How To Put Garbage Bag In Stainless Steel Can?

Are you tired of struggling to put garbage bags in your stainless steel can? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people find fitting the right size bag in their stainless steel cans challenging, causing a messy and frustrating experience.

But fear not. We have the solution!

In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to put a garbage bag in a stainless steel can so that you can have a hassle-free experience every time.

Keep reading to learn more about the proper technique and make taking out the trash a breeze.

Why Do You Need a Trash Bag Inside a Stainless Steel Garbage Can?

We know very well for which purpose we keep using these heavy-duty built garbage cans.

Since these cans protect our houses from spreading garbage, don’t let them spread out on the street and keep it organized; they also need protection.

The moment we realize that we must keep that filthy trash in our garbage can, we conclude that the trash can also needs a trash bag.

A trash bag’s importance inside a trash can is enormous. But it is only worth it when you put it inside the can in the most appropriate way.

It might have the following advantages when a trash bag is placed inside the trash can.

  • The trash can itself doesn’t get dirty.
  • You pick up the trash bag from your regular trash can and put it into the larger bin.
  • Things inside a trash bag stay silent and don’t produce smells and odors.
  • If the trash bag is closed and even the lid of a trash can is opened, no animal would like to take a visit.

Is It Possible To Have a Trash Bag Inside a Garbage Can?

There is nothing that we call “impossible.” Because ever since trash cans have taken up space in every house, building, or office, they are also equipped with trash bags.

So, there is no point in saying you cannot have a trash bag inside a trash can. That’s simple.

Trash cans come with different features; among these, they always recommend or hold a space so that you can quickly fix a garbage bag inside them.

And then keep putting your trash items inside these trash bags, alternatively, garbage cans.

I have up to 5 stainless steel garbage cans in different rooms of my house, and I keep them dressed with trash bags.

It gives me more accessible and more comfortable waste management at my house.

How Do You Put a Trash Bag Inside a Stainless Steel Trash Can?

Most times, the method you might be applying to keep a trash bag inside any stainless steel trash can be the wrong way to do it.

Whether a stainless steel trash can is worth it is another story I have already described in an article. So, you will not have any problem with that!

Therefore, you should always know how to protect it and increase its lifespan. Using a trash bag along with the can is also something like this.

Here, I’ll tell you some easy steps to keep a trash bag inside your stainless steel garbage can in the best way.

In short, take the second trash container that will be inside your permanent container and put the trash bag inside. Make sure the sides of this trash bag get clogged with the permanent container when you put the second container inside. You can also do it by putting the opened drawstring over the rim of a can, just like a hat.

So, there could be many ways of trash bagging your trash can, but the one I will share here will let you do your job efficiently.

Because I have applied this way of putting a trash bag inside a trash can, you can also do the same.

Step 1: Select The Right Trash Bag

Before you start with anything, you’ll have to choose the right-sized trash bag for your trash can.

That’s simple if you have already used the same size trash bag for your stainless steel garbage can.

Use the same and follow this process to put it inside the trash bag quickly.

Stainless steel trash can with trash bag inside
With the right-sized trash bag selected, it is easy to put in the trash can.

Step 2: Opening The Trash Bag

Pick up the trash bag and open it up correctly.

It will depend on the types of trash bags available and how a specific one gets opened.

Step 3: Find Your Second Garbage Container

In those traditional garbage cans, we can see them in most houses. We have a garbage container that has a second container to keep the garbage inside.

The second container will look just like this.

Step 4: Putting the Trash Bag on the Second Container

Most relevantly, your garbage will go to the second container and then into the first or foremost container.

So, if you have any situation like this, you should put the trash bag in the second container.

Do it so that the upside-down side of the trash bag shall go into the container.

And while the sides of this trash bag should be around the liner of the garbage container, those should be stuck to the trash can wall.

But if the sides of the trash bag won’t go inside the second container in a clogged or blocked way, it will mess up your whole garbage management.

Make sure when you put the trash bag over the second container, the sides of the trash bag shall go into the second container.

In this way, they will get blocked, and there will be no way of facing disturbances with the garbage and a garbage trash bag.

The final look for this trash can inside a trash bag will be like this.

Watch the below video for a more profound understanding of this method!

Can You Also Keep a Trash Bag Inside a Plastic Garbage Can?

