What are Delta, Kohler, Moen, Pfister, Glacier Bay, Ikea Faucet Supply Line Sizes?

Surprisingly, the Delta, Kohler, Moen, Pfister, and Glacier Bay – all these faucets come with the standard faucet supply line size of about ½ inch supply line tubing to 3/8 inch compression fitting. And the supply line size of the Ikea faucet is measured at typically 3/8 inches as threaded male connections whereas the female coupling’s end of the supply line is ½ inches in size.

Well, you may have a short-size faucet water supply line depending on whether it is already attached to your faucet. However, don’t worry about it; you can fix this problem by using compression coupling.

All right, if you have to replace your kitchen faucet or install a new one, you have to know the faucet supply line size under the sink.

Although you know there is a standard size yet based on the model they may have the proprietary quick-connection fittings. And according to the brand and manufacturer, these fittings also vary.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll let you know specifically about the above-mentioned branded faucet supply line size so you can have a clear idea about it.

What is the Delta Faucet Supply Line Size?

The Delta faucet supply line size is typically measured at 3/8 inches in OD (Outside diameter) as compression fitting and ½ inches in diameter is the most common supply line diameter under a sink.

The supply line types and thus the size differs depending on the materials if it is manufactured from the flexible plastics or braided metals and also on the accessories that usually go to your kitchen faucet.

Usually, the stainless steel or copper pipes feature a ¾ inches size main water supply line where the branch line diameter is about ½ inches. However, here, the Delta faucet supply tube that is made from stainless steel material comes with a 3/8 inches chrome-plated brass nuts supply line and is considered a universal fit.

With this size, the faucet supply tube transfers both hot and cold water securely from the supply line to the Delta kitchen faucet. Here, the hot supply feed will be basically on the left side whereas the cold supply line feed will be on the right side under the sink.

Here, the sink supply line size is ½ inches that is mainly a faucet connector providing sufficient water flow at the standard pressure. And this ½ inches supply tube ends with a shutoff valve which basically determines what connector size should be on your kitchen faucet hose.

What is the Kohler Faucet Supply Line Size?

The Kohler faucet supply line uses typically ½ inches size supply tubing with the 3/8 inches size compression fitting. With the 3/8 inch diameter size, this faucet connects to the angle stop though it depends on the type of angle stop and also the type of pipes, etc.

However, fortunately, the compression-thread discharge ports of most valves are usually 3/8 inch in diameter and the Kohler faucet supply line size is no exception to this. The supply line of the faucet basically connects these discharge ports to its intake ports using 3/8 inches NPT.

And, here also two ½ inches water supply pipes enter the cabinet under the sink. So, they can supply water to the Kohler faucet. Moreover, like the previous one, the pipe located on the left side of the sink supplies hot water. On the other hand, the right side pipe supplies cold water. 

Here, the set of angle stop valves connects the above two pipe ends (one male pipe thread of about ½ inches size and another one is intake ports of about ½ inches sizes). 

Well, after an incisive research, I have figured out that the recent Kohler kitchen faucet models feature attached built-in supply lines. Therefore, when it comes to connecting the supply pipes, they directly connect to the Kohler faucet just using a nut as well as a gasket.

The Kohler faucet usually uses a brass or copper type water supply line that offers a long life expectancy. Yet, to install the faucet with the supply line properly, you must require not only special tools but also great plumbing and installing skills. 

What is the Moen Faucet Supply Line Size?

The supply line size of the Moen faucet is standard 3/8 inches OD as compressor fittings and ½ inches in diameter as a male connector.

All right, I have already mentioned before that the supply line sizes vary based on the particular Moen faucet models. 

However, the thing is most Moen faucets; for example, Moen Harlon series model faucets come with flexible and pre-attached supply lines where the screw-on compression fitting is about 3/8 inches in size. 

Well, for the Moen faucet model where the line is pre-attached, you should check the shutoff valve size located under the sink if it is ½ inch or 3/8 inch. 

And if you found that the size is ½ inch, in this case, you need to connect the water supply tubes with compressor adapters of 3/8 inch to ½ inch size in diameter. Replacing the shutoff valves is obviously a great idea since it helps to prevent water leak issues or other repairing incidents.

But, if there are no pre-attached supply lines, you will require separate yet flexible supply tubes. While installing the new Moen faucet model, you need to connect both cold and hot supply lines of the Moen faucet to its shut off valves using 3/8 inch compressor fittings.

And, while doing so, you need to thread the compression nut as well onto the resembling shutoff valves for each supply line. 

