Can You Put Meat Down a Garbage Disposal?

There are several foods that many a time we dump in our garbage disposal without realizing that it might harm it or lead to major issues like clogs or malfunctions.

Meat is one of those food elements that’s been always debatable when it comes to disposing. Maybe because, first of all, foods as rich as meat shouldn’t be wasted or thrown away without any reason.

But in case, it’s about rotten meat, then there’s no choice rather than disposing it. And so, most often we dispose it into the garbage disposal without thinking about any risks or consequences.

Now the question is if it is okay to put meat down the garbage disposal or not. That’s what I’m going to reveal in this article. Give a read.

Can You Put Meat Down a Garbage Disposal?

Dumpster Diving in Illinois
Dumpster Diving in Illinois

If it’s residues of leftover meat scraps from a meal, then it’s alright to put it down the garbage disposal. But if it’s a whole chunk of meat, then it is a very bad idea.

Many times, after having a meal, there are leftovers of the meat on the plate which is usually very small in size and amount.

If you put these leftovers down the garbage disposal, it shouldn’t make much of an impact on it. And will not have risks of forming clots.

But if you’re planning to put a whole chunk of meat down the garbage disposal, know that there’s a huge risk of forming a clot. Because the meat might get stuck to the pipe.

And even if it somehow survives the pipe, it will form a sticky clot by getting into contact with the garbage disposal blades.

Moreover, if the chunk of meat contains bones, it will be a cherry on top for damaging the garbage disposal and its blades.

That is why it is needed to remember that if you want to put meat down the garbage disposal, it has to be very small in size and amount and properly shredded without any traces of bones in it.

What Will Happen If I Put Meat Down the Garbage Disposal?

If you put down a few very tiny pieces of meat or meat residues without any bones, then they will not get stuck to the walls of the pipe and move easily down the garbage disposal.

And since it is a very small amount, the grease and fat from the meat will not affect much to form a clot inside the garbage disposal and will get drained away.

But in the case of a whole chunk of meat, since it is very fatty, especially red meats, that are fibrous and stingy in texture as well, it will get tangled with the blades of the garbage disposal forming a clot of fibers and grease.

This will either lead to a clog in the garbage disposal or a malfunction in the blades to spin properly due to getting tangled with the meat fiber.

On the other hand, if you put down meat that contains bones in the garbage disposal, except for fish bones, it has the potential to even break down or completely damage the garbage disposal blades.

This is because the bones will not get blended anyway and will keep on spinning along with the blades on its surface.

And if by any means the meat slides down between two blades or the blades and the pipe wall while the blades are spinning, it will immediately cause the blades to break.

The blades of the garbage disposal are not designed to be strong enough to shred down meat bones and so it won’t.

Moreover, since the bones will still keep on interrupting the movement of the blades even if it breaks down, the fiercely shooting pieces of it might even further damage the whole garbage disposal system.

This is applicable for meat bones, shrimp and mussel shells, and other tough large bones. Fishbones don’t count as they are too small, thin, and weak to make an issue in the garbage disposal.

Can You Put Raw Meat Down the Garbage Disposal?

Raw meats aren’t generally as fibrous as cooked ones. Additionally, there are no oils or grease that cooked meat expels.

The fibrous texture of the cooked meat and the grease produces a sticky clot when it comes in contact with the blades of the garbage disposal.

But since raw meats aren’t that fibrous or greasy, rather soft and slippery, they are easily ground by the blades of the garbage disposal.

Though that doesn’t remove the risk of forming clogs due to putting raw meats down the garbage disposal as well.

Because if you don’t cut the raw meat into a small proportion of pieces before putting it down the garbage disposal, it might get stuck to the walls of the pipes.

That’s why, be it raw meat or cooked, you should always cut it into very small pieces before dumping it into the garbage disposal.

What’s the Best Way to Dispose Meat in a House?

By now, you should have gotten a clear idea that disposing of meat by garbage disposal is not an ideal way to dispose of meat in the house.

Even if it won’t form issues if you make it boneless and into small pieces, still disposing of meat in the garbage disposal is a bit of a hassle as well as a risk.

And so, the best way to dispose of meat in a house is to wrap it with a plastic bag tightly and throw it in the food waste bin of the house.

And then, disposing of it at the garbage truck on the garbage pickup day. That’s it!

Final Words

If you’re still planning to dispose meat at the garbage disposal, take the utmost precautions needed. Don’t get yourself into trouble.