Yes, plastic trash cans or garbage cans have this facility to keep trash bags inside.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether it is a plastic trash bag or a stainless steel one; you can have a garbage bag inside it.

When you put the garbage bag inside, you can put your trash items directly into it.

What is the Most Appropriate Way of Putting a Trash Bag Inside a Trash Bin?

The method I have explained earlier is the easiest and simplest method. Also, if you are searching for an appropriate way for it, I can recommend that method because it works. I will explain it here briefly.

First, you need to choose a trash bag that fits the size of the bin. Select a sturdy and tear-resistant bag to avoid any leakage or tearing while disposing of waste.

Place the bag inside on the opening side of the container’s opening, ensuring the edges hang over the top.

Then you need to push the inside of the trash bag into the trash can.

To avoid slipping the bag inside, fold the edges of the bag over the top of the bin. If the trash bin has handles, tie the bag’s handles to them.

This way, the sides of the trash can get stuck in the opening of the trash can.

These simple steps ensure that your garbage bin with trash bag is efficient, clean, and hassle-free.

How to Put Bin Liner in Pedal Bin?

You can use the pedal bin without touching it with the pedal. You need to use your pedal and open the lid of that garbage bin.

Put the bin liner or garbage bag above the trash can, open it upside-down, and again push the hollow space of that trash can inside.

A pedal bin with a trash bag.
A pedal bin with a trash bag

In this way, you can keep the bin liner inside a pedal bin.

How to Put Trash Bag in Trash Can TikTok?

A video went viral on TikTok when a famous TikToker, chozi, described the right way to put a trash bag inside a trash can.

This video is still very famous and admired by many household keepers who do daily trash bagging of their trash cans or garbage cans.

That video is given as follows; you can see how she did this when she put a trash bag inside a trash can.


Bro. Who knew?? Garbage bags have an inside out mode?? Lmaoo. My life is a changed

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

What’s the Usage of a Bag Holder?

A bag holder is something that works around the garbage cans. It is usually a rubber or a plastic bag holder that keeps the garbage can in its place.

It greatly helps you manage and keep your garbage or trash in a particular place.

How to Put Trash Bag in Automatic Trash Can?

You will use it the same way as using a trash bag to put it inside an automatic trash can. But automatic trash can work when you go near it or press any button.

It has a sensor that operates and makes things in motion for you. So, go near the garbage can and let it open.

Once it is opened, you can keep the trash bag inside, and your motive will be accomplished when you are away from the garbage can.

If you are looking for a new addition to your kitchen with new technology, the following automatic trash cans in 3 different sizes are the best pick for you.

  1. iTouchless Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can with AbsorbX Odor Filter & Pet-Proof Lid Touchless Kitchen Garbage Bin, Stainless Steel – 18 Gallon
  2. iTouchless SensorCan Kitchen Trash Can with Odor Filter, Stainless Steel, Oval Shape, Sensor-Activated Lid Garbage Bin – 13 Gallon
  3. Anborry Touchless Trash Can Smart Automatic Motion Sensor Rubbish Can with Lid Electric Waterproof Narrow Small Garbage Bin – 2.2 Gallon

How to Keep Trash Bag from Slipping?

Add some rubber strips or large sticky tape around the garbage liner to keep the trash bag safe from slipping or leaving its place.

Sticky tape/ sellotape can be used to avoid trash bag slipping
Sticky tape/sellotape can be used to avoid trash bags slipping inside from the top of the trash can

Or you can keep it upside down so the sides may stay stuck with the garbage can and be safe from slipping.

Keep the trash bag upside down, and the sides should be tied to get stuck with the trash can
Keep the trash bag upside down, so the sides should be tied to get stuck with the trash can. This will help to prevent slipping trash bags.

If you have a shortage of trash bags for your trash can, visit and pick a high-quality and durable trash bag from the following.

Most Popular: Amazon Basics Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, Unscented, 200 Count at Amazon

Less Plastic: Glad ForceFlex MaxStrength with Clorox Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, 90 Count at Amazon

Final Thoughts

Lastly, you must follow no hard and fast rules to learn how to put a trash bag in a stainless steel trash can. Just do what I’ve described best, and your trash bag will never leave its position. However, if you face any difficulties, you may let me know.

But thanks for reading and staying here. Keep managing your garbage, and you will never encounter any problems.


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