Can You Put Banana Peels In The Garbage Disposal?

Are you unsure about the fate of your banana peels regarding your garbage disposal?

Many homeowners wonder if it’s safe and appropriate to put banana peels in the garbage disposal. Don’t let the question of whether or not to dispose of them down the sink weigh you down.

The direct answer is no. It’s generally not recommended. While the disposal can handle some food waste, banana peels can cause clogs and damage the system.

Keep reading as we delve into the details, offering insights on how to best care for your garbage disposal and keep it running smoothly.

Can You Put Banana Peels Down the Garbage Disposal?

No. Even though you can put banana peels down the garbage disposal, it’s better not to. As banana peels are generally disposed of altogether as a whole, they might get stuck somewhere inside the garbage disposal pipe.

This might further obstruct the drainage of the food waste to the garbage disposal.

But, since banana peels are slippery, the small size of banana peels might not be an issue for garbage disposal.

Should You Put Banana Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

It is better to avoid putting fibrous peels, such as banana peels, as it exerts much pressure on the garbage disposal.

Even though banana peels generally do not lead to clogs within garbage disposal because they contain less starch, preventing them from being sticky and pasty, they put a lot of pressure on the garbage disposal.

Also, once dumped a whole banana peel into the garbage disposal might get tangled with the blades. This disrupts the garbage disposal blades in shredding the food materials properly.

That’s why even if you can put banana peels in the garbage disposal, you still shouldn’t for the sake of maintaining the good health of your garbage disposal.

Best Alternative Ways to Dispose of Banana Peels?

Until now, it should be clear that disposing of banana peels in the garbage disposal isn’t the best option. Because it isn’t good for maintaining the garbage disposal as it exerts a lot of stress on the garbage disposal.

But then again, you cannot just throw it anywhere you want either since it’s banana peel and has the potential to cause accidents if someone steps on it.

Hence, you need to choose an alternative to disposing of banana peels. It might sound like a lot of hassle. But trust me, it won’t be.

I will help you find the best and easiest alternative way to dispose of banana peels. Below are examples of some that you might want to look at.

Dust Bins

We all have dust bins in our house to dump the wastes and dirt that are not food materials. Why not use it in this regard?

If you’re scared about the banana peel causing the dustbin to smell bad or making it dirty and greasy with the accumulation of bugs around it, there’s a solution for that as well.

All you can do is wrap the banana peels in a plastic bag or newspaper and throw them in the dustbin. This way, it won’t come into contact with the dustbin surface.

And then, later, like all other trash in your house, it will go away with the local trash collector vans. Thus, this is the easiest solution you can do.

Compost Pile

If you don’t want to throw away the banana peel and are looking for an option to utilize it, then this option is the one you’re looking for.

Banana peels are rich in nitrogen and add great nutritional value to your plants by mixing with the other carbon-rich items in your compost pile.

Banana peels are called green material for composting. And it is a great option to utilize something as useless as banana peels rather than just throwing it away as trash.

Burying Under the Soil

Along with adding banana peels to your compost pile, you can also bury them separately under the soil of some places in your garden.

This will help you get rid of common garden pests known as aphids. All you have to do is slice the banana peels into tiny pieces and then bury them just under the soil’s surface.

It will help you get rid of stubborn pests in your garden and also provide nutrition to your plants.

How to Utilize Banana Peels?

If you want to utilize banana peels before composting them right after use, then you can try to accomplish the following tasks with the help of banana peels.

Shoe Polish

It might sound weird, but banana peels can be used as a substitute for shoe polish. So, if you’re running out of shoe polish, you can use banana peels as a substitute.

The rough side of the banana peel contains potassium, an essential ingredient of shoe polish that makes the shoe shine.

Therefore, if you rub the banana peel from its rough side on your shoe and then wipe it off with a dry cloth, it will give the shoe instant shine, just like shoe polish. Try it!

Just to let you know that this very hack might cause your shoes to smell fruity or like a banana for a while, especially when you’re near to it. But that shouldn’t be a big issue to stress about.

6 Ways to Utilize Banana Peels

Wart Remover

Do you have a wart on your face? It is a very traditional remedy for treating warts using banana peels.

For that, you need to place the rough and fruit side of the banana peel on the wart. And then maintain it for 2 to 3 weeks.

Remember that it is essential to keep changing the banana peels from the site occasionally.

After about three weeks, you’ll be able to notice the result by yourself. The wart will more likely disappear.

Several people who tried it have claimed this remedy to be very effective. So, why not you?

Teeth Shiner

Banana peels can be utilized as teeth shiner. If your teeth aren’t shiny enough and dull, banana peels can help you get shiny teeth.

This is because of the same reason as the shoe polish. The potassium on the rough and fruity side of the banana peel works as a great shiner.

That is why if you rub it on the surface of your front teeth for a while, it will instantly shine your teeth. Don’t believe me and try it yourself.

Final Words

By now, you should be convinced that there are many other creative and practical ways to dispose of a banana peel rather than dumping it into a garbage disposal with other food waste.

As I said before, dumping banana peel shouldn’t be a massive problem for you, but it will put a lot of stress on your garbage disposal to shred it. Hence, it’s better to avoid it as much as possible.

So, why not try alternative ways of disposing of it instead? I hope I could help you with all the information you need. Thanks for reading till the end!

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