying particles while grinding up the ice in the garbage disposal do not reach up to the sink surface.

After putting ice into the garbage disposal, once they are completely chopped, know that your job is done. Next, they will eventually melt away down the drain.

If you want you can additionally run some cold tap water after that as well to wash out the scrubbed grease and food particles.

Is it OK to Put Boiling Water Down the Garbage Disposal?

You can pour boiling water down the garbage disposal when the garbage disposal is turned off. But it should be for a good reason, such as cleaning a clog down the garbage disposal.

Pouring boiling water down the garbage disposal occasionally without any specific reason is not a good idea. It can lead to further problems such as solid clogs down the garbage disposal.

Besides, you should never put boiling water down the garbage disposal while it is running, it can cause different accidents and damages.

Why Don’t You Use Hot Water in the Garbage Disposal?

Firstly, you should never use hot or boiling water when the garbage disposal is running. Because this might cause the hot water to spill up through the drain hole of the sink causing accidents.

Moreover, if you use boiling water while the garbage disposal is running, it will spread all over the surround and might eventually cause damage or leaks in the drain pipe.

Secondly, if you use hot water more often in the garbage disposal without any specific necessary reason, the solid fats and greases that are deposited on the walls of the pipe and the blades of the garbage disposal will melt away.

Now, that might sound like an advantage that the hot water is melting away the grease build-up and aid in cleaning.

But it does more silent harm than benefit. But how? The melted-away grease after going down the drain, before reaching the p-trap of the pipe, gets again solidified with the contact of air.

Then, this solidified grease so much down the drain keeps on accumulating there and further creates a solid clog completely blocking the path of movement of the wastes to drain away.

That will make an even more difficult issue for you since the clog is going to be too solid and stubborn as well as in the lower portions of the drain where plunging or putting down drain cleaners will very hardly help.

That is why, even though melting down the grease using hot water sounds like a great idea, it is a silent killer for your drainage system.

Instead of that, you should use cold water with the full force of the tap which will chop up the solidified grease on the walls of the pipe and will also further clean it away without any fear of further build-up in the lower portions of the drain.

Final Words

What do you think now?

Which one is better, cold water or hot water for the garbage disposal?

Definitely cold water. Isn’t it? I hope I was able to explain to you why cold water is way better than using hot water down the garbage disposal.

But I know that it is difficult to ignore the fact that hot water cleans up clogs and other build-ups in the garbage disposal quickly and easily.

Moreover, while using cold water to clean the garbage disposal, you need to use a huge amount of water, whereas, in the case of hot water, just a pot of water is enough.

Thus, it is both time and water-saving. So, if you want to use hot water to clean up the clogs or build-ups inside the garbage disposal when it worsens, you can.

Just make sure you are not using it too frequently.

And it is always better to try out running the cold tap water first and see if it works. So, make your moves wisely.

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