What Happens If You Leave Drano in Too Long?

Many times, when Drano doesn’t really seem to work on the clog properly, we decide to keep it in for too long.

But the question here is whether it is even a wise thing to do so.

There are several harmful effects of Drano to human health and the piping system’s fitness due to being an extremely corrosive chemical.

There is a fair chance that Drano will more or less have some impact be it negative or positive if left for too long.

But what are the possible impacts Drano will make if it is left for too long inside the drain pipe? This is what I am going to discuss in this article. Take a look!

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What Happens If You Leave Drano in Too Long?

Drano may unclog a very stubborn clog if it is left for too long in the pipe. But it will potentially damage the interior walls of the pipes and will cause a long-lasting toxic fume.

So, if you think that leaving Drano inside the pipe for too long will help unclog a difficult clog better, then you are not completely wrong.

But think twice if you want to compromise your pipe’s fitness to remove the clog.

Moreover, there are different products of Drano, each for different and specific functions. Not all types of Drano are suitable for leaving inside the pipe for too long.

Because among the several types of Drano, some are extremely corrosive and caustic to human health and the piping system.

Again, some are lightly corrosive with corrosion inhibitors. Such as, the Drano Max Build Up Remover is designed to be left for about 6 to 8 hours or even overnight inside the pipe.

This is because this particular product of Drano does not contain any harmful chemicals such as bleach, or sulfuric acid. However, it contains caustic soda as pH adjuster but in a very smaller ratio.

It is mainly manufactured with Bio cleaners which are bacterial enzymes that eat up the build-ups and clog inside the drain.

And the good news is that Bio Cleaners doesn’t damage the pipe. They are absolutely safe to be left inside the pipe overnight without any fear of pipe damage.

Do the Clogs Get Cleaned Better If Drano is Left Too Long?

Leaving Drano inside a clogged pipe for too long or overnight can really help unclog a very stubborn drain clog.

But it depends on a few considerations. That is, how long are you leaving it inside, if you’re using the right Drano product, and whether you have applied it in the proper ratio.

So, if you are leaving your Drano inside the pipe just long enough for it to eat up all the difficult clogs, then it might do the work for you.

But if you leave it longer, it will affect your pipe. Again, if you leave it for a lesser time than required to clean the clog, the clog won’t be completely unclogged.

But the issue here is that it is difficult to judge if you have left Drano for enough time for it to unclog properly.

Also, which product of Drano you’re using on which type of clog is also a crucial factor to consider. So, make sure you use the right type of Drano on the right type of clog, or else don’t use it at all.

And most importantly, your success depends on whether you’re using the Drano properly as per the instructions on the label and in the right proportion.

Will Drano Worsen the Clog If Left Too Long?

Whether Drano will worsen a clog or not depends on the type of the clog and the Drano product you are using to clean up the clog.

If the clog is normal food or starch build-up, there is hardly any possibility of Drano worsening it.

But if the clog is very deep and solid formed due to the accumulation of grease over time, there is a good chance of Drano worsening it.

Such types of clogs take place very deep inside the pipe and since they are solid, heavy, and thick, the effect of Drano makes them more congealing and difficult to break.

And especially if you use a Drano product with acidic ingredients in it, there is a higher chance of it worsening a solid stubborn clog.

Will Drano Damage Your Pipe If Left Too Long?

Drano has the full potential to damage a pipe if left for too long. Drano dissolves and breaks down even the most stubborn clogs by producing a lot of heat.

This heat is responsible for degrading and damaging pipes if left for too long, especially those that are made of plastic or metal.

Many Drano products contain sodium metasilicate as a corrosion inhibitor. So, there is less risk of damaging the pipe. But still isn’t strong enough to prevent corrosion when left too long.

This is because Drano is a very strong chemical solution specially designed to fight and destroy even the toughest of clogs. And that’s what makes it too highly corrosive.

Besides, if the pipes of your drain are made with PVC plastics, then the glue in the pipe joints might get easily melted by Drano as well when left too long, leading to drain pipes leaks.

When you keep Drano inside the pipe for more time than it is required for it to clean up the clog, it gradually starts affecting the pipe once the clog is cleared.

And thus, the walls of the pipes melt and get thinner leading to leaks or even breaking apart. But this danger of damaging pipes isn’t applicable in the case of using Drano Max Build up Remover.

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Will Drano Cause Health Issues If Left Too Long?

Drano might not cause any direct health issues to humans if left for too long inside the drain pipe.

But getting into contact with the fumes of Drano without proper precautions can lead to severe health hazards.

This is because Drano contains caustic soda in its ingredients. And caustic soda is very caustic human skin.

So, when Drano is left for too long, it creates strong and long-lasting fumes. It is very essential at that time, to ventilate the room with the drain clog properly to remove the fumes as soon as possible.

Because if you inhale the fume produced from Drano, it can severely affect the sensitive tissues of your nose and throat.

Moreover, if you inhale the fumes from Drano for a longer time, it can even damage the tissues of your lungs causing severe breathing issues.

Many a time, the harmful components from the fume of Drano even get mixed up with oxygenated blood in the lungs and get supplied to the whole body leading to major health risks.

Again, many types of Drano containing the ingredients bleach and lye cause massive stomach cramp if its fumes are inhaled for too long.

Final Words

I hope I was able to clearly highlight to you both the positive and negative aspects of leaving Drano for too long in the pipe.

Now it’s up to you if you want to count on the positive aspects ignoring the negative ones or vice versa.