How to Install a Garbage Disposal in a Double Sink? (And Facts to Consider Switching the Side of the Sink)

More often than not, we realize the immense flexibility that two kitchen working zones pose. But it’s also a matter of convenience. Which side you decide to place and install the garbage disposal and the sink can either heighten your hand maneuverability and ease or deteriorate it.

Generally, installing sinks and garbage disposals on the same sides is more manageable. However, there’s also the matter of their sizes and shapes.

So, can you switch the garbage disposal to the other side of the sink when push comes to shove?

In this article, I will clear your confusion and reveal its effects. Keep reading!

Can I Add a Garbage Disposal to My Sink?

Yes! Luxury doesn’t always come easy. But thankfully, your kitchen experiences can be made simpler by adding a garbage disposal to your sink.

The good news is that you can fit garbage disposals in single kitchen sinks or on one share of the double sink with the strainer baskets in the other half. Although, installing a garbage disposal in the single sink unit is a friendlier task than the other.

Garbage Disposal Left or Right Side of the Sink

Does It Matter What Side the Garbage Disposal Goes On?

Believe it or not, the arrangement can either boost your suitability during chores or demolish it.

Whether you choose your dominant side or work with popular votes, it all comes down to a few characters. In addition, the sizes matter significantly while placing them. Establishing garbage disposals on the shallow sides has vital advantages too.

The unit placement at a higher level leaves increased clearance beneath the disposal. As there are no official conventions for such convenience, many people have also benefited from investing in the garbage disposal on the smaller bowl side.          

Does It Matter Which Side of the Sink the Garbage Disposal Is On?

As revealed previously, it’s ultimately a matter of fitness, comfort, and preference. Whereas some have seen greater good in fixing the garbage disposal on the right side, others looked into settling it on the left and loved it.

Hence, the question is whether to place your garbage disposal left or right side of the sink. You can stick with us to learn about the popular demands and go with it or follow your instincts. But first, read on to know more.

But, it all boils down to the deployment changing techniques and if it’s possible when needed. If you’re unhappy with the organization and want to switch to the next best roomier option, you can go for it.

Given that there are some precautionary criteria that you must look into before doing so. Here are a few things to note before investing in the change.

  • Look into the space around the sink; you can succeed if there’s enough room for it and the drainage.
  • Check if the drainage section is on a lower level.
  • If you have a double bowl, you should mount the garbage disposal on the deeper end on the lower level to compensate for proper draining.

Can You Switch a Garbage Disposal to the Other Side of the Sink?

Yes. You can do that. If you’re considering moving your garbage disposal to the other side of the sink, you have to remove the current plumbing setting and reinstall it. it’s important to remember that it may take a few hours of effort to accomplish.

Will Any Size Garbage Disposal Fit My Sink?

To everyone’s delight, garbage disposals come in various sizes and enhanced or limited features. Homeowners love the variations in styles and specifications, as they can opt for a piece that will fit just right with their sink and kitchen setting.

Garbage disposals are available in 4 sizes in the market. These sizes can be bought for about the number of people in a family or household. Here is the complete breakdown.

Recommended garbage disposal sizesNumber of people in the household
1/3 HPTwo people
½ HPThree people
One or ¾ HPFive people
1 HPSeven people
1 or 2 HPMore than 6 or 7 people

Whereas the 1/3 HP is recommended for small apartments or households of 1 to 2 people, the 1/2 HP seems to work best for 1 to 3 people.

You can opt for the 3/4 HP or 1 HP disposals for more prominent families and households with more people. 

According to experts and manufacturers, the recommended 1/2 HP garbage disposal motors are rising. The most crucial reason for this suggestion has to go hand in hand with the motor size and usability.

The 1/2 HP motors have tinier motors than the HP disposals. Thus, they are relatively more accessible and convenient to fit into confined places like beneath your sink.

These two chief garbage disposals seem to be continuous and batch-feed disposals to the population.

Henceforth, before opting for either of these options, you can examine underneath your kitchen sink and comprehend if the space available is enough to hold a placement switch or replace a garbage disposal.

As I’ve already explained, the so-called one-size-fits-all isn’t for all models, especially when examined under the sink. Thus, it’s wiser to check all the measures before doing so.

So, Are Garbage Disposals One Size Fits All?

The question is whether all garbage disposals fit a sink or the other way around. To be fair, standard kitchen drains are designed to have 3.5-inch holes. Therefore, garbage disposals are made to fit them.

Don’t panic if the drainage hole in your setting doesn’t go by the generic standards; a few tweaks with accessories in the disposal can get the job done.

On the other hand, they aren’t necessarily interchangeable just because the 3.5-inch size seems one-size-fits-all. During interchanging, the primitive focus is on mounting and installations.

Specifically, if your existing setting has a 3-bolt mount and the disposal is enabled with an EZ mount, you will need a brand-new setup for the new garbage disposal and vice versa.

Furthermore, you must also consider the sizes, dimensions, and employment before switching or planning to switch the garbage to a distinct location on a whim.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Size of the Garbage Disposal:

Without a doubt, you must consider many more factors before you invest in a new garbage disposal edition. Some users try out newer models when their previous trustee models break down or go into the dumpster; others need to have ever-lasting practicality.

Well, whichever is your case, consider these points.

  • The kind of food waste that your garbage disposal must endure.
  • The number of people in your household.
  • Space availability underneath your existing sink.
  • Your budget and the garbage disposal’s features.
  • The power and operation of the garbage disposal.

Lastly, you need to contemplate if you’re willing to turn on your DIY charm and furnish the garbage disposal with little to no help or if you’d want guidance.

If you’re confident about your handyman side in either scenario, go for it. If not, plenty of hotlines can fix you up with professionals to complete this assignment smoothly.

Does the Garbage Disposal Go on the Same Side as the Dishwasher?

Most of the votes are inclined towards the notion that installing dishwashers and garbage disposal on the same side has several gains. 

Some users believe that it’s appropriate to install the garbage disposal on the same side as the dishwasher for satisfactory service and to double its usability. 

The dishwashers and garbage disposals should be placed next to the kitchen sinks. Depending on your mobility, space availability, and amenities, you can choose sides.

In reality, having all these three elements next to each other and the storage units ensures you grasp the most freedom to move around and make less fuss during cleaning hours. 

Final Words:

Have I made your life easier with this informative breakdown about garbage disposals and if you can switch garbage disposals around the sink? I hope so.

Undoubtedly, there are many points that you must note before getting down to this business. Luckily none of them are out of your reach, as we’ve discussed them all.

Here’s to hoping that your struggles in the kitchen simmer down and you find the perfect placement!