Egg Shells In Garbage Disposal (Do or Don’t – Explained 2023)

Stop putting eggshells in your garbage disposal before it’s too late!

Egg shells can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal, causing blockages and damage to the blades. Even though garbage disposals are like the power stations of your kitchen, did you know that those also come with big “No”s?

Sure, garbage disposals can grind up a greater mass of food bits and residues, but why are they such a problem when it comes to eggshells?

The direct answer is: “No, you should not put eggshells in your garbage disposal.

There are multiple golden rules that you must abide by with garbage disposals. One of them is distinguishing which food substances to push down the garbage disposals and which not to. After all, who reads through the manual whenever using the garbage disposal? It’s not me!

In this article, I’ll discuss one of the most notorious enemies of garbage disposals – eggshells. Read on to discover why eggshells are a problem, how to dispose of them properly, and other tips for maintaining your garbage disposal.

Can You Put Eggshells in the Garbage Disposal?

An eggshell or two once in a blue moon shouldn’t be the leading cause of a drainage clog. However, according to Consumer Reports, if dropping eggshells into the disposal becomes a daily habit, it will inevitably lead to clogs and more buildup.

The reason for such havoc is that eggshells don’t break down like other solids.

The kind of food scraps the machine can handle when dealing with garbage disposals depends mainly on its horsepower. You can rely on 1 HP garbage disposals to manage and swallow the most challenging food bits, fibers, and bones. In contrast, you must always be cautious while dealing with minimal horsepowers, such as 0.5 HP.

So, Putting eggshells in rarely is okay if you have a garbage disposal with high horsepower. But I do not recommend it and strictly advise it should not be a habit.

Why Should Eggshells Never Go Down the Garbage Disposal?

  1. Eggshells can damage the garbage disposal blades and clog the pipes.
  2. Eggshells have an exceptional bonding structure. A shell-like exterior can damage the blades and cause them blades to dull or break.
  3. When eggshells go through the garbage disposal, they create tiny coarse waste, and those small pieces of eggshell can easily blend with other food waste. Those can attach to any sludge in the drain and quickly cause blockages.
  4. Eggshells aren’t the only cause of broken garbage disposal but the thin membrane layer inside these eggshells. With time, as more and more eggshells are dropped into the garbage disposals, the greater chances you gain of these membranes getting tangled in the impellers.

It’s also said that one of the worst food wastes to toss in your garbage disposal is eggshells, among other notorious food scrapes.

Eggshells in Garbage Disposal Good or Bad?

Definitely, Bad! It is very bad for the garbage disposal and can cause huge damage with time.

Some say eggshells could benefit garbage disposals. One of the worst myths is that eggshells can sharpen the blades in the garbage disposal.

Truthfully, garbage disposals don’t even have blades, to begin with. Garbage disposals have impellers that are made to be blunt. Therefore, shoving unnecessary amounts of eggshells will not sharpen or be of any use to your garbage disposal.

On the contrary, it’s not just the eggshell that can create all the chaos. The inner membrane of the eggshells can also get wrapped and tangled in the impellers causing unrecoverable damage.

These shells turn into a chalky, sand-like mush responsible for clogged pipes, and after being mixed with the liquid, it becomes a pulp. The symptoms start with slow drainage and create havoc inside the machine, rendering it useless.

How Do You Unclog a Garbage Disposal With Eggshells?

Unfortunately, your garbage disposal is filled with eggshells because you didn’t know better. Don’t worry; I know how to get you out of this pickle.

Your garbage disposal must come with a key. It’s time to use it. So, place it below the garbage disposal right at the center and insert the key.

  • Rotate it in clockwise and anti-clockwise motions a couple of times.
  • You will notice that this step will eliminate any remaining debris stuck in the system.
  • Once the rubbish is out, you need to reset the system. To reset the garbage disposal, push the red button at the bottom.
  • As the system resets, turn on the faucet. Let cold water run through the garbage disposal for a good few minutes. In this manner, the drain will clean itself, and you can go back to having a brand-new garbage disposal.

Believe it or not, unclogging your garbage disposal on your own will save a lot of money. Isn’t that a win-win situation we’ve all been waiting for?

