How to Empty a Garbage Disposal?

Believe it or not, deep down, we all know that garbage disposals are a God-sent. This advanced technology-enabled creation allows us to reduce and get rid of waste as effortlessly as possible. There are one too many benefits of garbage disposals.

Starting from how you don’t have to carry out gross trash bins to the benefits of minimizing landfill scraps.

But hey, even garbage disposals need replacements and changes now and then. Although garbage disposals require the least attention and maintenance, compared to regular recycle bins, they still need some tending.

Often people also overlook the idea that garbage disposals need to be emptied. Yes, you read that right. But, the question is, how can you do it?

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Worry not. I’m here to tell you how to empty a garbage disposal in a few precise and straightforward steps. Let’s dive right in and clean up!

Are You Supposed to Empty a Garbage Disposal?

Emptying garbage disposals are genuinely a necessity. Despite having the best usage out of garbage disposals, food chunks and stubborn garbage still manage to sneak within the system and remain trapped.

We all know that when food bits and spares remain lodged in the garbage disposal’s lines and canals, it eventually leads to blockages and clogs.

Here’s a pro tip for you; you can use tiny cut pieces of orange peels or lemons while running the garbage disposal. Do this trick at least once every week.

The lesser-known lemon and orange peel technique has been around for a while as it can dislodge stuck food rubbish from the garbage disposal walls and effectively get rid of gruesome odors.

Even though it is said that your garbage disposal must be cleaned every week, you must still monitor it every day before and after usage. The best part is if you can observe it well, you will understand that cleaning your garbage disposal every two to three weeks doesn’t pose much harm either.

The delay is only permissible if you play by the rules and refrain from shoving down all kinds of food excess in the garbage disposal.

You can also maintain the well-being of your garbage disposal by letting it run for a few minutes every other day to avoid corrosion and preserve the consistency of the garbage disposal’s various functions.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that you must always pay attention to detail while cleaning out the garbage disposal.

Measure out all the risks before you begin. You must refrain from being too harsh throughout the entire process, as one poor snip could damage the garbage disposal drains or valves.

While dealing with more significant food wastes or other debris, you must be extra cautious. Often you might even be shocked by the contents being stuck in the lines, such as non-biodegradable foods and utensils.

However, the scenario is no different with hardy substances as these either. You need to fish them out, maintaining all possible safety standards.

How to Empty Garbage Disposal?

We mistakenly drop or dispose of garbage that isn’t compatible with the garbage disposal from time to time. In trying times as such, we need to commit to some manual labor and empty the garbage disposals ourselves.

One of the most extensive hints is having a lingering nasty smell around the garbage disposal. That’s when you should realize that it’s time to get to work – no matter how icky it may be.

Now, it’s time to know how the deed is done. Keep reading and go through each of the steps below to clean and empty your garbage disposal.

Empty The Garbage Disposal –

  1. Cut off all the power and electric supply before you begin. You know what they say about being safe rather than sorry. It’s vital to chase that notion while you’re putting down your hands to empty the garbage disposal.
  2. Reach into the garbage disposal to take out the rubber fit. This is just a precautionary net that traps all the unsupervised contents that might fall into the disposal. It’s more like a friction barrier. Hence, you can stick two of your fingers in the center of the fit and simply pop it out of the garbage disposal.
  3. Now, the fit might come off with some debris and a funny smell on the side. You can toss it in the dishwasher before replacing it.
  4. Disclaimer: Never opt for shoving down your fingers as the fit comes off. It’s a hazardous predicament that could go wrong in many ways. Instead, use tongs or pliers to take the junk out of the disposal. It’s safe and efficient too.
  5. Put in the tongs and grab onto the utensils, food waste, or dirt that could be grounded in the channel. Take them out one after another until it’s relatively clean and out of its clogged state.

Get Rid Of The Odor –

If your garbage disposal has been clogged for a while, there could be some remaining issues, one of them is the odor. Your garbage disposal could be emptied out at this point, but it’s also essential to take care of the odor.

To keep funky smells at bay, follow these methods to attain quick and effective results.

  1. To clean the interior of the garbage disposal, you can use ice cubes. Take a cup of ice cubes and pour it into the garbage disposal opening after the rubber fit has been taken out.
  2. If you have access to rock salt, you can pour that in as well. However, rock salts aren’t a must-have item for this process, so; you can only stick to ice cubes as well.
  3. After pouring down the ice cubes into the hole, cover the opening with a safety gasket or cover of any sort. Note that the rubber fit had been taken off before this step.
    • Thus, there could be some splashing of water and ice cubes in the sink and even further. To keep your surroundings and yourself safe, a shield is necessary.
  4. Turn on the switch of the garbage disposal cleaner and let the machine crunch in the ice cubes. This step will cleanse all the valves, blades, and rubber components in the garbage disposal in no time.
  5. Turn on the water to flush the crushed ice through the drains. You can also use the stopper first the fill up the sink till an inch or so. Once it’s filled you can take out the stopper to force the water for an even thorough draining.

Hint: Never pour ammonia or any other harsh cleaning bleach in the garbage disposal. Always opt for natural odor cleaning agents such as lemon or ice cubes.

Final Words:

To be fair, having a clean garbage disposal keeps me at peace. What about you? I hope skimming through this informative article on emptying and tidying up your garbage disposal has been nothing shorter than satisfactory.

The truth is, garbage disposals can take on a fantastic amount of challenge seamlessly. So much so that we often forget to look after it as well.

Garbage disposals will only serve you for a prolonged lifetime only if you maintain and clean them daily. Regular flushing and cleansing is a measure that all garbage disposal manufacturers recommend as well.

Now that you know it too, don’t fall behind. Follow these detailed steps to have your garbage disposal as good as new!