Smelly Garbage Can | Top 10 Tips To Eliminate Odors

If it’s been too long since you have cleaned up your garbage can, you may find it too much smelly, stinky and unpleasant. That smelly garbage can become a huge problem for a house, kitchen, office, or even society. We take this situation too seriously and start looking if there are some easy ways to eliminate this kind of problem with that garbage can. Well, no worries, you are most welcome if you have spent enough time and didn’t get anything worthwhile.

In this guide, I will share the top 10 tips or ways to help you remove all odors from your old smelly garbage can. With this, you will find that garbage can as you just have bought it from the Bazar, performing impressively and having zero smells. So, without wasting time, let’s get started!

Why Can A Garbage Can Or Trash Start Smelling?

They may lose their worth over time if things are not taken care of properly. That’s the same case with a smelly garbage can that has become a practical problem to consider. 

It might not let you enjoy watching your tv peacefully, hosting a party at home, or any other family gathering because of the smell coming out from inside. 

Several reasons state why a garbage can would start smelling. Please have a look at some of the most prominent ones. 

In Case There Was Raining:

If you have left your garbage can filled with trash and it’s been raining around, the water and garbage will make a whole mess. Ultimately, the garbage can will start stinking. 

No Waste Collection Service Visit:

If you haven’t called for a trash collection service for a while and there is too much trash to see in your garbage can over a long period, it can cause smells. 

Putting Everything Inside The Same Bin:

In most cases, the garbage can or trash can starts smelling because we keep putting everything related to our organic and non-organic waste inside. 

Food Materials Causing Bad Smell In A Can:

Things like eggshells, baby diapers, milk, food leftovers, uneaten or leftover vegetables, and all other stuff like this make your garbage smelly. 

Because when they are collectively in the same space, they will not give you any peace because of being a significant cause for the smell that starts coming out from a trash can.

If You Haven’t Visited Your Home For A Long While:

Moreover, when you haven’t been around for a while in your house, and you had left that trash can full plus covered, this could be a problem of the smell. 

Because when you visit again for a while, the garbage may have been spoiled, causing too much bad smell spread in the area. 

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Top 10 Ways To Eliminate These Bad Odors From A Garbage Can:

Don’t worry if your mind hasn’t come up with a solution yet to remove these smells from the garbage can. I am here to help you and guide you. 

In my view, the best way to avoid these smells from spreading would be instant disposal of your trash. 

But this comes with several hazards, such as the delivery truck or waste collection guys might be late or not on the period. 

Still, there is no problem in fixing something like this. Below are the top 10 ways you can apply to remove all odors from a smelly garbage can. Please have a look!

Tip 1: Always Focus On Timely Take-Outs As Necessary As Possible:

Always have a motive in your mind and heart to be ready to remove the rotten rubbish from the bin before it starts smelling stinky. 

You don’t need to wait for the bin to get full for that. It would always be better to get rid of this rotten rubbish as soon as possible. 

Moreover, here you can also apply a strategy of wrapping up any wet waste in some kind of paper or simply newspaper.

Because it will also help you absorb that moisture that is the sole cause of this mess, and it will help you prevent those bad smells as well. 

Tip 2: Always Have Your Garbage Can Properly Cleaned Up:

One of the best ways you can apply to prevent those garbage bins or pails from smelling is to keep up the regular cleaning. 

This cleaning must be based on completely cleaning your bin every time it gets empty. You must wipe off all those stick bits and spills as early as possible. 

Plus, you may also need to spray inside these bins for no more odors with some disinfecting spray.  

Moreover, for definite cleaning purposes, always try to use warm soapy water with a scrub brush

Because these lets you not only remove the odor but a perfect cleaning of your garbage waste can. 

Tip 3: Remove Odors From Smelly Garbage Can By Using Charcoal Filter:

If you are a little good at chemistry, you would probably know the importance of a charcoal filter for removing or eliminating odors. 

Activated charcoal, which is basically a porous carbon always treated with oxygen, is supposed to be the best solution for removing odors. 

For this, you can spend some money on buying those deodorizers having charcoal inside them. After that, you can simply install them under the garbage can lid or inside the cabinet. 

They work just great in letting your garbage can free from odors by absorbing the stinky smells from mildew, food, or the related stuff. 

