How To Clean Bathroom Trash Can?

Like every other place, including office, bedroom, kitchen, and gallery, our bathrooms often have a trash can to keep trash organized and collected on the same spot. But sometimes, even that trash can that helps you clean your toilet needs cleaning. Therefore, in this guide, I will let you know how to clean bathroom trash can with some easy ways.

But for that, you have to stick with me till the end, and I’ll make sure that you should get what you are looking for. Cleaning a bathroom trash can happens as follows!

Why A Bathroom Trash Can Need A Cleaning?

The way your kitchen has a lot of trash produced from cutting fruits, throwing extra or unutilized food items, and peels of other vegetables, the bathroom does do the same. 

Because here, your broken hair, wrappers of soap, tissue papers(if any), empty plastic bottles of shampoo, and other things are considered trash. 

The way you have to have a trash can inside a kitchen, your bathroom does need the same. Therefore, when you have a trash can inside the bathroom, it will keep getting dirty eventually. 

That’s because it will keep getting dirty when you don’t maintain a proper cleaning or just keep throwing the trash inside until it fills it. 

Therefore, the trash itself and no regular cleaning are the most prominent reasons that make your bathroom trash can dirty. 

Can You Clean A Bathroom Trash Can?

Cleaning a trash can placed inside a bathroom and maintaining its original shape is not a difficult job to do if you know how to do it. Because, like other cleaning methods, this thing also works in the same way. 

You must know all the easy methods to properly clean the bathroom trash can, and things will start working in your favor. 

Later, in this guide, I’ll explain some of the easiest tips to clean your bathroom trash can properly. So, don’t lose your focus. 

How Do You Clean A Bathroom Trash Can?

You might have all the things you can use to clean a bathroom trash can or any other can. But you might not know how to do it in the most appropriate way.

That’s why I am here to solve your issue and tell you exactly how to do so. 

To clean a bathroom trash can, first, empty it. Use clean water to rinse it properly. Make sure there is nothing inside the trash. Use soap, baking soda, detergent, or any washing liquid for extensive cleaning. Let the bathroom can dry until it is ready again to use!

But knowing it briefly won’t help you get any better results until you don’t go through the step-by-step process to clean it properly. 

So, be seated, and let’s describe this cleaning process step-by-step. Please have a look!

Step By Step Process To Clean A Bathroom Trash Can:

Before you start, just ask yourself if you are ready to do it independently. Because you can hire a maid and has her do this job. 

But if you are a person who can perform things like these on his own, you are most welcome to learn. These things happen as follows. 

Step 1: Empty Your Bathroom Trash Can:

According to officials, the trash cans shall be cleaned after every disposal when the waste goes to those larger garbage cans placed outside your home.

Or when it goes directly to the landfills. In that case, if you have made recent disposal and all the trash has been gone from your bathroom trash can, it is the best time to clean it. 

But even then, ensure that your bathroom garbage can is fully empty and there is nothing inside it that may disturb our cleaning process. 

Step 2: Rinse It With Clean Water: 

Once the can is empty, please take it to your sink or where you wash clothes. Use the fresh, clean water of the tap and rinse that bathroom trash can completely. 

Make sure every corner of this can is wet with the water you throw inside it. Once it is wet, go for the next step. 

Pro Tip: Consider using hot or boiled water to clean your bathroom garbage can or any other can completely. 

Step 3: Use Any Washing Product: 

Once that bathroom trash container is wet, go towards using a recommended liquid. 

It could be anything such as Baking Soda, Soap, Detergent, or Washing Liquid. Mix any of these products with water and directly apply to all the sides and bottom of the trash can. 

You can use a sponge or any soft piece of cloth to apply these liquids inside that garbage can from your bathroom. 

When you have fully applied it and ensured every inch of the garbage could be dumped with that cleaning liquid, go for cleaning it. 

Again, use water and ensure to remove all the polluted water from that bathroom garbage can. Come on, man, anyone can do that!

Step 4: Let That Trash Can Dry:

After cleaning it deeply and ensuring that no sign of garbage can be obtained inside that trash can, you shall put it in the direct sunlight. 

Ensure to keep the garbage can in direct sunlight where the heat may absorb all the water inside it. 

Now, if that bathroom can have been dried, use any clean piece of cloth and clean it to give a final touch, and it will be ready to take its space back inside your bathroom. There, you can use it again!

Congratulations, there can be so many ways to clean a garbage can. 

But just in case the matter with your bathroom trash can is concerned, you can follow all these steps to clean it properly. There are no hard and fast rules regarding cleaning it. 

Tips To Maintain The Excellent Cleaning Of Your Bathroom Garbage Can:

Cleaning is always important; when it is done in the most appropriate way, it is the only cleaning worth the time and effort. 

Therefore, you must keep some tips in your mind while cleaning your bathroom trash can. These are as follows. 

Plastic Or Metal:

If a bathroom can is made from plastic, you can use hot water to clean it. 

But hot water shall not be that hot as it may damage the plastic itself. It shall be at an acceptable temperature level so that the safety and cleaning shall come hand in hand. 

However, if it is a trash can made from stainless steel or aluminum, there is no problem with cleaning it with hot water. You can use it to have a cleaning that everyone will admire. 

If The Bathroom Can Is Smelling:

If you find your bathroom trash can emitting bad smells, you may have to enhance your cleaning procedure slightly. 

Because these odors may not go with the normal cleaning of your bathroom trash can. So, it will be better if you just do it with more caring. 

To remove odors, use any of the best cleaning methods for the recycling bin we already have for you. 

  • You can use white vinegar as it is a good killer against the odors coming from garbage cans. 
  • Use some deodorizers to eliminate these odors from your bathroom trash can.
  • When you use that trash can again inside the bathroom, consider putting some dryer sheets at the bottom to have a pleasant smell, even if it is filled with trash. 
  • Plus, the best thing you can do to always keep your trash can safe from getting dirty is to use a trash bag inside it and keep putting the trash into the bag. This will not allow the bathroom trash can get dirty itself. 

Use Gloves While Cleaning:

Always consider using gloves for the extra protection of your hands while cleaning something like this. 

Because there might be some toxic bacteria that may give you an allergy when you expose your hands to them. 

How To Clean Stainless Steel Trash Can?

Cleaning a stainless steel trash can is also simple and easier. Because removing stains and odors from a can like this doesn’t require much effort. 

All you have to do is take some water, soap or detergent, a sponge or cleaning equipment and thoroughly wash your stainless steel garbage can.

Apply other methods to remove odors if you find any inside a can like this. But in most cases, metal cans don’t have odors inside them and don’t let them produce. 

Therefore, no one can stop you from cleaning a stainless steel garbage can.  However, if it’s old, it can have rust. If so use this method to clean the rust off the stainless steel can.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I can be sure that you have read and learned how to clean bathroom trash can if you have read all those 4 steps above. If you do the things just in the same way as they are stated, you will end up cleaning that smelly, stinky, and polluted bathroom trash can which is only in rare condition. But if, after reading, any queries are popping up in your mind, please let me know. 

However, it’s been a pleasure meeting you. You may like to explore some other articles available on this website. But thanks anyway, and have a great day!


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