What To Put In Blue Recycle Bin California?

What to put in blue recycle bin California? That’s the common question people in California ask when they pass by a blue recycling bin. Since they know the sole purpose of these bins. But deciding which material goes in a blue recycling bin in that area could be hard. 

Don’t worry if you have ended up on this blog post. Because here, I will let you know what you can put inside a blue bin while living in California or otherwise. Please keep reading!

Why Do Recycling Bins Have Different Colors?

Like the USA, most world cities have bigger or smaller scale recycling centers that recycle the collected recyclable products from many sources.

It could be homes, offices, buildings, commercials, or any other place in a city or a town. They do this to bring the recyclable at their recycling facility and pay a high cost for sorting, cleaning, and organizing those materials. 

Because every material, such as plastic, glass, or metal, has a different recycling process. The thing is, it becomes a little hard to sort out and separate these materials when they are collected in the same place. 

That place could be a recycling bin. Therefore, they assign these recycling bins with different recycle bin color codes. 

These are usually blue, white, black, grey, yellow, and sometimes green recycling bins. But what to put inside a specific one is totally decided by the local govt or that waste management company. 

It helps these companies in an easy and fastest recycling process which doesn’t happen otherwise. 

What Is Blue Recycling Bin, And What Does It Mean?

As far as the matter with a blue recycling bin is concerned, a bin with blue color is highly prominent in most regions in the United States. 

Anyone can find a blue recycling bin placed around the corner of the street or outside any home, office, or building. 

It is basically that type of recycling bin which usually works in collecting your most daily life products. 

It could be anything from a single newspaper to a large metal piece. 

Therefore, a blue bin is around to ensure that those valuable recyclable materials should never end up in landfills. 

Instead, these could be recycled, converted, and used for new product manufacturing. Like other recycling bins, a blue one is highly needed in your town. 

What Can You Put In A Blue Recycling Bin On General Basis?

Since it totally depends on that local waste management agency or the govt, which decides through rules what will go in each bin, the usage of blue recycling bins on a general basis is very common. 

You can consider that it doesn’t matter if you live in California or Alaska. 

Because, if you find a blue recycling bin without any specific instructions drafted on it, it will be there to accept the following materials. Please have a look. 

  • A blue bin can have those Empty Aerosol Cans
  • All types of papers, magazines, etc. 
  • Plastic 
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Cardboard

So, whenever there are no signs to tell what you should keep in a blue recycling bin, you must consider putting these materials and all the related products inside it. 

What Can You Really Put In A Blue Recycle Bin In California?

After reading the above information, there might be a question in your mind. 

It could be like, is the blue recycling bin the same when it comes to keeping recyclables inside it in Los Angles, California? Or is it having any different rules here? 

The answer is simple and clear. Yes, a blue recycling bin is also dedicated to keeping the same recyclables as it is worldwide. 

In California, you can keep plastic (all of its products such as cans, bottles, or other liquid containers), glass (glass jars, beer bottles, etc.), paper(magazines, other papers), cardboard, and metal (Stainless steel or Aluminum, etc.) inside a blue recycling bin. It is the same as in other parts of the world!

Therefore, roaming on the streets of California, if you find this blue recycling bin and have a used water bottle, beer or soda can put it there.

The rest will be taken care of by the local recyclable collectors. 

What Doesn’t Go Inside A Blue Recycling Bin In California?

It’s a fact that no recycling bin is ready to accept all types of recyclables into it unless there is a universal recycling bin. 

Or the local govt hasn’t specified any rules regarding it. But in California, it is clearly stated that only the above things or materials can go inside a blue recycling bin. 

Therefore, nothing from the following can be kept inside a blue bin in California.

  • Organic waste such as food leftovers and stuff that helps in composting. 
  • Waste is usually considered trash. 
  • Wood and stuff made from it
  • Clothes and stuff made from fabric 
  • That black or colored plastic 
  • Gloves, face masks, etc.
  • Bubble wraps and stuff made from polystyrene
  • Packets and wrappers of candies 
  • Wipes, tissues, pampers and nappies, etc.
  • Film or carrier bags plus plastic wrap

Is Blue Color Code For Recycling Bin In California Different From Other States?

No, it is not different from other states of America. Blue bin has the same meaning of keeping that highly recyclable waste product. 

And it doesn’t matter if it is California or any other state; it will remain the same. 

However, suppose anyone finds difficulty in finding the exact meaning of a blue recycling bin. In that case, he or she may call his nearby recycling center. 

Or may inquire about the necessary information from your local waste management organization. 

They will state the clear rules and regulations regarding keeping these recyclables in different recycling bins of unique colors. 

How Recycling Of Blue Bin Products Work In California?

Recycling of products collected or gathered in a blue recycling bin happens in the same way as in other parts of the country and world. 

There is nothing difficult or different you may find. 

Because the recycling process works the same. In California, Los Angles, this recycling happens through the following steps. 

Picking The Blue Bin Recyclables In California:

At first, waste management companies like LASAN ( a famous recyclable collector company in the Los Angles California Collecting 800 tons of recyclable materials daily) collect these materials for recycling. 

These are picked up from the household and commercial, and other corporate sector recycling bins. 

Those big vans bring these recyclables to the recycling centers. 

Sorting Materials Out:

These materials are sorted out and organized at these large-scale recycled centers. 

Plastic materials are separated from a blue recycling bin, paper, and others. 

So, each of them goes into its own line, so recycling should be easier. 

Recycling Or Landfill Waste:

Suppose they find any unnecessary material in those blue bins for which they don’t offer recycling or it cannot be recycled at all. In that case, they send it to the landfills. 

But the rest of the recyclable material is sent to those heavy machines that turn these products into raw material. 

Converting Into New Products:

This raw material is sent for the next processing, where it is converted and molded into new products or similar products. 

So, this is how recycling works in California and the rest of the world. 

Please Note: Exemptions are expected, but most recycling procedures include these steps in most cases. 

Can You Put Leaves In Blue Recycling Bin?

No, a blue bin is not designed to keep the leaves of trees or any other plant inside. Therefore, you cannot keep any kind of leaves inside a blue recycling bin. 

It is made to keep those solid recyclables that can be reused repeatedly. 

What Are Waste Management Bin Colors in California?

In California, a 3 colored cart system is used to collect the daily waste of each type of household and commercials. 

This helps the waste collectors easily organize and sort out material for recycling, landfill, and waste that can be used for composting. 

These three colored bins are as follows. 

A Gray Colored Waste Bin:

It is basically used in California to collect trash waste. Such waste usually ends up in landfills. It cannot be recycled or reused again. 

Green Colored Recycling Bin:

It is used to keep all organic waste such as food, coffee grounds, veggies, fruit peels, etc. Such waste can be used for composting purposes. 

Blue Recycled Bin:

This last one is assigned to keep all those recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, etc. 

I hope I don’t need to say more about what you can really keep inside a blue bin in California. 

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if I can see you at the end of the article, I am sure you have your answer on what to put in blue recycle bin California. Indeed California is a large state, and the local officials have organized 3 colored recycling bins in the towns. A blue recycling bin is also ready to benefit California by turning those recyclables into something valuable. However, you can share your queries if you have some because I am listening. 

But for all it takes, don’t forget to share it with your California fellows if you found this helpful. Plus, keep visiting for more information. Have a safe and enjoyable California day!


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