How Many Amps Does a Garbage Disposal Use?

Are you setting up garbage disposal for the first time in your kitchen? Then, it is better you how many amps garbage disposal uses before connecting it to an electric outlet.

Because if you do not use a circuit to wire the garbage disposal that has sufficient amps to cover the required amperage rate, then it will trip while using.

That is why, to make it easier for you, we will be sharing with you in this article how many amps garbage disposal uses and what type of circuit would be the best for setting up the garbage disposal.

What Electrical Requirements Does Garbage Disposal Have?

The garbage disposal should be either hardwired or connected to an outlet through a grounded electrical outlet.

Also, the garbage disposal should be on its own dedicated circuit. However, this is the standard electrical requirement for most of the garbage disposal types.

But many other garbage disposal brands or types might have different features and requirements.

Hence, it is better to check the manufacturer’s instructions about the electrical requirements from the user manual that comes with one new garbage disposal before you start to set up the garbage disposal.

How Many Amps Does Garbage Disposal Require?

Garbage disposal requires a circuit of 15 amps ideally. A 15 amp dedicated circuit is the best option for setting up one garbage disposal.

Other than that, a garbage disposal can also work on a 20 amp circuit. Because in the kitchens of most houses, there is an electrical 20 amp GFCI outlet under the kitchen sink.

And so, to avoid the extra hassle of setting up an outlet separately, most people prefer to use that very GFCI outlet with 20 amps under the sink to set up their garbage disposal.

However, garbage disposal does not use as much as 20 amps to run. That is why you can also share the 20 amp GFCI outlet wired to the garbage disposal with a dishwasher too.

How Much Power (W) Does Garbage Disposal Draw?

The amount of watt your garbage disposal will draw depend on the existing horsepower of your garbage disposal.

There are different levels and categories of horsepower that garbage disposals bear. Some of the most common figures of horsepower for garbage disposal are 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4.

Among these, 1/2 horsepower of garbage disposal draws about 373 Watts. Again, 1/4 horsepower draws 186 Watts, and 3/4 hp draws about 559 Watts.

Thus, check the body of your garbage disposal to find out the value of the horsepower. If you do not get in the body, then check the reader manual.

If you get the value of the horsepower of the garbage disposal, you will now be able to figure out how many watts they draw.

How Many Amps Does a 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Require?

Are you about to use a garbage disposal with a horsepower of 1/2? Then, you should better know that how many amps a 1/2 hp garbage disposal requires.

As I already mentioned that the 1/2 hp garbage disposal draws 373 watts. If your house’s electrical system is 120 V as a whole, then your garbage disposal will use about only 3.1 amperes.

How Many Amps Does a 1/4 HP Garbage Disposal Require?

This is the least power of garbage disposal. Just like I have mentioned, it draws very less watt, about just 186, the amperage rate of the 1/4 hp garbage disposal is also very less.

The garbage disposal of 1/4 hp will only draw about 1.5 amps.

Hence, if you have a garbage disposal of 1/4 hp, you do not have to worry about the amperage rate as it will easily fit any electrical outlet or circuit with space for other appliances to share as well.

How Many Amps Does a 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Require?

There is a good chance that the garbage disposal you have has a horsepower of 3/4. You have already known that a ¾ horsepower draws 559 watts.

Now, you might have a question in your mind about how many amps a 3/4 hp garbage disposal requires. Usually, a full load running current of a 3/4 horsepower garbage disposal motor is 13.8 amps.

Hence, the best option for a 3/4 hp garbage disposal is a dedicated outlet of 15 amp.

Garbage Disposal Shares a 20-Amp Circuit with the Dishwasher.

If you plan to set up your garbage disposal to a 20 amp circuit, you can easily share the circuit with a dishwasher.

Even though in the case of both garbage disposal and dishwasher, a dedicated circuit is preferred, sharing these two appliances with a single circuit of 20 amp is not a bad idea.

Especially if you are looking forward to saving some extra time and energy for wiring the garbage disposal, you can definitely go for the already set up 20 amp circuit of your kitchen and make it used for two appliances.

However, make sure that while you are using a shared circuit for two appliances, you do not use the appliances at a time.

Because if you do so, both of them together combined will draw a lot of amps. And the result might lead to a tripped circuit.

Hence, sharing a single circuit for two appliances might not be a wise choice for you if you are actually planning to use both appliances together at a time.

Can I Replace a 15-Amp Breaker with a 20-Amp One?

If you want to replace your breaker from 15 amps to 20 amp, it is better to consult an electrician before doing that.

But it is unnecessary as there will be no change in the performance of the garbage disposal by changing the breaker from 15 amp to 20.

Also, it is a risky move. Whether your breaker can be changed from 15 amp to 20 amp or not needs expert evaluation to figure out.

If you fail to evaluate properly that your breaker is absolutely safe to change from 15 amp to 20 amp, it might lead to perilous accidents.

Besides, if you plan to replace your breaker from 15 amp to 20 amp because of frequent tripping, that will be the most regretful decision.

Because this has the full potential to burn your house with electrical fire, therefore, you should check the reason behind your circuit breaker tripping.

Look whether there are any leaks in the electrical line. Changing a breaker of 15 amps to 20 amps is very risky and costly.

If you exclude the price of the switches, then the standard cost for replacing a circuit breaker is about 100 US dollars to 200 US Dollars.

Final Words

Do you have any other questions left about the electrical requirements and the amperage of the garbage disposal? I do not think so.

However, two major suggestions would provide to you and would advise you to follow strictly.

One is that read the manual before everything. Even if the manual is really boring and you do not feel like reading it all, still do it.

You do not want to miss out on any important information about your garbage disposal’s requirements while setting up.

And the second suggestion is to consult and discuss with a professional electrician before taking any steps to set up the garbage disposal yourself.

An electrician will clarify to you the whole system and recommend the best option that suits your house.

Last but not least, be extra cautious while setting up the electrical stuff of the garbage disposal to avoid accidents. I hope you will be able to pull it off perfectly without any hassles or trouble. All the best!

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