How Long Do Batteries Last in Touchless Faucet?

There are several Tap types a person can choose for home or office. However, when it comes to determining how long do batteries last in touchless faucet, it may be difficult to know the person or resource that can give the best answer. 

You should bear in mind that only because a battery can last a long period does not guarantee that the battery will deliver you elongated service. Occasionally, people buy expensive things, only to discover that those products are unable to meet their lofty expectations.

However, if people spend some time weighing all the possible alternative, they will find it feasible to choose the products that can provide long term performance.

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What is a Touchless Faucet?

A touchless faucet, also known as motion-activated faucet, is a novel style of regular kitchen faucet. It can be operated by just waving at the faucet’s sensor. Considering on the faucet type, the sensor is either located on the top or around the location of the handle.

Along with an entirely touchless faucet, you may choose basic touch on faucets. Such touch faucets include sensors into the handle or the spout and of the faucet, allowing you to initiate water flow by tapping the faucet.

While such faucets are operable by the flick of a finger, hand or forearm, they also provide manual options.

How Does a Touchless Faucet Work?

Touchless faucets and how they work are a technical wonder that may significantly reduce germ transmission and provide a continuous flow of clean water with the sweep of a finger. In every case, touchless faucets enable you to get rid of germs off raw material or disinfect your hands. 

While the technology behind the touchless faucet can seem pretty simple, it has intricated inner system that occasionally need TLC to maintain themselves in excellent working condition.

Four critical components ensure that a touchless or automated faucet operates properly. These include a sensor, a power supply, a spout, and finally the setup’s most critical component, a solenoid-controlled valve.

The faucet activates the moment the sensor recognizes a hand. When the hand is withdrawn from the faucet, it automatically shuts off. This is one aspect of the touchless faucet’s overall operation. 

To have a better understanding of how a faucet operates, it’s essential to first grasp how each part operates independently and then combinedly. This article only focuses on the power supply or the battery of a faucet.

What is a Power Source of a Touchless Faucet?

Touchless faucets obtain its electricity in a variety of methods. Based on the mode, a low-voltage electricity from a dry-cell battery or a transformer located in the fixture’s neck or back can be used to power up the fixture.

To power up the sensor, and activate the water valve, electricity is required. A solenoid valve is used in a battery-powered faucet. This remains open until a current of power forces them back into the closed position.

How Long Do Batteries Last in Touchless Faucet?

That is a frequently asked question. Depending on the build quality or capacity of a faucet, its battery can endure different time period. Various brands come with different suggested lifetimes. Most of the times faucet batteries sustain at least for tens of thousands of hours.

I have interviewed one of the users of touchless faucets about her experience over the battery support. She likes the type of faucets this article is dealing with. As a result, I inquired as to how long she had had it and presented her with a link to the top-rated touchless faucets available.

As it turns out, she has been using her faucet for around three years now. And, although I am unable to provide an exact figure, I can say that she has utilized around a thousand distinct brands. She has gone to different department shops and purchased nearly a dozen faucets, and seen that the battery support depends on the manufacturing companies of faucets.

Therefore, the question that remains is, “Do people need a new battery?” Obviously not. What important is the supportability of the battery. How long are they effective?

If you pick a reputable brand, you must think before buying new batteries very often. However, if you use touchless shower more frequently than more than twice per year, you may want to consider changing the battery. It is not a significant expenditure. Indeed, you might call it a no-brainer way idea.

The reason for this is because replacing a battery can be costly most of the time. It is much more cost effective to just get a new faucet. Usually, touchless faucets endure between 5 and 10 years. 

Additionally, if the water in a house becomes excessively unclean, it may stay far longer. However, if you don’t be much cautious, you may find yourself having to replace the battery soon.

A less popular but more effective method of removing your old battery is to disassemble the faucet. All the components are available for sale on eBay. Alternatively, you might contact sellers and have those parts dismantled for you. It is a somewhat more difficult task than disassembling the shower.

How to be More Careful to Ensure Elongated Battery Life?

You must ensure that you have got all necessary components and all of them are in excellent functioning condition. Caution should be used while dismantling the equipment. To test the cable, do not yank on it, or this might cause damage to the fuse and the battery.

Additionally, take care so that you don’t damage the battery while scraping harshly or over-twisting the cables. The battery can get damaged before it reaches the point of reuse.

If you discover that your battery is permanently damaged, do not despair. There are steps you can take. To begin, you may either replace the damaged battery or add a jumper in order to extend its life. If you’re unsure how to perform any of these activities, there is a wealth of information available on different sites.

Additionally, you may try replacing the battery many times. This will not definitely put the battery back in to life. It will charge the battery. Also, a little boost from your vehicle’s battery charging will suffice.

Alternately, you may change the batteries. They are available at most local hardware stores, or one can purchase a generic substitute on eBay. Certain batteries have a longer life than others. Bear this in mind while making a purchase.

If used every day, the battery of a faucet will last around two years. The battery will last longer when used less regularly, but even with normal usage, it should endure a year. Although the using period is lengthy, batteries are preferable to nothing else. 

The average touchless faucet is between one and two years. Don’t be disheartened if it continues for that length of time.


Another thing to consider when determining the battery life of a touchless faucet is to figure out the kind of water pressure being used. Naturally, a longer hose ensures greater performance and experience. For the same reason, a longer hose is also a token. It also should be understood that you should not get faucets with excessively lengthy hoses for you or your family. Rather than that, examine the average height of the members of your household and choose the faucet that complements their arms’ and hands’ lengths.