I recommend that you try most of the proven DIYs to regain your garbage disposal’s full functionality if eggshells have already done their poor deeds to it. If the DIYs don’t change, you can rely on professionals to do the job.

How to Dispose of Egg Shells?

Rather than flinging your wasted eggshells in the garbage disposal, try the composting method. Compost bins are proven to be more outstanding alternatives with no foul results.

Before you compost them, make sure you crush the eggshells. Crushing them beforehand makes the entire composting process easier. You must put this nutrient-filled mix on your garden or home plants.

Eggshells are biodegradable and go through a natural process of breaking down. Thus, eggshells are completely environmental-safe too.

Alternative Ways to Disposing and Reusing Eggshells

However, there are many more ways of reusing and disposing of eggshells. If you’re unwilling to jeopardize your garbage disposals’ worth or toss them in the trash can, you can commit any of the following ways.

  • DIY Candle Holders –

Break the candle into your desired shape, and pour some wax inside. Insert a wick and let it dry to make a unique DIY candle holder.

Hint: Try making creative Christmas decorations with these. They can blow your guest’s minds.

  • Pesticides (Let’s Chase Insects) –

Let’s get real; eggshells can’t kill pests in your plants or gardens. However, they can make the pests’ habitats unpleasant since the broken eggshells aren’t welcoming to the pest’s comparatively softer bodies. This is an excellent way to shoo away pests.

  • Seedlings (Plant on It)-

Break eggshells into halves and place them on soils, then start seedlings. It’s a better eco-friendly alternative than paper bags.

  • Strengthen the Bonds of Glue –

No, eggshells can’t glue materials together. However, they possess the strength and capacity to enhance glue’s properties. If eggshells are crushed and used alongside glues, they can strengthen the bond even more.

  • Use as Scouring Powder –

If you are so much into reading or addicted to your phone and forget your cooking, you definitely have the experience of burnt pans and pots. So here is the solution. Eggshells can be used as an effective and natural abrasive to remove burnt-on food from pots, pans, and grills.

This can save you money on scouring powders and prevent harm to your hands. Grind the eggshells, apply them to the affected surface, and scrub with a sponge and soap if desired. Eggshells can do an outstanding job here.

You can make and store the DIY scouring powder in a dry bottle.

  • Chalk –

Eggshells can be grounded in powder form and made into chalks. Add hot water and flour to the crushed powder, and voila. You can add a few drops of desired colors if you don’t want plain-white chalk.

  • Feed The Chickens –

This one’s a bit mind-boggling, but hear me out. Chickens end up losing a ton of calcium during the egg production phase. Therefore it’s simply giving back to the chickens what they lost. Eggs, in return, are full of calcium; hence, they can be switched for better replenishment.

You can give them the food mixed with the powder-grained eggshells.

Is It Possible to Dispose of Eggshell Using InSinkErator?

Even big machines like the Inksinkerator recommend you steer clear of eggshells. The fact is that these unyielding substances will pass through quite easily.

However, the issue occurs long-term if your garbage disposal is in an older city with a worn-out draining system. Eggshells are sedimentary; when too much is forced down the pipes, the drainage slows down and eventually stops altogether.

To help occasionally drop eggshells in your garbage disposal, ensure a strong water flow and thorough flushing. In any case, if you face a clog, you can do either of the following.

  • Drop citrus peels to grind and clean the clogged drain. It will clean and leave your garbage disposal smelling nice too.
  • Utilize rock salt, vinegar, and ice to clean and unclog the drains.
  • Mix a blend of vinegar and baking soda. Pour it in the drain and let it work its magic!
See our article "What is the Ratio of Baking Soda to Vinegar to Clean a Drain?" and learn how to use them on a clogged drain.

Final Words:

Are you done walking on eggshells? I hope so because, despite many schools of thought under this ideology, it depends on multiple factors.

But, the bottom line is eggshells, or a significant amount of eggshells dropped into your garbage disposal, can never turn out for good. Over time, they become far more resilient than they were initially. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid putting eggshells in the garbage disposal. You will also not have to spend an unnecessary amount of money repairing your garbage disposal later on.

Remember, there must always be a consensus between the user and the manufacturer. Simply put, try to obey the manufacturer’s rules and regulations. And you should be good. If you’re doubtful, use the trash can. Otherwise, try to play it safe at all times.

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