Can Liquid Plumr Make a Clog Worse?

Many of us completely rely on liquid plumbers when it comes to removing clogs. But the liquid plumbers don’t always work on all types of clogs.

And that is what might make you stressed out with the fear of the liquid plumber worsening the clog. So, now the question is whether a liquid plumber can actually worsen a clog.

This is what I will be discussing throughout this entire article. So, give it a read to get a clear answer.

Can Liquid Plumber Make a Clog Worse?

There are possibilities of liquid plumber worsening some kinds of solid, deep, and dense clogs sometimes.

The liquid plumbers that are made of acidic chemicals work by decomposing the clogs formed within the drain.

But many times, when the clogs are too difficult and solid, they do not decompose. And so, the liquid plumbers remain accumulated with the clog forming a build-up.

This build-up further contributes to corroding the internal area of the pipe of the drain. And it is obvious that when you see your liquid plumber is not working to remove the clog, you pour a bit more of it to make it work.

And when you do that, there is a high chance that it results in forming leaks on the walls of the pipe.

Moreover, if you pour several types of liquid plumber on a single clog, all of them will accumulate there and might lead to dangerous and toxic chemical reactions and fumes or even explosions.

When Do Liquid Plumber Worsen Clogs

Whether a liquid plumber would worsen a clog or not depends on two things. One, the type of the liquid plumber, and two, the type of the clog.

If the liquid plumber you are using is acidic, then there is a higher chance of it leading to worsening the clog.

But it is not like acidic liquid plumbers always worsen clogs. The most important factor here is the clog itself.

Tough and stubborn clogs are never easier to remove. And it is also hard to analyze the strength of a clog.

The clogs that take place deep inside the pipeline and are solid in texture are very difficult to break. And so, when the liquid plumber is poured on it to break it down, it worsens.

Moreover, if the clog is too heavy, dense, and thick capturing a long area of the pipe, then also it gets tough for the liquid plumber to eat up such a huge amount of waste.

And so, they many a time even worsen such clogs by congealing it or reacting with it.

How Liquid Plumber Worsen Clogs

When the clogs get too solid and strong to break, the liquid plumbers sometimes fail in removing them.

In fact, they can potentially worsen the clogs. Because the clogs are very stubborn, heavy, and solid, the liquid plumber might try to decompose it as it does for all other drain clogs.

But since the clog is very heavy, thick, and solid, the reaction by the liquid plumbers congeals it, turning the blockage to be firmer.

This is because, if the solid clog turns into something gummy and semi-solid, the flexibility and strength of the clog enhance more.

And so, if such happens, it becomes more difficult to break the clog even by using plumbing tools like plunger or drain snake.

Again, many times, the inner space of the drain pipes narrows down a bit due to the accumulation of gooey wastes on the walls of the pipe.

So, when you put a liquid plumber inside the pipe, these accumulations get partially loose. And then they further fall down and create a greater blockage down the pipeline.

The risk of it occurring takes place if the flow inside the pipe is too slow or if there is already a clog in the pipe from before.

What to Do After Liquid Plumber Worsens the Clog

If a while after pouring some liquid plumber on a clog you feel that it has worsened, then you will have to use plumbing tools to remove the clog.

For this purpose, you can first try a plunger, but the problem is it might be dangerous. Because, if the liquid plumber splits while plunging and gets into contact with your skin, it might damage your skin completely.

Moreover, in case of working with both or any other plumbing tools, you will have to get closer to the drain pipe.

And if you go closer to the drainpipe, you will have to breathe within the toxic fumes emitted by the liquid plumber. If you inhale these fumes, it will damage or injure your nose and throat areas.

Also, the toxic fumes from the liquid plumber will also cause your eyes to burn because of the ingredient caustic soda which will react with your tears.

That is why you should take necessary safety precautions before using plumbing tools to solve the problem.

Wear goggles, masks, heat-proof cleaning coats, and cover yourself as much as possible. Avoid exposure to the skin as much as you can.

And then, first, try plunging. If the clog is too strong and worsened, plunging might not be enough. But still, you can give it a try. Or else, you can just jump into using a snake.

Using a snake will make your place really dirty and messy. So, prepare according to that. And make sure you are taking extra precautions while using both or any of the tools.

Because it is not the case of a regular or random clog. The clog is combined with the toxic chemicals of the liquid plumber. That is why be very careful and steadily clear it up.

Final Words

I hope I was able to help you with the information in this article and you don’t have any confusion left in your mind about whether a liquid plumber can worsen a clog or not.

So, I would suggest not using liquid plumbers on strong and solid clogs to avoid such incidents.

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