Hole In Garbage Disposal (Cause for Leaky Weep Hole & Quick Fix)

Are you experiencing a leak from your garbage disposal? Is a hole in the bottom of your garbage disposal causing the leak? If so, you are not alone.

A leaking garbage disposal can be frustrating and messy, not to mention the potential for water damage.

In this article, we will provide you with a quick fix for the weep hole leak in your garbage disposal caused by a hole, helping you to avoid any further damage to your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn more about how to fix this common issue.

What is a Garbage Disposal Weep Hole/ Hole in the Bottom?

A garbage disposal weep hole is a small opening at the bottom of a garbage disposal unit.

The purpose of the weep hole is to prevent water from accumulating in the motor housing of the garbage disposal and causing damage or corrosion to the internal components.

When the garbage disposal is used, water and food waste are ground up and pushed through the drain pipes. Any excess water that enters the motor housing is drained out through the weep hole and into the drain pipes, preventing it from accumulating and causing damage.

What Causes a Garbage Disposal to Leak from the Bottom/ Weep Hole?

There are a couple of reasons a garbage disposal leaks from the bottom. The first is that the internal garbage disposal seal could be faulty, and the second is a leaking weep hole. Let’s talk about a leaking weep hole;

Over time, the weep hole may become clogged with debris, which can prevent proper drainage and cause the motor housing to fill with water. This can lead to damage or corrosion of the internal components, so it is essential to regularly clean and maintain the weep hole to ensure proper drainage and prevent damage to the garbage disposal.

Usually, water and garbage will not even get to the weep hole. I mean, if only when the water passes through to the drainage pipes naturally. Therefore, leaks cannot be from the weep hole without a more profound challenge.

Technically, a fault with the drainage pipes can also be a reason for the weep hole leaks. When there is too much water pressure, it causes the drainage pipes to crack or burst at some point. Or, there could be a blockage in the pipes, preventing water from flowing naturally.

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Weep Hole

If your garbage disposal leaks from the weep hole, there is no cause for worry. Here is a summary table on how to solve the problem;

Cause Solution
Blocked drainage pipesUnblock the pipes
Cracked drainage pipesReplace the pipes
Burst drainage pipesReplace the pipes

How to Fix Blocked Garbage Disposal Drainage, Pipes

First, unplug the garbage disposal from the drainage pipes. You can use your hands, but a screw will help if the connection is too tight for your hands. Next, ensure the water tap is turned off to prevent water from splashing on the floor.

Unblock the pipe using hot water, which you will run through the pipe. Then, use a commercial cleaning product that is pipe-friendly. 

If you don’t have a cleaning product, use vinegar and soda to make a drain cleaner at home. Allow the homemade or commercial cleaner to run and fizz through the pipe for a few minutes, diluting any dirt left in the pipe.

Then, run water through the pipe to rinse it.

Put the pipe back on the garbage disposal and tighten it. You can also use a screwdriver to ensure it is securely set.

Finally, turn on the water tap and let the water run freely into the garbage disposal. If the drainage pipe blockage was the challenge, the leaking should stop. Therefore, the weep hole no longer threatens your kitchen safety.

How to Fix Cracked or Burst Garbage Disposal Drainage Pipes

If the garbage disposal drainage pipes burst or crack under the water pressure, the only solution is to get new ones for replacement. While calling a professional plumber is an excellent and sure option, doing it yourself helps you gain more skills and save a few bucks. 

Therefore, you can use the DIY below for a more informed fixing task;

Firstly, you should remove the damaged drainage pipe from the garbage disposal. You can consider using a screwdriver or pliers for smooth pipe loosening.

Wait before removing the pipe, and ensure you get a drainage pipe the same size as your existing pipe. 

If possible, get one from the same company with the same number. This will assure you that it fits into your garbage disposal. If you don’t get one, get the drainage pipe number and photo and take it to the hardware. They will get you a matching replacement if they have one.

A too-small or too-large pipe will cause leaks through the weep hole again, and you will not have solved the problem.

Now, unwrap the new drainage pipe and connect it to the garbage disposal. Tighten it until you feel the resistance. Do not overtighten it, as this will lead to premature pipe cracks. 

Then, turn on the water tap and let the water run freely down the drain. Finally, check for leaks from the weep hole or the joint between the garbage disposal and the drainage pipe. 

If the procedure was successful, the leaking from the weep hole should be solved completely.

Insinkerator Leaking From Bottom

InSinkErator, the top USA-made garbage disposal brand, offers quick services and a range of models to meet your needs.

If you notice water leaking from the bottom of your InSinkErator, check for leaks in other areas first. If there are no leaks somewhere else and confirmed it leaks only from the bottom, the issue may lie with broken seals inside. So your InSinErator may need service.

This can happen if your garbage disposal is old and used for years. So what does this mean?

According to my repairing experiences, it’s better to replace the whole unit instead of fixing individual components to avoid future problems if it seems a severe problem and old.

Although fixing a broken component can provide a temporary solution, it’s not a long-term fix, as another piece may wear out soon. Replacing the entire unit simultaneously ensures a more permanent solution, saving you time and money in the long run.

How Do You Know That a Garbage Disposal Is Leaking?

Honestly, it is difficult to tell that a garbage disposal is leaking, especially when it starts. However, over time you will see the following signs;

  • The dripping will become evident with a sound. For instance, if the weep hole problem stems from drainage pipes under too much water pressure, the damage enlarges over time. Hence, the dripping sound is audible.
  • You start seeing a wet floor under the sink. The floor should be dry enough to keep the cabinets and components under the sink safe. If it is soggy, this raises attention to the garbage disposal.
  • Mold starts growing under the garbage disposal. Some leaks are so minimal you will not notice them even after a week. However, the tiny drips create a suitable breeding area for molds. So, if you start seeing mold under the garbage disposal, check for a leak possibility.

Is a Leaking Garbage Disposal Dangerous?

Yes, it is. As we have observed, it may take you days to realize your garbage disposal leaks. During this period, mold may already have grown under the garbage disposal, which is unhealthy for the kitchen.

Moreover, You may trip on the soggy floor unknowingly and fall. In worst-case scenarios, people have broken their legs, backbone, or arms.

Then there are the cabinets and things under the garbage disposal, which shouldn’t be exposed to water in most cases. If exposed, they are damaged, and the result may be incurred costs for repairing and replacing them.

Finally, the garbage disposal is full of garbage, which becomes quite smelly when mixed with water and left. Imagine when this fluid leaks into the house. The odor may be unbearable, especially if you are sick.

Can You Still Use the Garbage Disposal If It is Leaking?

Yes, you can. But you shouldn’t use the garbage disposal if you find it leaking, at least not until you correct the problem.

Continued use of leaking garbage disposal leads to more damage to the leaking part, especially if it is a crack.

Also, you may incur higher costs if the leaking water damages the components under the sink, especially the cabinets.

After all, do you want more tasks cleaning the area filled with stinky water from the garbage disposal when you could sort it out within less than an hour?

Parting Shot

I hope I was able to help to solve a frustrating problem that gives you a headache through this article. Here is a summary.

Garbage disposal leaking from a weep hole is usually a result of faulty drainage pipes. Therefore, to solve the problem, you must deal with the drainage pipes. However, if the pipes are blocked, you may only have to unblock them; hence no cost is incurred. 

However, if the pipes are cracked and damaged, the only solution is to replace them with new ones. The best part is that once you solve the drainage pipes problem, you will have solved the problem with the weep hole.

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