What Size Bag Fits A Garbage Can?

The best and most appropriate way of using a trash can or garbage can is to have a plastic bag inside it. Because it doesn’t let the waste directly attach to the waste collector. Besides, it stays out of contact and is always in a trash bag that can be replaced once or twice a week. But exactly what size bag fits a garbage can? This question disturbs most people, who get confused while choosing the right bag for their trash can. 

No problem if you are facing the same issue with your trash can. Because I am here to help and make things easier for you. Please keep reading till the end to know what size bag actually fits your garbage can!

What Size Bag will Likely Fit Your Garbage Can?

Trash cans or simply saying garbage cans are usually available in many shapes and sizes out there. 

They are all designed to meet your varying needs for storing garbage and your non-organic or organic waste in the house, office, public area, and more. 

In the same way, these bags are available in different sizes and capacities, and the bags put into these cans are also available in varying sizes and capacities. 

Therefore, choosing the right bag for your garbage can is only possible when you know exactly the right dimensions and size of your garbage can. 

You must always note it down when purchasing it for the first time. 

However, the right bag for a garbage can will always be more in capacity and size than the size of a garbage can. Knowing the capacity and size of a trash bin is always important to determine the right bag size for it. This helps you solve your problems regarding choosing a bag for that trash can. It is somewhat like if you have a garbage bin of almost 32 Gallons, a 55-gallon bag will be the exact fit to place inside that garbage bin!

But instead of this, I’ll share a full method of measuring the right size of your garbage can and then buying the right size bag for it. Please keep reading!

How do You Measure the Size of a Garbage Can for a Bag?

Even though many online calculators are available to measure the size of these garbage bans for the exact need of bags to put inside, some people still like to do it practically. 

The thing is, measuring the exact size of your garbage bin is necessary. Because it is the only thing that can help you decide which garbage bag you need to choose for a particular waste bin.

However, doing this may require you a little good to be in mathematics and calculations. Plus, to understand things better. 

But in all situations, the process is easier than you think. 

So, please focus on the below-described steps to determine the exact size of the pile of waste and decide which waste bag to buy. 

Decide the Type of Garbage Cans Concerning Their Shapes:

First, look for the types or shapes of available garbage cans. These are not large in numbers. Like, the two famous shapes that can be found in a trash bin are as follows. 

Square or Rectangular Trash Bins or Waste Bins:

These garbage cans usually come in a rectangular shape, which is not round. And when you start calculating the size or dimensions of these cans, the procedure will be different. 

Round or Circular Trash Bins or Waste Bins:

With round or circular trash bins or garbage cans, the calculations are a way different. Because these cans represent the area of a circle while the others represent the area of a rectangular. 

But don’t worry, I will tell you how to measure both accurately. 

Read more about these trash cans or recycling bins in our All About Recycling Bin guide we already have compiled for you. It will provide you more information on these products. 

Start With Determining the Width of a Trash Bag You Need Inside Your Bin:

At first, we will measure the width of your available garbage can in meters, and then we will go for the next stuff. For both types of cans, the width would be measured as follows. 

For a Square Trash Bin or Garbage Bin:

Use a scale or measuring tape to take the full perimeter of all the sides of your square recycling bin or trash bin. 

A perimeter is usually taken by measuring all four sides of the bin and adding them up. Such a thing will decide the width of the trash bag that you need for the square trash bin or garbage bin. 

Like, if any can have a perimeter of 36, you will need the width of the trash bag with 18m. Because the width is usually determined by dividing the perimeter on 2. This means 36/2 =18.

For a Circular or Round Trash Bin:

Suppose you have a circular or garbage bin, and you need to measure the width of a trash bag for it. How will you do that? It is simple and easy to find. 

At first, use any scale or measuring tape to take the total diameter of your trash can. Once taken or measured, multiply it with the 3.14(pi). 

Whatever value comes, divide it by 2, and you will get the width of the trash bag for a circular trash can. 

In this case, follow the example for an easy understanding of the calculation: 

  • The diameter of the Circular Trash bin is supposed to be 18M. 
  • The width would be = 18 x 3.14(pi)= 56.53
  • Now, divide the 56 by 2, which will approximately be 28. 

