Can You Put Potato Peels Down the Garbage Disposal?

Many a time, the garbage disposal is considered a necessary evil. Yet, they are essential kitchen tools to minimize the size of the food substances that are thrown down the kitchen sink.

But they might contribute to more hassle than ease if they undergo malfunctions or clogs. And to prevent that, there are several precautions one should consider while using the garbage disposal.

Among the measures you need to take to avoid the troubles garbage disposal offers you, restraining yourself from dropping some selective foods inside the garbage disposal is very important.

Such food substances include peels of various vegetables. Potato peels are one of the most troublemakers among them.

So, in this article, I will discuss whether throwing potato peels in the garbage disposal is a good idea. And if not, then why.

Can You Put Potato Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

No. Putting any vegetable peels, like potato peel, in the garbage disposal will eventually result in clogs. And dumping potato peels is one of the leading causes of clogged garbage disposal.

Along with garbage disposal, potato peels have an excellent potential to clog the piping system of the garbage disposal.

Dumping a small amount of potato peel in the garbage disposal might not make a huge difference.

But, if you keep dumping potato peels continuously and regularly or once or twice but in tons, there is a chance of clogging the garbage disposal.

So, if you have mistakenly thrown a few potato peels inside the garbage disposal once, don’t do it again. Just avoid doing further.

Why Do Potato Peels Clog the Garbage Disposal?

Potato peels might not be very fibrous like other vegetable peels, such as carrot peels. But they contain a lot of starch.

They form a sticky paste that keeps sticking to the garbage disposal’s sides and blades, blocking the passage.

The starchy peels of potatoes don’t dissolve in water. That is why they don’t drain away quickly from the garbage disposal after getting shredded, as all other food items do.

How Do You Unclog a Garbage Disposal with Potato Peels?

There are many ways to unclog a garbage disposal with potato peels.

Try to solve the problem by yourself first. The solution can be as simple as plunging the garbage disposal several times.

There are two kinds of solutions you can try to unclog a garbage disposal. You can try one or both if one doesn’t work.

One is by pouring chemical solutions of ingredients available in the kitchen. And the other is using some common kitchen or plumbing tools.

How about you try one after another and see which works best for you? Below I’m lI’ming the techniques for you.

Cooking Ingredients that Help in Unclogging the Garbage Disposal

Ever thought cleaning clogged garbage disposal would be as easy as pouring a solution of cooking ingredients? Yes, that is possible.

Below are some of the most surprisingly practical examples of that.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Both vinegar and baking soda are good cleaning agents. These can even make a great result alone. But when they are used together, they form a compelling cleaning solution.

So, if you don’tdon’t like vinegar or baking soda both together, you can try either one. It might work too.

This won’t have any expensive vinegar or baking soda. Even the cheapest cooking white vinegar or baking soda should work the same way as the expensive ones.

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the garbage disposal

If you mean to use them together, you better maintain proportion. For example, the ratio must be a quarter cup of baking soda and one full cup of vinegar.

If you mix them, they might form a bit of thick consistency and might not correctly reach the clog. So, it’s to apply them one after another.

  1. First, drop a quarter of baking soda into the garbage disposal and turn the garbage disposal on for a while.
  2. After a while, turn the garbage disposal off, plus let the baking soda sit on its sides and blades for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. And then, pour the vinegar on top of it and wait for the solution to break the starches.
  4. After a while, pour down some boiling water through the garbage disposal. The boiling water will wash away the broken-down starches from the garbage disposal to the drainage system.

Cold Drinks like Coke or Pepsi

ThereThere’sly anyone who doesn’t have Coke or Pepsi while intaking snacks? It’s It’svorite complimentary item with snacks to many.

Hence, most of us always have these cold drinks in our refrigerators. But did you know that these cold drinks’ function isn’t only complemented snacks?

They are surprisingly also great cleaning agents. They have a solid acidity due to the presence of phosphoric acid in reasonable amounts.

This acid is even capable of cleaning stubborn greases and rusts as well. So, it works well in case of garbage disposal clogs due to potato peels as well.

Lemon Extract

Lemon extracts are viral in cleaning. Even if you notice, the detergents or dishwashing soap you use also have a few lemon extracts to assist in cleaning.

Therefore, pouring some lemon extract in a reasonable amount inside the garbage disposal might help clear weak clogs.

However, lemon extracts are not effective or robust as vinegar, baking soda, or cold drinks. So if you try cleaning your garbage disposal using lemon extracts, ensure you’re throwing the whole lemon or the lemon peel inside.

As it might strengthen the clog more rather than weaken it. Just use the extract or juice from the lemon for the purpose.

Other Kitchen or Plumbing Tools that Can Help

Many other kitchens or plumbing tools can help you solve the issue if the above-discussed ingredients aren’t. Some of the most effective among them are,


A plunger is used to plunge the passage that leads to the garbage disposal from the sink. The air pressure from a plunger forces the clog inside the garbage disposal to break down.

Plunger used on the kitchen sink to unclog the garbage disposal
A plunger can use to unclog the garbage disposal through the sink outlet by changing the air pressure.

Metal Wire or Plastic Drain Remover

Metal wires can be used to push the clog down or pull the clog up in the garbage disposals to get them detached. Also, we can obtain the same results using plastic drain removers.

metal wires and plastic drain removers
Metal wire and Plastic drain removers are elementary tools that can be used to remove clogs in the drains – (image source: amazon)

Drain Snake

Drain Snake is a plumbing tool that is very useful to clean clots inside the P-trap of the garbage disposal passage.

Drain snake use to remove the clog
A drain snake is a plumbing tool used to remove the clogs in the drain – (image source: amazon)

What’s Best Way to Dispose of Potato Peels?

It is best to wrap the potato peels in a plastic bag and throw them in the compost bin.

Because potato peels will always come with a threat of clogging if dumped in the garbage disposal or the sink, if it doesn’t clot in the garbage disposal, it will form in the piping or drainage system.

Other ways to dispose of potato peels,

Final Words

We hope this article can help you solve your issue. People always learn from their mistakes.

So, make sure you avoid making the mistake of dumping potato peels inside the garbage disposal again in the future.

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