Does Drano Work on Deep Clogs?

Drano is one of the most effective and popular drain cleaner brands.

It has its fame in cleaning any type of drain clogs and has several products specially manufactured for cleaning various kinds of drain clogs.

Many of you already have it in your house for the purpose of drain cleaning. But then again, many of you who don’t have one, doubt its effectiveness in cleaning stubborn or deep clogs.

So, to clear out all your doubts, I’ll share some information with you in this article on whether Drano is actually effective on deep clogs or not. Have a look!

Does Drano Work on Deep Clogs?

The clogs that are formed deep inside the drain such as the third, later section of the pipe can be removed by Drano as per the company’s claim.

Drano is available in different forms. Each consists of a different composition of ingredients and is designed for different drain cleaning purposes.

S. C. Johnson & Sons, the company of the brand Drano, claims that the Drano Max Gel Clog Remover is effective in cleaning clogs in the deeper sections of the drains and pipes as well.

Even though I have never tried Drano on deeper clogs as I never faced one, but most people who have in the proper way, have shared positive reviews of the results.

This is possible because the main ingredients of the Drano Max Gel Clog Remover include Caustic Sodium Hydroxide which is responsible for decomposing almost all kinds of organic substances.

Along with that it also includes sodium hypochlorite which is bleach. And we all know how strong bleach is when it comes to cleaning.

Besides that, the reason why Drano has the ability to clean deeper pipes is that it can reach there.

And this is possible because of its semi-liquid consistency due to the presence of a good amount of water base in the composition of the solution.

How to Use Drano on Deep Clogs?

How effectively Drano would work for the deep clog in your drain depends on how properly you use it. That’s why make sure you’re doing it properly for positive results.

While using Drano, there’s one thing that you need to be really careful about. That is, don’t spill it on your skin or clothes as it might damage it.

To apply Drano on your deep drain clog, carefully first open the cap by pushing it down. Then turn the cap anticlockwise.

If your drain is running slow then pour it about 16 oz but if it is completely blocked, then pour it about 32 oz.

And then wait for it to work for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the strength of the clog. After a while, the clog should get loosened and broken down.

Next, just pour some boiling water into the drain so that the broken-down clog can be cleaned away with it along the drain. Then, just check if your drain still moves slow or not.

If it still does, then repeat the process three to four times until the clog is completely cleared away and the drain starts moving fluently again.

Alternative Way to Clean a Deep Clog

If you’re not looking forward to purchasing a Drano in case you don’t have one or if you’re just simply looking for another alternative way to clean the deep clog maybe because Drano didn’t really seem to work for your drain clog, you can try out this technique.

For this alternative technique, you will need a plumbing tool called an auger or drain snake. This tool is the last option you want to go for cleaning a drain.

Because this technique is more hassle causing a lot of mess. Both you and your house will get very dirty while doing this process.

Hence, prepare yourself and your house as well as wear dresses accordingly. If you don’t have a drain snake, you’ll find one easily in a plumbing store.

To start off with the process, first, remove the drain lid. And then push the auger down into the drain. While it’s going down, turn the auger handle simultaneously clockwise.

You might even have to adjust your grip on the drain snake while it is going deeper inside the pipe.

When you’ll feel like you have reached the clog, push down the drain snake strong with as much force as you can. Also, keep turning the auger handle along with that.

Once you have pushed the auger enough to reach the bottom of the clog, pull it back so that the clog breaks apart due to the force. And then, push it back again.

Keep on repeating this process of pushing and pulling energetically. And make sure to turn the auger handle along with that.

Continue the process until the clog is completely cleared and the snake moves smoothly with no need for force.

Then, time for the dirty part. Pull the snake back and clean away the clog residues that come up with it. That’s it!

Final Words

I hope I could really help you with this article. Now, using a Drano to clean the deep clogs in your drain or not, or to go for the alternative way is absolutely your decision.

So, choose wisely. All the best!

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