Congratulations, as by this, you have the width of a trash bag for a square and a circular bag. 

Find the Length or Height of the Trash Bag You Will Require for a Trash Can:

Once the width of the trash bag has been found, the next steps revolve around finding the exact height of that bag. It is simple to do. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a circular trash can or a squared one; you can always look for its dimensions online. 

Besides, you can measure the length of the trash can by using a scale or a measuring tape. 

Do it and always focus on adding a bit more, like almost four inches to the bottom as well as an upper side, because it will help hang and place the trash bag inside the recycling bin. 

Suppose you have a garbage can of almost 42 inches in height. For that, the exact height of a trash bag will be. 

42 (garbage can reduce height) + 4 (for overhanging) +12(which is the diameter or width of the trash bag) = approximately 60 (this will be the required size of a trash bag that you would need for such garbage can or recycling bin. 

So, this is it; you are almost ready to go and follow the same procedure to measure the exact size of a trash bag for any garbage can. There will be no complications or hard and fast rules to follow. 

Size Chart for Different Gallons of Trash Cans to Have Different Sizes Trash Bags:

For a simple understanding, please look at some of the highly used trash can sizes with their respective trash bag sizes. 

These will give you a general idea for the next trash bag purchase for the trash can. 

Trash Can SizeTrash Bag Size
20 Gallons40 to 45 Gallons
30 Gallons40 to 50 Gallons
40 Gallons50 to 55 Gallons
50 Gallons60 to 65 Gallons
60 Gallons65 to 70 Gallons
70 Gallons65 to 70 Gallons
80 Gallons70 to 80 Gallons
90 Gallons100 + Gallons
Up to 100 Gallons150 + Gallons

In the United States of America, the sizes of the trash bags are normally decided depending on which line of work it will be used.

These are also decided on the frequent sizes of the trash cans placed outside the homes for large collections of waste materials. 

In these situations, the following could be possible sizes of trash bags depending on the specific line of work. 

  • For standard usage purposes or small waste collection needs, up to 20 to 40 gallons of trash bags are usually used. 
  • Regarding commercial waste collection, such as in large restaurants or hospitals, trash bags are usually recommended in 40 to 80-gallon sizes. 
  • However, in those small bins placed inside the kitchen or in a room, a trash bag of 4 to 10 gallons is usually enough. 

Because these bins are not very large and are made for space-saving as well as keeping the waste at a particular place. 

What Particular Benefits You May Get With a Garbage Can?

Just like the trash bins help you collect waste or rubbish from your living, trash bags help keep your trash bins safe. 

There are some well-known benefits of these garbage cans you may like to read about. Please have a look at them. 

  • Trash bags or simply saying plastic bags designed for garbage cans don’t let the garbage spread away. 
  • They keep your recycling bins neat and clean because all the waste goes in those bags. 
  • When a waste collecting van visits your area, they don’t need to clean the trash bin to remove waste from inside thoroughly. 
  • A guy just picks up the trash bag and is on his way. Because all the trash can be found in that garbage or trash bag. 
  • They don’t release toxic chemicals. And if you always keep these trash bags tied up after putting any waste inside them, there shall be no odors from the bags or the recycling bins. 

What is the Most Standard Size for a Garbage Bag Being Used In Garbage Cans?

In the United States Of America, a standard size for a trash bag usually goes from 10 to 40 gallons. 

This depends on the size of the trash bag or garbage bag used in which you keep collecting the waste.

So, you can find this standard-size trash bag from anywhere around and put it into your garbage bag. 

What is the Best Trash Bag to Get for Your Garbage Can?

If you want strong, long-duty, long-lasting, and durable garbage bags for your garbage bin or trash bin, consider having Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags. 

These are available in different sizes and capacities, offering you your exact waste collection needs. Therefore, anyone can have it and put waste in a garbage can like this. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the size of the trash bag will always be larger than the size of your garbage can itself. Because it has to offer space for hanging and keeping trash in more capacity than the garbage can itself. And if you have read this guide, I am sure you know what size bag fits a garbage can. But if you have any confusion or questions popping up in your mind, you are most welcome to find answers. 

Overall, thanks for being here and spending quality time with me. Will see you soon on the next one. May the bad vibes turn into good vibes!


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