Tip 4: Remove Odors From A Smelly Garbage Can By Using Baking Soda:

Baking soda has been very helpful in cleaning and maintaining the pleasant smells in most products. The same is gonna do with your stinky trash can. 

For this, you need some small-sized coffee filters and put some baking soda into them. Once that’s done, close them with rubber and place them at the bottom sides of the garbage bins. 

This white powdery compound would stay there and work great in absorbing the bad smells caused by the trash inside the bin. 

Moreover, this baking soda is biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Tip 5: Removing Odors From A Smelly Garbage Can By Using Bleach:

After baking soda, bleach is considered the most influential chemical for removing odors and bad spots from different stuff. 

However, even though bleach has its own strong odor, it will work great in killing all the germs inside your garbage bin. 

And the odors will go away. But always be careful when you use bleach to clean the can. 

Because it is such toxic as if it is not used carefully, it might even spoil the glowing finish of your can. 

For this, you can take almost two gallons of water and add ¼ cup of bleach inside it. Make a solution and thoroughly clean your trash bin to remove odors. 

Tip 6: Eliminating Stinky Odors From A Garbage Can With Some Essential Oils:

We all have some sort of essential oils in our kitchens to clean food items such as meat and usually vegetables. 

But do you know that these essential oils can also be used to remove the smell from that garbage bin? 

Of course, it is possible. For this, you might be familiar with White Vinegar. Yes, that can be used here. 

You have to mix 1 or two cups of white vinegar into the distilled water. Plus, there shall be two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and don’t forget to add almost 10 drops of the lemongrass. 

However, you can add a few drops of fir oil, lime, and tea tree oils for a stronger solution. All of these would easily be found in your kitchen. 

Now, you have to put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it inside that smelly garbage can. This would work just like perfume and remove the stinky odors from the garbage can. 

Tip 7: Using Dryer Sheets To Remove Smelly Odors From A Garbage Can:

It leaves zero percent doubt that dryer sheets smell a way nice when you take one of them closer to your nose. 

In the same way, they can help remove the odors from that bad smelled garbage can. 

Therefore, all you need to do is take one or two dryer sheets and put them at the bottom of that smelly garbage can. 

Do it, and you will observe significant differences between the smells of a trash bin. It will not only be effective at canceling out those renicing smells. 

But it would be best to absorb every single goopy mess inside the trash bin. 

Tip 8: Eliminating Odors Of A Smelly Garbage Can By Using Coffee Beans And Grounds:

If you are a coffee lover, you would probably be aware of the aroma of freshly made or borrowed coffee. It helps too in removing odors from your trash bin. 

For that, all you have to do is to have a layer of coffee beans and put them at the base or bottom side of the can. 

It will work just great by absorbing all those bad smells. And you will always have sweet and nutty scents to smell, even from that trash-filled can. 

On the other hand, the grounds also work just great at making that odor-containing garbage can odor-free.

Tip 9: Removing Bad Smells From A Smelly Garbage Can By Using Cat Litter:

If you have a cat inside your home, you would defiantly have the cat litter for that beautiful pet. The thing you are going to do is a little disappointing. 

But you have to do it anyway. Because of this, you would have to borrow cat litter from your kitty and pour it on the bottom side of the smelly trash can. 

It works just great at keeping the odors and moisture at the base side for almost a week or even more. 

However, when such cat litter clumps, toss your trash can and add a new quantity of fresh cat litter. 

Tip 10: Eliminating Odors From A Smelly Garbage Can By Using Some Deodorizing Bags:

Most people like to keep some deodorizing bags at the bottom sides of the trash cans as they are good at keeping the cans fresh. 

Plus, they can absorb almost all types of trashy and stinky odors. Therefore, a smelly garbage can can also be fixed using a deodorizing bag. 

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope that all these top 10 tips will help you best in cleaning out a smelly garbage can and removing all bad smells from it. Apply all of them one by one and ensure which one suits you best. And if any of these solves your problem, don’t forget to let me know as well as your neighbors. But if you struggle with some queries in your mind, you are always most welcome to give them to me. 

However, it’s been a pleasurable moment to find you at the end of the article. Keep visiting for more information about these garbage cans. Have a very smell-free and new day!