Garbage Disposal Wire Size (Learn From the Expert – Choose the Best Suitable)

If you’re looking to install or replace a garbage disposal, you may wonder what size wire you need.

A wiring garbage disposal can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. Choosing the wrong wire size can lead to electrical issues and safety concerns.

The answer to garbage disposal wire size is pretty straightforward – you’ll typically need a 12-gauge wire capable of handling the motor’s electrical load. However, there are some crucial factors to consider when choosing and installing the wire, such as the length of the wire run and the amperage of your disposal.

To ensure a safe and reliable installation, keep reading for more details on choosing the correct wire size for garbage disposal.

What Size Wire for Garbage Disposal?

The answer to the stress-free garbage disposal in your home is to wire your garbage disposal, and you will be amazed at how easily you can get rid of those leftovers and kitchen wastes out of your home.

But to get this result, you should use the correct size wire for the garbage disposal.

The recommended size of wire for garbage disposal is a 14/2 NM cable for a dedicated 15 amp circuit. However, if your local law allows your garbage disposal and dishwasher to share a circuit, a 12/2 NP wire is recommended for a 20 amp circuit.

What Should Gauge Wire be Used for Garbage Disposal?

Depending on your circuit, you should buy a gauge wire for garbage disposal in the 12-16 NM range. The recommended size for the garbage disposal is typically a 12-gauge wire.

It’s important to use the correct wire gauge based on the amperage of the garbage disposal and the length of the wire run to ensure safety and reliability.

If you want a reliable wire gauge for your garbage disposal, buying a 16/3 wire gauge size is worth considering.

The length of the wire will depend on the garbage disposal location and the electrical circuit. Between 3 to 6ft, length is primarily practical.

There are extension cords that are designed for garbage disposal. But generally, I do not recommend using an extension cord for a permanent installation.

Does Garbage Disposal Need a 20 Amp Switch?

In general, garbage disposal always does not require a 20-amp switch. Most residential garbage disposals are designed to operate on a 15-amp circuit, which is sufficient for this purpose.

You need to read the Manufacturer’s instructions to know which switch to use for your garbage disposal. Usually, a manufacturer recommends using a 15 amp switch or a 20 amp switch.

Make sure to use what the circuit stated in the Manufacturer’s guide.

You need a compatible switch with the garbage disposal to avoid electrical mishaps.

If you’re unsure about the electrical requirements for your garbage disposal or not comfortable working with electricity, it’s always best to consult a licensed electrician.

Garbage Disposal Wiring Code

Although the National Electric Code does not need garbage disposal to have GFCI protection, having the basics of a garbage disposal wiring code will ensure the safety of lives and properties.

If your garbage disposal and dishwasher share a circuit, ensure the lines connecting the two pieces of equipment are securely attached and not loose.

The best way to wire garbage disposal is by handwriting the garbage disposal to an outlet via a grounded electric circuit.

Garbage Disposal Wire Clamp

What a garbage disposal wire clamp does is protect the garbage disposal wire connection when there’s pulling on the plug.

The garbage disposal wire clamp is a minor component yet necessary in the wiring garbage disposal. It is easy to install, but make sure it is securely attached to the garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Wiring Kits

Regardless of the garbage disposal wiring kit cost or the brand, a good wiring kit should contain a solid and quality cord, strain relief clamps, an installation guide, and wire connectors.

Above all, the garbage disposal wiring kits should be easy to install and remove. You will find many models and sizes of garbage disposal wiring kits from different Manufacturers.

The trick is to conduct your investigations, read customer reviews, and compare garbage disposal wiring kits with each other before spending your hard-earned money on a particular one.

How to Hardwire Garbage Disposal?

A handwriting garbage disposal may appear complicated initially, but you can hardwire garbage disposal without any issues with a detailed guide. The step-by-step guide to the wire garbage disposal is given below. Check it out.

Unscrew and open the wiring compartment: Some garbage disposal come with a pre-installed power cord, while others do not. So depending on your garbage disposal, locate the wiring compartment lid and unscrew it to expose the wiring compartment.

Appropriately connect the wire: Okay, so the next step is to pull out and strip the end of the black and white wires in the wiring compartment. Then, connect the power cord wires and ensure they are securely attached. The black and yellow wire in the electrical box should be connected to the black wire in the power cord. The white wire in the electrical box should be connected to the ripped wire in the power cord.

Replace the lid: Push the connected wires back into the garbage disposal electrical compartment and attach the lid using a screwdriver.

How to Wire a Garbage Disposal Switch and GFCI Outlet?

Because a GFCI outlet works like a regular 120 V outlet, it makes sense to wire a garbage disposal switch and a GFCI outlet.

Wiring a garbage disposal switch and GFCI outlet is similar to hardwiring a garbage disposal. The only difference is that you will connect the bare wire to the green ground screw and the white wire to the silver life terminal. The black wire should be connected to the live brass terminal for a perfect wiring job.

Wiring a garbage disposal switch and GFCI outlet sounds easy, and sure it is.


Safety measures should be considered when wiring garbage disposal because if not correctly done, a wiring garbage disposal can cause electrocution or a fire outbreak.

Ensure you get help from a handyperson if you can’t find your way around wiring your garbage disposal.

Our final word to you is to stay safe when wiring your garage disposal and use the correct wire gauge.

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