How To Keep Outdoor Garbage Cans From Smelling?

Is your garbage can smelling lately, and you don’t know what to do? I’ve got you covered because here, I will provide you with enough information to deal with this garbage can smell and learn how to keep outdoor garbage cans from smelling with some tips and tricks. Indeed, it becomes highly frustrating finding your garbage can like this. It keeps stinking even in your nerves and becomes a problem.

To eliminate this problem from scratch, you have to be with me till the end, and we’ll see how to deal with it. Let’s get started!

Why Do Your Outdoor Garbage Cans Start Smelling?

Facing issues with your garbage cans of smell stinks and bad odors are common because this is where you keep most of your house or office trash. The specific reasons for which your garbage can starts smelling are as follows: 

  • They start smelling for multiple reasons and one of the most prominent ones is the decomposition process. 
  • You might not have observed it, but the moment you fill that garbage can, a decomposition process starts inside it. 
  • This highly known process of decay and rot may affect all the organic materials that keep working inside your garbage all the time. 
  • However, substances like food scraps, pet waste, and diapers might be the objects creating these smells to a higher degree level. 
  • Moreover, you can find multiple bacteria inside a garbage can which may break down these organic products into these odorous items. 

When such a thing happens, you can smell that bad odor and dirty your nose. 

Besides, not having proper maintenance and cleaning of a garbage can is also a problem of this happening. 

How Do You Keep Outdoor Garbage Cans Out From Smelling?

Keeping those outdoor garbage cans out of smell is very simple if you know what to do and how exactly to do it. 

There are multiple ways to keep a garbage can out of smell. But which one is the most effective? Please have a look!

One must properly clean the garbage can after every disposal to remove the smell. Using some scented garbage cans is also the solution. Besides, sprinkling some baking soda and cat litter at the bottom of the can might be helpful. Plus, place some dryer sheets at the bottom of the cans to keep the can smell-free!

Following that, below are some of the easiest things you can do to keep these smells away from those outdoor garbage cans.

Method 1: Ensure An Everlasting Cleaning:

If you take care of things, they never get old, smelly, or out of use. That’s the same with your outdoor garbage can, where you keep most of your house, kitchen, and rest trash. 

Proper cleaning of the garbage can after every time that trash gets out and can gets empty is just more than enough to clean that garbage can. 

For this, you can look forward to any professional cleaning service available in your area to clean these garbage cans. Or it can also be done by applying some DIY garbage cleaning methods. 

Read top 10 tips to eliminate odor from garbage cans, and you will learn how to use different cleaning methods to overcome this smelling problem. 

Doing it yourself can be a game of using water with soap, washing liquid, and sometimes white vinegar for more deep cleaning. 

Method 2: Put Some Money And Buy A Scented Garbage Can:

There are many options available for some highly effective scented garbage cans. You can buy one to keep your house trash inside it. 

You are not only deciding to have a garbage can that would help just in keeping or throwing the garbage away. 

But you should also look for a solution that these cans may never cause a smelling problem. 

Therefore, having a scented garbage can is always helpful to keep these smells away from your outdoor garbage can. 

Besides, having a scented garbage can will not only give you the benefits of keeping trash organized and collected. 

It will also keep those wild animals away from the garbage. Plus, it will stop the garbage from stinking and messing up that pleasant environment. 

Method 3: Keep Your Trash Items In Trash Bags:

Anything you put inside a garbage can leaves an impact. This impact might be shown through that smell which spoils your current mood and disturbs you when the guests are at home. 

But that’s not gonna happen if you take care of the things and do your trashing properly. The thing is, you should always backpack trash before you throw it inside the garbage cans. 

Put relevant items into specific trash bags and then keep them inside a garbage can. It can be like keeping the trash in one bag, nappies, and diapers in another. 

Leftover food items in one bag and vegetable peels in another. The same goes for rest items. 

Now, once this is done, throw these trash bags in the same trash can. 

Or you can have different trash cans or garbage bins where you can keep different items in your house so they may never create a smelling problem. 

A garbage bag doesn’t let the smell come out even if any of the trash emits it. 

Method 4: Use Dryer Sheets At The Bottom Of Garbage Cans:

Another easiest way to keep these garbage cans out of smell is using some dryer sheets at the bottom when you have cleaned them after disposal. 

These scented dryer sheets don’t let the smell of decomposition overcome the smell of scents they already have. 

Besides, such dryer sheets work just well at absorbing the excess moisture and keeping these scents to the least before they disturb you and mess up your mood. 

However, you must also have to keep on changing these dryer sheets as well. This is like cleaning a garbage can, removing the old one, and putting in a new one. 

This way, there will be no complaints of smells from these garbage cans. 

Method 5: Never Overload The Garbage Can:

Sometimes, without thinking, proper care, and management, we just throw garbage into the garbage cans. 

That shall never happen because it is another big cause of smells coming from garbage cans. 

An overfilling of the garbage can convert into a rupture. This rupture means facing leakages that cause odors. 

Therefore, always avoid overfilling your garbage can and call your local waste collectors to collect this garbage before it becomes home to odors. 

Method 6: Don’t Let The Loose Items Visit Your Garbage Can:

Among loose items, that could be anything obtained from your daily trash. Like that smelly fast food bag, you just have eaten food from. 

You put loose items into the garbage can every time you wash your car out. Never do that. Because these could be the reasons, your garbage can starts smelling. 

Loose items don’t behave normally and start decomposing early. That’s why the result in a larger problem of creating smells out of garbage cans. 

Why Do Garbage Cans Smell More In Hot Weather?

Sometimes, we keep putting the garbage cans inside car garages or any place where they may absorb the direct sunlight. 

In hot weather, when the sun is shining brighter, this heat or energy increases the decomposition process into garbage cans. 

Because neither your garage may have an AC, nor that garbage can in the sunlight is gonna escape from the sun. 

When the decomposition process starts speeding up, you may find odors releasing from your garbage cans. 

That’s the whole reason when a garbage can starts smelling worse in hot weather. The solution is to empty that garbage can or, if it has trash, in any reasonable cold space. 

Is Having A Best Outdoor Garbage Can Deodorizer Worth It?

A garbage can, or trash can deodorizer works great in helping you minimize the odors coming from your garbage can. 

These products are also available at the commercial level. Therefore, you can easily find any suitable trash can deodorizer and use it to eliminate the garbage can odors. 

Spray it inside the garbage can and around the can. You will see the amazing results of fewer odors and more profound cleaning!

Where To Keep Garbage Cans So Their Smell Won’t Be Effective?

Consider placing your garbage cans a way at a distance from your house. Because even if it starts smelling, it may never reach your house. 

We never collect trash in large trash cans. Except there are some small dustbins in every room that help us do so. 

Therefore, consider having these large garbage cans out of your home. But even if you listen to any complaints from your neighbor fellow, you know how to tackle the issue. 

Final Thoughts:

Most commonly, we always ensure that our garbage can is cleaned and maintained properly so that it won’t cause those stinky odors. But using some other techniques as listed above might also be helpful. So, I hope that you learned how to keep outdoor garbage cans from smelling if I can still find you reading these last lines. Let me know in case you have further queries to ask because I am here to answer them. 

But thanks for being here today. Please explore our site and learn more about these garbage cans and trash bins. Have a nice day!


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