Along with this, you also have to tighten the compression nut and ensure that these flexible supply tubes will not intervene with the faucet’s spray hose. Otherwise, they will be kinked and ultimately will cause damage to the water supply lines.

What is the Pfister Faucet Supply Line Size?

The faucet supply line connectors are not standardized completely as the size varies according to the models. Well, the Pfister faucet supply line comes with a 3/8 inch compression fitting and ½ inch male supply line thread. 

Basically, the stub-out pipes that are considered branch pipes located under the sink connected to the 3/8 inch main supply tubes have a diameter of about ½ inches. These pipes can be Copper pipes, or CPVC pipes, or PB pipes. 

And, it doesn’t matter if the shutoff valves of the tubes feature either compression fittings or threaded, they always come with a ½ inch diameter inlet port. So, they can connect to the water supply pipe.

However, as you know the outlet ports of the shutoff valves are of different sizes, the supply hoses come in various connector configurations such as 3/8 inch OD, and also ½ inch size female pipe connectors. Besides, they also have various lengths. 

For this reason, while installing the new one, you can easily fit the supply line into the valves and the Pfister faucet as well. Besides, for the cold and hot – two water supply pipes, it is necessary for them to terminate properly with the shutoff valves.

And this Pfister supply line size makes the connection more convenient since the supply hose connector sizes match perfectly on the shutoff valve outlets as well as the Pfister faucets.

What is the Glacier Bay Faucet Supply Line Size?

Like the previous faucets, the Glacier Bay faucet supply line size is measured at 3/8 inches in diameter as compressor fitting on the supply line side and ½ inches as male thread connector on the faucet side.

When the Glacier Bay faucet is attached to a sink, it needs to be attached to the shutoff valves located on the main supply lines. And for this, a coupling nut is used to secure the supply line to the faucet tailpiece; it can be either brass or plastic entirely depending on the manufacturer.

Besides, you will find three types of supply lines mainly – factory attached supply lines, flexible copper, and braided supply lines. Well, whatever the type is, the most common size diameter for a supply pipe under a sink is basically ½ inch. 

Moreover, the main pipe that is coming from the main supply line and also from the heater feed is usually 3/8 inch in diameter for the Glacier Bay faucet. The branch lines of this faucet supplying water to individual fixtures are ½ inch in size.

The inlet port of the faucet should match with the supply pipe. Here, for a galvanized pipe, it will be a ½ inch FPT connector (female pipe thread), for a copper pipe, it will be a ½ inch size compression connector and for PEX pipe, it will be a ½ inch barbed connector. Well, the outlet port diameter will be in a size that interests you. 

The supply hoses of the faucet can come with one of the 3 female connector types such as ½ inch SJ (slip joint), ½ inch OD, and 3/8 inch OD. However, for the Glacier Bay faucet, the supply hose comes with a 3/8 inch OD connection although the supply hose length will vary according to the model.

What is the Ikea Faucet Supply Line Size?

The Ikea faucet comes with a 3/8 inches size threaded male connections and ½ inches size female couplings supply line. This supply line size is quite different from American plumbing.

The reason is the male connector end of the water supply line valves is smaller in size compared to the female end of your Ikea faucet hose. Therefore, this slightly large female coupling end will not fit onto the male threaded connection which is a very frustrating issue.

And to fix this problem, you have to make an end so it can connect to the 3/8 inches male threaded supply valves. Well, if you want to solve this by using a reduction coupling know that you will not find any, unfortunately.  Thus, you need to size up the sink properly.

For this, you will require a standard faucet hose coming with a ½ inch male end on the faucet side and a 3/8 inch female end on the supply line side. After grabbing this pair, you need to connect this 3/8 inch faucet hose’s female end to the 3/8 inch Ikea faucet’s male supply line.

Besides, you also need to connect the left ½ inches female coupling supply end of your Ikea faucet hose to the ½ inch male end on the faucet side.

And by doing so, congratulations! Your plumbing project is done with this Ikea faucet supply line size. 

Final Verdict

Well, knowing the water supply line sizes of the faucets is necessary since without installing the right size, the supply line won’t get the standard pressure, and therefore it will not deliver enough water flow. So, you can see, size really matters!

However, at the end of the article, now you know about the water supply line sizes of the Delta, Kohler, Moen, Pfister, Glacier Bay, and Ikea faucets. So, hopefully, it will now be an easy task for you to attach the supply lines properly under your installing these kitchen faucets.

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