Can Sani Sticks be Used in Garbage Disposal? No More Bad Odours

Anyone with indoor plumbing will occasionally battle foul rain odors and clogs in their drain pipes. But there’s a solution. Sani sticks help prevent clogging in kitchen and bathroom drain pipes. It is the best way to prevent unnecessary calls to the plumber to fix your blocked pipes. This article aims to inform you about everything you need to know about Sani sticks in your garbage disposal. But before we jump ahead, you should know that Sani sticks do not solve an already clogged pipe. It only helps to prevent future occurrences of the issue.

Can You Put Sani Sticks in Garbage Disposal?

Sani sticks are small sticks in a cylindrical shape about the diameter of a drainpipe cleaner. They are designed to fit into a garbage disposal, so be rest assured that you can our Sani sticks in a garbage disposal. Sani sticks are safe for all kinds of septic and plumbing fixtures. And the best part is that they are made of a blend of powerful enzymes responsible for eliminating foul odors and attacking organic material in drains. 

They are created with enzymes that activate in contact with water. Okay, I know what you are thinking. The chemical components of the magic sticks are a simple combination of non-ionic surfactants and anionic surfactants. And guess what? These two ingredients are common ingredients used in various corrosive household cleaners. 

The general rule of thumb is to insert a new Sani stick each month for a good performance. Because Sani sticks are a pack of enzymes, the enzymes are released slowly to break down the organic materials in the drain pipe. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the benefits and downsides of using Sani sticks in garbage disposal.

Benefits of Using Sani Sticks

If you are wondering why you should opt for Sani sticks for your garbage disposal, here are a few benefits to encourage you to buy them 

Affordable: One of the reasons many people use Sani sticks for their garbage disposal is their low cost. A packet of Sani sticks allows you to have a clean drain pipe all over the house. Also, they reduce the cost of maintaining the pipe as well as plumber charges. 

Long-lasting: One Sani stick is all you need to maintain a clean pipe for a month. So a packet of Sani sticks is likely to see you through three years. Honestly, it is worth considering. 

Safe to use: Sani sticks are environmental-friendly as they contain only safe and biodegradable enzymes. So if you are one of those who care about the environment, Sani sticks are perfect for you. Oh, yes, they are also easy to use and convenient.

Varieties: You will find the Sani sticks in various scents, ranging from Lavender to rose, lemon, and orange. You can be sure that you will get your favorite scents in the kitchen even while keeping it clean with the same sticks. 

Downsides to Using Sani Sticks

There are downsides too to using sani sticks to get rid of clogging in your drainage pipe. Read about the disadvantages of using Sani sticks in this section.

Delicate: Sani sticks can break easily because they are thin. One needs to be extremely careful when handling Sani sticks.

Design problems: Sometimes, designs can be a stumbling block when using Sani sticks. Because of the way some Sani sticks are designed, they could cause more clogging in the drainage pipe.

Do Sani Sticks Work in a Garbage Disposal?

Due to their ease of use, low price, and eco-friendly nature, Sani sticks have become a popular option for eliminating yucky smells from kitchen and bathroom pipes. Sani sticks are recommended for use in garbage disposal because they have triple action when it comes to keeping your garbage disposal clean and safe. One Sani stick is enough to keep your garbage disposal free of bad breath for the whole month.

How to Use Sani Sticks?

All you need is to buy a packet of Sani sticks and use one stick as the months roll by. The packet usually comes in  48 single Sani sticks. So all you have to do is insert a stick into the pipe and, boom! You’re good to go. Using Sani sticks requires no special knowledge or tool. And note that they can be used in any room where a drain pipe is located. Yes, they are that flexible and safe. 

Do Sani Sticks Dissolve Completely?

At the end of the month, no Sani stick appears to remain in the drainage pipe. They completely dissolve, leaving no traces behind. But sometimes, especially in the month, you can bring out the Sani sticks if you find out they have not been dissolved. Although, you can be sure that the sani stick will be messy and unpleasing to the eyes. Factors like your drainage system and the kind of organic material you put down the drain can influence the rare at which Sani sticks dissolve completely in your drainage pipe. However, Sani sticks are biodegradable. Hence they dissolve completely after completing the cleaning process.

Do Sani Sticks Clog Drain?

Sani sticks Manufacturers aim at cleaning drainage pipes and help prevent clogging. But unfortunately, Sani sticks can clog drains when organic materials stick around it inside the drainage pipe. The trick is to consider the size when buying Sani sticks. Sani Sticks are available in varying sizes and scents. So, it’s best to buy moderate sizes to prevent them from clogging the pipes. A good Sani stick should be around 6 inches long. Anything longer than that could lead to clogging in the pipe.

Do Sani Sticks Work on Hair?

The Manufacturers claim that Sani sticks work on hair. However, many people have reacted differently to this claim. While some users agreed with the Manufacturer’s claim, others seem to be unsure if Sani sticks work on hair. But here’s the thing. Sani sticks are effective for breaking down organic materials, and hair falls in this category. So it makes sense to believe that Sani sticks can actually work on hair trapped in the drainage pipes.

Can Sani Sticks Disinfect Garbage Disposal?

What Sani sticks do is to get rid of yucky smells from bathtubs and kitchen disposal. They are also efficient in breaking down organic materials in drainage pipes. You can add a disinfectant down your drainage pipe to disinfect your garbage disposal.

What Drain Cleaner is Safe for Garbage Disposal?

There are many drain cleaners to choose from for your garbage disposal. Sani sticks can also be considered drain cleaners because they help break down organic materials and keep your garbage disposal clean. Sani sticks are eco-friendly and easy to use. They are worth considering if you are looking for an affordable and safe drain cleaner for your garbage disposal. Above all, they come in different varieties of scents.

Sani Sticks for Garbage Disposal in a Glance

Some of the materials sani sticks work on are oil, grease, soap scum, hair, food particles, animal fats, and animals’ bodies. These materials can cause clogging in drainage pipes if unattended. And the afterward result of a clogged pipe includes unpleasant odors, corroded pipe drain, and pipe leakage. This is where Sani sticks fit in. Just remove a stick from the sani sticks packet and slip it into the drain. It is quick and effective with deodorizing solid ability.

Sani sticks enzyme formulation is chemical-free yet does a good job eliminating bad breath in the sink. Sani sticks are your go-to garbage disposal cleaner at a budget-friendly price. And the best part is that the Manufacturers give a one-month money-back guarantee on the Sani sticks. You have nothing to lose when you decide to give Sani sticks a trial for tote garbage disposal. Check the below clog-free drain tips for your garbage disposal.

Dispose of clogging materials in some other ways: Drainage clogging materials like food particles, hair, and animal fats should be disposed of in other ways and not via garbage disposal to reduce the chances of clogging.

Use hot water: Although an old method of keeping drainage pipes clean, yet it works. Make it a habit to flush your garbage disposal with hot water from time to time.

Baking soda or vinegar: You can also leverage baking soda or vinegar to keep your garbage disposal clean and odourless. However, one stick of Sani sticks is enough to do this job well.


It doesn’t cost a fortune to buy a packet of Sani sticks for your garbage disposal. It works, and it’s a perfect choice for the family. Sani sticks are 100% safe as they rest in the pipe trap and slowly released their enzymes to break down organic materials. And just in case you are wondering, you can use Sani sticks in your bathrooms and toilet. They work in the bathroom exactly the same way they work in the garbage disposal to get rid of bad odors.

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